Huggies Coupon & Huggies Giveaway (4 Winners)

We all know that little babies can make some big messes.  That’s why Walmart has a current rollback on Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers and a $3.00/1 Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers Coupon.  Not only can get great pricing right now on Huggies diapers, but Huggies Natural Care wipes are also on Rollback.

What kind of messmaker is your baby? The After Party, Suppertime Showdown, Babies Abroad, or the Balancing Act.  Check out the stories behind each messmaker to see what type your little one is, and share it with all of your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Four FTM Winners will win a Huggies Snug & Dry Prizepack including:

Leave a comment for each from of entry:

1.  Check out the four types of mess makers .  Tell us which one your baby is most like and why.

2.   Pin this post on Pinterest –

3. Print the Huggies Coupon.

Giveaway rules: Giveaway will close on 12/8/12. Winner will be notified via email and have 72 hours to respond to email to claim winnings. Winner must be 18 years or older and reside in the USA. Please make sure you add to your address book so you will receive emails. Winner to provide valid mailing address. This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opions are my own.

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  1. Corinne Sollecito

    Pinned it :)

  2. Hanna S

    I’ve got one mini suppertime showdown baby who learned extremely well from his older brother. Suppertime is usually a total mess but the little one is learning to feed himself, so practice makes perfect I guess. And going right to the tub makes for a fairly easy cleanup.

  3. Sarah

    Mine is a balancing act and a half! Pinned and printed a great coupon!!

  4. Kisha Cotton

    And I printed the coupon

  5. Kisha Cotton

    definately the suppertime showdown!!!

  6. Definitely the baby abroad! My little one seems to wait until we go somewhere to have the worst poopy diapers :p
    Thanks for the chance!

  7. Much needed coupon printed

  8. My tink is a balancing act when I gey home from work she wants my undivided attention and wont leave my side, from homework time to cooking she is there!!!!

  9. Melinda

    My baby is most like the suppertime showdown baby because every meal is hassle to get him to eat instead of throwing his food for the dog.

  10. melanie

    Pinned on Pinterest!

  11. melanie

    printed a most needed coupon)

  12. melanie

    Definitely Suppertime Showdown in this family!!!!!!

  13. Angela Carter

    The “Balancing Act is a definite with 3 wild boys!

  14. saadia

    Out of five, my youngest two, who are in diapers, are always the after party. With my sixth one on the way, looks like the party will continue….hope to win!!

  15. tasha

    My baby is definitely suppertime showdown. We can’t get through any meal without needing a bath afterwards.

  16. Elise M

    Printed coupon

  17. Elise M

    My daughter is definitely a Suppertime Showdown, she is such a picky eater!

  18. Jeannette Sparr

    Mine is balancing act too. She wont leave me alone so I try to keep her occupied to I can cook or clean. Like that all day, every day.

  19. Lindsay in PA

    I printed the coupon. :)

    Love the overnights!!

  20. Lindsay in PA

    My son is def the Suppertime Showdown….we used to dress him in only a diaper to eat since he was so messy. Thankfully he keeps his bib on now so he doesn’t have to eat naked! ;)

  21. Jessica

    Printed the coupon (:

  22. Jessica

    Mine is the suppertime showdown. Getting her to eat at all is a feat…and when she does, it is ev-er-y-where!

  23. Heather

    My daughter is def the after party! Just when we think its safe to go to sleep….wahhh!! :) got my coupon too!!

  24. Jessica Andrews

    Got the coupon.

  25. Jessica Andrews

    Definitely Balancing Act. I am actually balancing right now holding him and trying to type :)

  26. Heather

    I got my coupon <3 it!!!

  27. Heather

    My little guy is The Balancing Act! With 6 boys everythings a balancing Act!

  28. Heather

    Pinned it!

  29. Sheralle D.

    Watched the video and printed the coupon.

  30. Sheralle D.

    Repinned this post on pintrest.

  31. Sheralle D.

    My son is definitely a Suppertime Showdown. He is asserting his independence and rubs food in his hair, ears, and all over the high chair. Then he drops his food to the floor and cheers.

