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In addition, 10 of your questions will be asked to the Stardoll Designer during the live Jc Penney video chat!

One FTM reader will win a $50.00 JC Penney Gift Card for Back To School

JC Penney has introduced a new line for teen and tween girls who love fashion, shopping and design.  The new Stardoll line at JC Penney was inspired by the online virtual community

One FTM  reader’s question will be featured on a live video chat with the designer of the new Stardoll collection. This is great opportunity to connect directly with the designer and learn more about the line.

The live video chat will be August 3rd  at 2 pm est at The Stardoll Live Video Chat where fashionistas will have an opportunity to connect directly with the designer from the Stardoll collection on August 3rd.

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  1. Susan Bryant

    Like JC Penney on FB-Susan Huffman-Bryant

  2. Susan Bryant

    I love the new line of Tween clothing!!!!!!

  3. I love JCP grew up with them!

  4. Lori

    I like JCP on Facebook!

  5. Lynn

    I liked JCPenny on facebook

  6. Lynn

    I would ask them how they tap into what girls want to wear, but still keep it age appropriate.

  7. Candace

    I “like” JCPenney on FB

  8. Candace

    I like the new styles.

  9. Andrea

    I liked JCP on FB

  10. Andrea

    My question is “How are your sizes different(if they are at all) from juniors/kids clothing?”

  11. Melody

    What kids are your inspiration?

  12. The new styles are adorable!

  13. Ann

    I liked JC Penney on FB.

  14. Brenda

    Does this new line also make matching accesories?

  15. Brenda

    Love the syle!

  16. Gifty

    Liked JCP on FB.

  17. Vanessa Humphrey

    I “liked” JC Penney on Facebook!!!!!!!

  18. deorah pressley

    I am still getting confused with teen and tween Can you explain the differences and how those differences translate into their clothing taste and style?
    Deborah pressley

  19. deorah pressley

    I follow you on facebook

  20. Jennifer Jones

    I like JCP on facebook!

  21. Jennifer Jones

    My question would be What sizes does this line come in?

  22. chelsea

    I like jcp on FB!

  23. chelsea

    Hi! My question would be…. how did they come up with stuff for the tweens? What’s that creation process like?

    Thanks! :)

  24. Michele

    I liked JCPenny on FB

  25. Just Coupons

    I like JC Penney on Facebook
    (fb name Just Coupons)

  26. Just Coupons

    I would ask if they have plans to use more than pink, black and white in their future designs. I like it but most of the outfits looked too much alike.

  27. Sarah

    I would ask: How does the quality of the clothing compare to other tween brands out there. (I have three girls and like to pass clothing from one girl to the next so quality is important to me!)

  28. courtney

    what is your biggest size ?

  29. Sarah

    I “Like” Jc Penney!!

  30. Marcia G

    already are liked on fb (marcia metras grubb)

  31. Lauraly K

    I like JCP on facebook

  32. Lauraly K

    The new line of clothes are cute,but some do look a little “old” for 7 year olds.

  33. colleen

    great idea to have a tween line!

  34. Anu

    i would love if these could make my girls look thinner :)

  35. Angela

    Question: Have you found that you need to alter the designs of the tween sizes to accommodate the shapely changes of young women of this day compared to years past?

  36. Nanda

    Like JCP

  37. Andrea

    My girls and I love fashion but quite often find it hard to find clothing that is wholesome and modest while still being trendy. The question I have is if they keep parents who care about what their girls are showing off in mind and have any trendy pieces that aren’t revealing?

    “Liked” JCP on FB too

    Thanks so much for the giveaways!!!

  38. Sonya

    I “like” JC Penney….especially when I have a $50 giftcard to spend. :)

  39. Katie

    What sizes will the Stardoll Collection come in?

  40. Laura Q.

    I liked JCPenney on Facebook.

  41. Katie

    I “liked” JCPenney on FB!

  42. lisa

    Liked JC penney on Fb!

  43. Andi

    I like JC Penney on Facebook.

  44. Andi

    My question would be what is the must-have for back-to-school for tweens this fall?

  45. Laura Q.

    The clothes are very cute!

  46. Jeanne

    I like that the line is trendy, but still leaves your princess looking like a LITTLE GIRL!

  47. Jeanne

    Liked jcp on fb.

  48. Carrie

    My daughter loves Stardoll…are the accessories also available at JC Penneys?

  49. robin r

    jcpenny facebook follower

  50. What are the new trends for fall?

  51. Dyanna Olvera

    * I liked JCP on Facebook :)

  52. Dyanna Olvera

    My question is – what is the most popular trend for the fall?

