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New baby… so many choices.  What brand of diapers, what type of car seat and the list goes on.  I know many new Moms don’t think much of the brand of pacifiers, but let me tell you – they can make a difference.  Some babies are very particular, perhaps even more particular than Mom.

MAM has designed an all new Perfect Pacifier and Anti Colic Bottles for your little one. The Perfect Pacifier is available from 0 to 6 months and the fun colors and designs are just adorable.  You can even personalize your MAM Pacifier with your baby’s name or nickname. The Perfect Pacifier is designed to reduce the risk of dental misalignments.  Dental experts agree: the thinner & softer the nipple neck, the less pressure there is on baby’s jaw and teeth. This reduces the risk of malocclusions.

My sister Nicole has a new little guy after 10 years. Her youngest daughter will be in 10 in October. As you can imagine, things have changed.. a lot.   Zak has started to cry now when he sees his pacifier!  He knows it is his pacifier, because it is green.  Not to mention, it looks cute!  He is happy to take his MAM bottle & pacifiers.

Sometimes it is difficult to make the transition back and forth between breast feeding and bottles. MAM designed the new Anti-Colic bottles to make it easier to switch between Mom and MAM bottles.   The new Anti Colic Bottles come in white, pink, blue and green.  The wide opening on these bottles make it simple to fill and easy to clean.

Are you or someone you know expecting?

One FTM Reader will win a MAM Perfect Pacifer & Bottle Prize Pack 

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  • Brandi

    I like MAM on facebook

  • Valerie

    We love the mam perfect binkies. I think the sweet pink funky ones are adorable.

  • megan

    MAM Start in pinks.

  • megan

    I am a facebook fan.

  • Taylor C

    We only used MAM perfects!!! Our favorite were the personalized ones though!!!!! Cant wait to use them again by the end of the month!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    we used MAM with our first and want to use them again with the little one due November 3rd!!!!!! :)

  • Taylor C

    we used MAM



  • Christine

    I love their pacifiers and the MAM Perfect Sweet Pink Funky one is so pretty. I have a 4 week old daughter and their pacifiers are what I use.

  • Christine

    I like MAM on FB!

  • Betsy

    I love the Love and Affection pacifiers

  • Betsy

    I like Mam on FB

  • Stacey B

    I love the Mam Monster binkies. too cute

  • Stacey B

    Like Mam on FB as Stacey Bic.

  • Angie
  • Natalie Finch

    I like the MAM Facebook page. I visited their products page and I like the “MAM – Love and Affection pacifiers” in pink!

  • Shannon W

    I went to the products page and like the anti-colic bottle! If only i had it 22 years ago with my first child who had terrible colic. But my baby girl is expecting her first child in November ( my first grandchild!) and if she is anything like her mother she will love an anti-colic bottle!

  • Shannon W

    I liked MAM on facebook!

  • Camiele

    I like the MAM Start in yellow/green!

  • Camiele

    I am a fan of MAM on Facebook.

  • Galyl Gonzalez

    I like the MAM perfect in pink pacifier.

  • Milian O

    I like the MAM anti-colic bottle in green.

  • Milian O

    I like MAM on facebook.

  • tessa h.

    I would love the MAM start pacifiers!

  • Amy

    Like the MAM Air pacifiers.

  • Katie

    I loved the pacifiers with my daughter! From the NB all the way through to the teething diamond ones. I just got the bottle as a baby shower gift for my soon to be bundle of joy, and am really looking forward to using it. Love that the bottom unscrews for easy cleaning!

  • Thabal

    The pacifiers value pack looks great – especially the ‘MAM Pearl’, cute designs.

  • Thabal

    Like ‘MAM’ on facebook.

  • The 2-6 month glow-in-the-dark pacifiers (purple) are so cute! I can’t count how many times the pacifier has fallen under the crib or somewhere and I couldn’t find it, but didn’t want to turn on the light out of fear of REALLY waking baby up.