  32. Lina

    My niece is the balancing act cause she’s always trying to crawl everywhere!

  33. Lori

    I printed 2 coupons! :)

  34. Lori

    I pinned this to Pinterest!

  35. Lori

    My Baby is like the “Balancing Act” You get one potential mess away from her and while your in the process she is finding something even more problematic!

  36. Linda M.

    I printed the coupon.

  37. Linda M.

    Mine is the Balancing Act – everything is done with him either in my arms or nearby.

  38. Rachel C

    Mine definitely likes to make messes at mealtime, and she just has to rub food in her hair!

  39. katiek

    I printed the coupon.

  40. katiek

    my sweetie is the balancing act kiddo, busy busy all over the place!

  41. Stacey B

    printed coupon

  42. Stacey B

    I’d say the suppertime showdown…. he throws everything on the floor!!!

  43. Kris A.

    Printed the coupon!

  44. Kris A.

    Pinned this post!

  45. Kris A.

    The baby I nanny for is a Balancing Act all about 90% of the time then he suddenly turns into the Suppertime Showdown!!

  46. Ashley

    I pinned the giveaway! my id is abwinebrenner

  47. Ashley

    printed the coupon! Thanks!

  48. Ashley

    I have one suppertime showdown and one balancing act!

    2 babies in diapers — I hope I win!

  49. melissa

    balacing act

  50. Betsy

    I printed the coupon :)

  51. Betsy

    We are definitely the balancing act in our household!

  52. sonia b

    My babies are out of diapers now but mt brand new nephew is def. one of these.

  53. Rebekah

    My granddaughter is The After Party!

  54. Heather

    With 6 boys its a balancing act!

  55. I printed coupon

  56. Suppertime showdown – oh my – food everywhere :)

  57. Ellie K

    printed the huggies coupon

  58. Ellie K

    Ours is the balancing act… all over that is!

  59. christina

    Printed the coupon.

  60. christina

    We are the After Party.

  61. Rebecca

    My mess-makers are surely “Balancing Act” – between messing diapers, emptying the toy chest, re-decorating the Christmas tree, “re-organizing” the book shelves, rearranging their bedroom furniture… we’ve got our hands full always cleaning up the trails our two boys leave behind.

  62. Rebecca

    Printed the coupon!

  63. Christina

    and printed the coupon!!!!

  64. Heather

    Balancing act for sure!

  65. Mellissa J.

    I pinned the post to Pinterest!! :-)

  66. Mellissa J.

    The Balancing Act! :-)

  67. Christina

    pinned to pinterest!

  68. Nancy-joy

    I have a supper time showdown mess maker. she always has yogurt in her hair after breakfast.

  69. Christina

    the after party for sure!

  70. Bronwyn

    Printed coupon and used it already!

  71. Bronwyn

    Pinned to Pinterest!

  72. Brittny W

    The balancing act for sure! My two are 14 months apart and that alone requires more balance than most gymnasts. Most days I wish I could give myself a time out.

  73. Bronwyn

    The Balancing Act!

  74. Lisa Lewis

    Suppertime showdown!!!

  75. Alice H

    Printed the coupon, going to be great for the CVS deal next week or the one after that?

  76. Alice H

    Suppertime Showdown!

  77. Sunnie

    My nephew is the dinner time mess kid

  78. Karen Medlin

    I printed the coupon

  79. Karen Medlin

    our little man is a The After Party baby, he never sleeps, always has his sippy cup in his hands which leads to more late night changes

  80. petra

    I printed the coupon

  81. petra

    suppertime showdown — meal time is always an adventure

  82. Kaila

    The After Party :)

  83. jennifer

    balancing act! Being a single mom with kids is always a balancing act!

  84. I also printed out the $3 Huggies coupon!! Thanks alot!

  85. I pinned it on Pinterest.

  86. The after party baby because when I think everything is done for the night and I sit down to relax, something always happens!! LOL

  87. The after party baby most definately.

  88. Jenn

    PiNned on pinterest

  89. Jenn

    Balancing act because I have a 3 year old to chase after and a wiggly 7 month old and I work part time. We are always busy with something or someone

  90. Annie

    Printed the coupon!