  53. Tonya F.

    I like JCP on facebook.

  54. Tonya F.

    Does anything have an adjustable waist?

  55. I like the long shirts, but would like to know if you plan to make some that are not so close to the body?

  56. Sean Bockstie

    Liked JC Penney!

  57. Sean Bockstie

    Cute and modest clothing….THANK YOU!!!!

  58. Debbie DiAnni

    Fashionable clothes for the tween set…YEA!! My daughter loves the styles she finds in the Junior department, but she’s too small for them to fit.

    I have “liked” JC Penney

  59. Christy A.

    I like JCPenny on facebook!

  60. lisa

    I liked JCP on FB Thanks

  61. Christy A.

    JCPenny has great clothes at a great price.

  62. Susie

    Love the new line. Will there be any tween items for boys? Love Jcp on facebook as well. Always a fan….

  63. Jessica M

    Like J.C.Penney on Facebook. Thank you : )

  64. Thomas

    Great collection. No questions.

  65. Michele

    Clothing is cute!

  66. keli

    Do you have tweens helping you design? would be my question

  67. Lara

    Anything from the new line for a “tomboy” girl?

  68. miyoshi osorio

    We were just at JCP on Friday and bought some Stardoll pieces for my 11 yr old daughter. She loved the line.

  69. Sharon

    I liked JC Penney’s on facebook

  70. Sara

    Question – did you interview tweens to see what they might like when designing this line?

  71. Sharon

    There are lots of cute clothes for kids, but I don’t like when they end up making a child look like an adult. How can we balance out letting our kids dress fashionably, but also age appropriate?

  72. Niki

    Cute clothes! Great design.

  73. Erica L.

    I am excited about this line. I have quite a few friends with tall daughters that have nothing to wear that make sense for their age. One of the girls just turned twelve and she is already 5’6″ tall, she has to wear women’s clothing. Hopefully this line will help out :)

  74. Terri

    Liked JCP on fb!

  75. Erica L.

    I “liked” JCPenney on Facebook!

  76. Karla

    I like JCP on facebook

  77. Heidi

    I am a fan on Facebook.

  78. Karla

    My question would be how do you balance trendy yet appropriate styles for tweens?

  79. I love JC Penny!!

  80. Tracy

    I liked JCPennys on Facebook. Thanks for a chance to win.

  81. Jaime

    Love the line! How do you keep the designs so fresh & new?!

  82. Jen

    I already “like” JC Penney on Facebook!

  83. Brigitte

    stardoll looks cute, my daughter would love it. hope i win!

  84. Jen

    Cute clothes, but why does everything have to be so tight for such young girls?

  85. Roseanne Alonso

    Like JCP on FB.

  86. Roseanne Alonso

    Looks cool and fun! Exactly what a girl wants.

  87. RuE

    I like JCP on FB. :)

  88. Chrissy B

    My question: I’m glad to see that there’s now a style for the TWEEN.. but you’re not getting all tweens.. would like to see a line set up for plus size girls. I loved when my daughter was younger and could wear the plus size from JCP — but she finds it too child-like now.. so we’re back to square one trying to find her things to wear — and I LOVE the JCP line!! You’re clothese wear longer and never lose their shape!! It was a sad day for me when she decided she wanted something more “grown up” :(

    • Chrissy B

      and I liked the JCP page as well. :)

  89. courtney

    I have liked JCP a long time ago. Dont have any daughters but have a niece and maybe another on the way. So I do have at least one girl to buy for.

  90. Gabrielle J.

    I like…or rather LOVE…JCP on fb!

  91. Tracy P

    My daughter is not your typical “skinny” girl wherein the clothes are made for. Do you provide the same type of clothes for bigger sizes, rather than “skinny sizes”? I want my daughter to fit in with the other girls.

  92. Kris

    I love JCP! I shop their all the time! I ‘liked’ it!

  93. Katherine F

    I like JCP on FB. Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. Carla D

    Liked JCP on FB.

  95. Katherine F

    My question: As a designer, do you feel that the trends are expressions of this generation of young people or do you feel that the trends are expressions of you that appeal to kids? Thanks for the giveaway!

  96. Rosie Kane

    I like JCP on Facebook!

  97. cammy

    I am leaving a post on here and I liked jcpenneys also. hope to win.

  98. Jem A

    I liked JC Penny on Facebook.

  99. Jem A

    Haha! My 12 year old niece is obsessed with Stardoll. She’s always on the website.

  100. Jennifer Hokanson

    Fan of JCP on FB

  101. Steve

    Like JC Penney on Facebook! : )

  102. Doni Rogneby

    I liked JCP on facebook

  103. Jennifer Hokanson

    Love the tween line! My daughter is close approaching if not already there and its great to be able to have more choices for her.