  • Meg

    Oh hands down the binky’s. My DD will only use theirs. I have bought lots of kinds and still she sticks with the MAM. Any color or pattern is my favorite at bedtime.

  • jamie

    My little girl will only take mam paci. We love the pink stripes:)

  • Krista

    Liked MAM on FB.
    Love their pacifiers. The fairytale ones are really cute.

  • Cheryl W

    I like MAM on FB.
    I love all the MAM pacis, but I especially like the MAM Perfect
    Sweet Pink Funky

  • I like the MAM anti-colic bottle in purple. I love that baby items just keep getting cuter over the years.

  • I like MAM on Facebook…

  • Michelle

    My little boy will ONLY use the MAM pacifiers! He is almost 6 months old and it will be time to buy the 6+ month ones. I like the MAM Air, blue pair since it has the thinnest shield. I also would be interested in trying the teethers since he is starting that phase too! =)



  • racheal

    We love Mam pacifiers. It’s the best paci we’ve tried for our guy. Looking into stocking up on teethers for the stages ahead!

  • tina

    Love the glow in the dark!

  • allie

    bite and play teether

  • Janet Vickers

    glow in the dark paci

  • Janet Vickers

    liked mam on facebook

  • Kathy

    I like the MAM night glow in the dark ones

  • Jon

    I like all of the MAM perfect pacificers, in blue, pink & green

  • Jon

    Liked MAM on FB

  • Frenchy

    1. I liked MAM on FB.

    2. I like the MAM Cooler teething product because it has the water filled parts made for relief in the molar areas – my best friends son is in the teething stage and I know this would be a big help. The color I like most is the green and purple. (Maybe not for a boy but it’s the most eye catching! :-) )

  • Emili

    i like the blue paci.

  • I really like the MAM Perfect Paci in green!

  • I’m a Facebook fan. Thanks!

  • Kylie C

    I like MAM on Facebook and in real life. Their products are terrific! The MAM Start “Tender” pacifiers are adorable.

  • shelly

    I like MAM on FB. I used MAM for my youngest two children (12 & 10). I like the personalized pacis in pink, great for my granddaughter to have a day care so they’ll know which one is hers.

  • Amanda Young

    I really like the MAM start pacifier in green with the duck :) Great products!!

  • Andrea

    We’ve been using Mam pacifiers for 19 years, but I’ve never tried a Mam bottle. I’d love to try one of their bottles!

  • Andrea

    I like Mam on FB…actually I like them in real life. We started our 19 year old on a Mam paci and here we are still using them!

  • HTAT2502

    I totally have to agree w/you. Those newborn pacifiers are new and different and I love the baby blue (new grandson).

  • Maggie

    My daughter loved the MAM Perfect pacifiers and I plan to stock up for the next little one due in a few weeks.

  • Sky Lundy

    I love the MAM Perfect paci with the blue stars. It would match one of the layettes someone got the little one:) He’s due October 20th and it would be nice to get to know some of the products a little better.

  • DHM

    i love the mam tender pink heart pacifier.

  • Jillian

    Love the personalized paci’s!

  • Jamie Villegas

    Well, I love all MAM products, but if I must pick one it would be learn to drink cup. I have a girl and a boy, so I like green. It fits either of them.

  • I love the binkies they are so cute, and I am gonna have to go with pink cause I have a new niece on the way!

  • Meredith Robinson-Yakelis

    I like the learn to drink cup in pink!

  • Meredith Robinson-Yakelis

    Liked Mam!

  • Hannah

    I think the binkies are super cute in any of the colors!

  • melissa

    I like the learn to drink cup in blue

  • Casey Weikert

    My little guy has been using the MAM Start paci since he was born. He wouldn’t take any other bink and still wont! I love these products! Looking into the teethers for relief from the latest source of discomfort!

    • sudha

      I would like the anti colic bottle in pink for my 4 month old little princess!