  91. Annie

    The balancing act.

  92. Camiele

    Printed the coupon.

  93. Camiele

    Repinned it on Pinterest.

  94. Camiele

    Definitely the After Party.

  95. Amy

    Our dd is definitely an After Party baby! :-)

  96. Anna

    Balancing act for sure – he loves to throw toys out of his toybox all day long

  97. Terri

    My daughter is the after party! Hopefully someday she sleeps at night!!

  98. Steph Sharkey

    My one year old is a balancing act! He is into EVERYTHING!

  99. Nanete

    I already printed the coupons. Thank you for the chance to win

  100. Nanete

    My mess maker is the balancing act in the store.

  101. Emily King

    Balancing Act

  102. Mine’s the Suppertime Showdown!

  103. Kristy

    We have both in the family, the Balancing Act and the After Party! Lots of daytime messes and lots of night time partying! They sure keep me on my toes!

  104. Sarah

    We are the AFTER PARTY for sure : ) Sleep is an option not really offered in our house…

  105. Sarah

    I printed the Huggies coupon in true mom-style with an infant in my arms and yelling at my three year old for trying to ride the dog like a pony! :)

  106. Tara C

    Just printed coupon!!

  107. Tara C

    Baby #4 is due in march and would love to win the diapers. I have a feeling she will be the “after party” baby…but I’m hoping for a miracle. :)

  108. Michele

    My baby is a balancing act!

  109. Michele

    I pinned this! And Printed coupon!

  110. Lauren

    Already printed the coupon the max number of times :-(

  111. Lauren

    The balancing act, definitely!

    • Lauren

      Oh, and because he has 2 older siblings, so there’s always too many things for two hands to do!

  112. erin kuzminski

    My baby is the After Party for sure! She was up “talking” in her crib from 1am to 2am this morning…then started screaming. Which meant we were both in her room for the party lol

  113. Qpon Jenn

    Already printed the coupon

  114. Qpon Jenn

    My son is definitely a balancing act, talk about messes galore!

  115. Rebecca Hohenberger

    1) My 20 month old (today) daugther is “The Balancing Act” type… she’s like a one woman tornado! She can multi-task her messes, too!
    2) I pinned the post on Pinterest:

  116. Mahum

    i forgot to add my name to the comment. sorry. my comment is right below

  117. Anonymous

    both my babies are the The balancing act. with 2 little ones in diapers, and us always on the go (since i stay home, most of the errands are my job) theres always someone making a mess or getting into something.

  118. Printed coupon, thanks!

  119. I pinned the giveaway

  120. The after party baby!

  121. Christine

    Balancing act. We are always on the go, running errands and such, and she makes a mess everywhere she goes!

  122. Balancing act kid

  123. Carol

    Printed the coupon :) thank you!!!

  124. Carol

    Billy is the after party baby. Here we are 2:30am and he is super awake :)

  125. Emily P

    PIN DONE :)

  126. Emily P

    I printed coupon-thank you!

  127. Emily P

    My son is Suppertime showdown! He prefers his peas to be in his hair and on his face as his way to test his mommy’s patience at the end of the day! :)

  128. Abby

    Printed a coupon! Yay, thanks!

  129. Abby

    Repinned this!

  130. Abby

    My baby is the balancing act for sure!

  131. Blessie Nelson

    Printed! Thanks!

  132. Blessie Nelson

    The balancing act definitely!

  133. sarah

    Balancing act!

  134. LK

    Printed coupon

  135. Lk

    Balancing act….keeping up with his sister

  136. printed the coupon!

  137. renee k

    My son is definitely the after party. He waits till I find a comfy spot and am almost asleep before deciding wants to party with mommy!

  138. renee k

    Pinned it :)

  139. Jodie

    Printed coupon of course two in diapers I have to :) My kids are the after party. Just when its time for me to go to bed they think it is time to party.

  140. Tracy Z

    Pinned this post!!