  104. Adrianne

    Question: is there a particular tween who was your inspiration?

  105. Marina

    I think the clothes look a little old for those girls as well. The clothes are cute though :)

  106. Holli

    I think some of the Stardoll outfits are cute but like a few other people have said some of the things look like they’re growing up too fast. Can’t we keep them young? Most 13 year olds are looking older than me now a days.

  107. I am (and have been) a fan of JCPenney on FB.

  108. Jennifer W

    Just liked JCP on facebook.

    What doing to be the cool jean fit for the fall?

  109. Karen Divens

    I like JCPenney’s. what is your favorite Stardoll design?

  110. I love the 80’s retro look. :)

  111. Holli

    I like JCP on Facebook.

  112. Cara

    I liked J.C. Penney.
    My daughters enjoy the Stardoll dress up games. The clothes are really cute.

  113. Uma

    I like’d JCPenney too.

  114. Uma

    I already Like’d you in Facebook.

  115. Christine Gonsalves

    What was your inspirations for the line?
    I also “like” JCP on FB!

  116. Uma

    When designing clothes for teens, would you consider the durability of clothes?

  117. Summer Bonner

    Do you go for what style when designing your teen clothing? I also like JCP.

  118. Heather Eggermann

    Looks great to me, thanks for all your hard work on these.

  119. Elizabeth

    i like JC Penney on facebook.

  120. Lynda H.

    I “liked” J. C. Penny’s facebook page.

  121. Elizabeth

    My daughter is just getting into the tween ago group/sizes. I am glad that we will have someplace to shop for her in our small town. My question would be: will there be slim sizes. So hard to find things that will fit my petite child.

    I also like JC Penney on facebook.

  122. Farrah Elshoff

    I liked the jcpenney Facebook page! Thanks!

  123. Lynda H.

    Nice line of modest clothing for younger girls.

  124. Carols119

    I like JCPenny on FB.

  125. Jen M

    I “like” JcPenney on Facebook.

  126. christa

    is this line avail at all JCP?? i did not notice it today while shopping?

  127. Julie Powers

    JCPenney FB Fan. Great collection, would love to shop with my daughters!!

  128. Jen M

    Looks like something my niece might like.

  129. christa

    li like JCP on facebook.

  130. I like JCP on FB!

  131. Ashley

    cute line!

  132. Carols119

    I have a tween and find it hard to find clothes that do not make her look older than she is. Why do we need clothes that try to make them look older?

  133. From what I’ve seen, the clothes look pretty appropriate for tweens & not too mature like some clothes out there! That’s great!

  134. DEne C


  135. Stephanie H

    Did you have a panel of tweens to help you design the new line?

  136. Anna W.

    shirts are cute. I could see my daughter wanting to wear them. I do not care for the pants though. They look really tight. I like more of a modest syle of pants for my daughter.

  137. Heather Adams

    I like JCPenney on FB.

  138. Valerie

    I just looked at their clothes at JcPenney and they are absolutely adorable! I love the skirt and tight look :)

  139. Odelia C

    I like JC Penney on FB.

  140. Heather Adams

    How do you create designs that tweens want to wear that are at the same time age appropriate?

  141. sherry/stickmayo

    I like JCP on FB

  142. kristine thornton

    I like JCP on fb! My question: It is especially hard to shop for tweens because the girls section is too cutesy and the teen section is too mature looking. How did you design things for tweens that will be age-appropriate?

  143. Odelia C

    Cute clothes. Are any of the jeans cut fuller? My daughter is a gymnast and can’t wear the really skinny ones.

  144. sherry

    Was wondering if pants were available in shorter lengths.

  145. Karen

    I ‘Like” JCPenny on FB…Thanks for the giveaway :)

  146. kristi minter

    Like’d JCP on FB

  147. Anna W.

    Liked JCP on FB!

  148. vickietw

    i like pennys.

  149. kristi minter

    Question:Could you make more modest clothing for them?

  150. Crista

    I like JCP on fb

  151. Nichole Twiner

    I would really appreciate this since im going back to school after many years of being a stay at home mom with nothing but home clothes. Time to spruce up the outfits!

  152. tonya

    Liked !!

  153. Shawnda Nau

    I liked JCP on FB!

  154. Sarah Camp

    My question is – What inspires your designs for the tween age group and how do you keep them age appropriate?

  155. Cosette

    I like JCPenney on Facebook – Big Fan!

    Are you going to incorporate more of the style for us “grown-up” ladies?