  141. Tracy Z

    Printed the coupon. Thanks!

  142. Tracy Z

    My grand daughter is the balancing act, but wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  143. Colleen Y

    printed the coupon! Thanks.

  144. Tammie

    Printed the coupon! Thanks :)

  145. Colleen Y

    after party!

  146. Amber

    Printed the coupon! I love when these are available!

  147. Amber

    My daughter is totally the After Party kind. Kid wakes up at night (with nothing wrong) and refuses to sleep. So irritating! Good thing she’s cute :)

  148. Melody

    Got the coupon!

  149. Melody

    Pinned the post

  150. Melody

    Mine’s the balancing act — always on the move and making new messes while I clean up the previous ones!

  151. Sharon

    The after party

  152. Jodi

    I have three kids in diapers! Need all the help i can get!

  153. Jodi

    I printed the coupon

  154. Stephanie

    My baby is definitely the balancing act.

  155. Stephanie

    I printed the coupon, thanks so much!

  156. Allie

    printed the q!

  157. Allie

    My daughter is the balancing act!!

  158. I pinned the post on Pinterest :)

  159. My son is definitely the balancing act! He makes shopping next to impossible.

  160. Jillian

    Balancing act w my ill one

  161. My daughter is like the Balancing Act…all the way!

  162. Pam

    My baby is the balancing act.

  163. Pam

    Printed the coupon…Thank you!

  164. Tabitha Hutto

    My son is the balancing act

  165. Sunnie

    I printed the coupon

  166. Sunnie

    My nephew is the suppertime showdown kid.

  167. Mami2jcn

    I pinned this post (the pin link isn’t showing up). My Pinterest id is mami2jcn.

  168. Jess T

    Pinned the post

  169. Mami2jcn

    I printed the coupon.

  170. Mami2jcn


  171. Jess T

    My son is a Suppertime Showdown. He’s recently entered the phase of swiping his hand across the high chair tray to send everything flying.

  172. Mami2jcn

    My daughter is The After Party. She’s always really wired at night.

  173. The after party!

  174. Ashley

    I printed the coupon

  175. Ashley

    My daughter is the balancing act, shes always into something somehow!

  176. Jen

    Hands down my son is the balancing act. I am constantly pickup n clean up after him. Never a dull or clean moment. Not even in the bath tub ;-)

  177. emily

    Also printed the huggies coupon!!

  178. Jen

    Coupon printed. Ty for great coupon :-)

  179. emily

    My daughter is definitely the showtime supper mess maker. What a mess after dinner. It would be nice to have one night and be clean after dinner. Eventually i guess..

  180. christina turner

    Balancing act! My 6 month old is a squirmer!

  181. Jen

    Pinned to my Pinterest :-)

  182. yara

    The balancing act for my baby

  183. yara

    Printed huggies coupons

  184. livivua c

    I pinned ( vivaciousgold

  185. livivua c

    The balancing act

  186. stacey lahaie

    My baby is a suppertime showdown mess-maker!

  187. Jean

    Posted to Facebook and pinned on Pinterest. Balancing act is definitely the pick with twins.

  188. Christie

    The balancing act. We’re always on the go, she has 4 different babysitters. And plenty of other people who love her!

  189. Jean

    Definitely a balancing act with twins !!!

  190. Karla

    My toddler is the Suppertime Showdown baby – he likes to make art with his food!

  191. Erin T

    I printed the coupon!

  192. Pauline greer

    Printed a coupon, thanks.

  193. Pauline greer

    Pinned to pinterest.

  194. Erin T

    My child is definitely the Suppertime Showdown mess-maker!!

  195. Pauline greer

    My grandson is the suppertime Showdown, he is just starting to fed himself, look out.

  196. tina

    My baby is a suppertime showdown mess-maker. I am seriously considering getting a dog to help with the clean up. :-)

  197. Dawn g

    Printed huggies coupons

  198. Dawn g

    The balancing act

  199. Jennifer M

    My baby is the balancing act! She’s a tornado all day long!

  200. Mallory

    My babe is the balance act. She get into so many messes!