  156. sophia sek

    I like JC PENNY on FB

  157. Stacy S

    I LOVE JCP!!!

  158. Jill F

    I like JCP on Facebook.

  159. Nicole B

    OH,and I’m a friend on JCP on FB!

  160. Naomi Renba

    I like JC Penny on FB

  161. Sarah Camp

    I liked JCP on facebook :)

  162. katie van ingen

    i like them on facebook

  163. Sabrina

    Love love love JC mom shopped there for me and now i shop there for my Daughter..I like the new line of clothing for the gurls!

  164. Naomi Renba

    What inspired you to make “tween” clothes?

  165. Nicole B

    Will you ever make a line for boys?

  166. katie van ingen

    I don’t like how it’s making little girls look a lot older than they are.

  167. Amy

    I liked JCP on FB. =)

  168. Jackie Griebel

    JC Penney fan on Facebook

  169. Jackie Griebel

    Question: where do you get ideas for your designs?

  170. Ashley K

    Im a facebook fan of jcpennys

  171. Ashley K

    Question: was it challenging to design stylish clothes that worked for the age group of the tween?

  172. Shawn

    I like JC Penney on FB.


  173. amanda

    Cute collection. No questions.

  174. amanda

    Facebook fan-amanda l h

  175. Jen B.

    It’s difficult lately to find age appropriate clothes for tweens. It seems everyone is trying to sexualize our children younger and younger. Can’t designers create clothing for our daughters that doesn’t make them look like hookers?

  176. Suzanne Smith

    Do you make them plus sizes or half sizes for girls who are no stick thin, many times in the stores if you have alittle extra then you end up with nothing, or ugly stuff, help out the girls with a little plump, not every girl is an Alley Mc Beal.

  177. Shannon

    Liked JCPenney on Facebook.

  178. ShaNae

    I like JCPenney on Facebook

  179. ShaNae

    I don’t have any questions. I think some of the clothes are pretty cute though

  180. Sonja

    Some clothes look old fashioned Some look fine. I liked JCP

  181. Sonja

    Some of the clothes look old fashioned. Some look fine.

  182. Tara O.

    I like JC Penny on Facebook!

  183. Tara O.

    My question is do you think girl’s clothing styles are getting tone a bit too racy for their age?

  184. Jen from Philly

    I love the new cloths dedicated to tweens! These cloths look like all the cloths that my cousin wears and i can’t wait to buy her some for her birthday and christmas!

  185. Jen from Philly

    I like jcpenny on fb!

  186. Iris M

    Liked JCP on facebook.

  187. Elisabeth

    I Like JC Penney on Facebook!

  188. Elisabeth

    That’s so unique to have clothing dedicated to “tweens”, who are usually hard to shop for! Great idea! :)

  189. Tracey

    Tween shopping is hard I like the modest look of the clothes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  190. Angie

    I like jcpenney on fb

  191. Angie

    What are the new fashion trends for the upcoming year.

  192. Danyell

    JCP Facebook fan Danyell G or evrywoman

  193. Danyell

    My God daughter is in love with Star Doll and quikly made the connection between my JCP charge card and Star Doll.

  194. I like JcPenney on Facebook. Thanks!

  195. I’d love to ask what future plans they have for the line.

  196. like jcpenney on facebook

  197. What is the hot color for fall?

  198. Raven In A Blue Room

    I like jcpenney on facebook (Louis Here)

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  199. Raven In A Blue Room

    I would ask if there is also a line for tween boys in the making

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  200. Camiele

    My question would be how they came up with stuff for the Tween age group and how they went about it?

  201. Camiele

    I am now a fan of JCP on Facebook.

  202. Thabal

    How would it impact introducing fashion to girls at a younger age?

  203. My question is: Will they be bringing out some pretty, feminine, girlie things for tween/teen girls? My girlie needs something that looks remotely feminine!

  204. Andrea J.

    I like JCP on FB. Thanks for the entry!

  205. Andrea J.

    First – I think it was brilliant to create! My niece is always playing around on the site, so she’ll be thrilled to see that she can own the clothes. Second, I love the mix and match feature, and I think the clothes are very cute and age appropriate for tweens and teens. My question is, at what point did designers place a size 7 (and consequently, my very tall and lean 5 year old) in the category of ‘tween?

  206. Robin Metzner

    Like Jc penney on Facebook

  207. Robin Metzner

    What was the biggest challenge you faced in designing clothes for tweens and teens?

  208. Desiree

    Is it a challenge to create clothing that does not push the boundaries too much especially now when shorts and skirts alike are very short and it seems young girls are maturing so much faster? I have a 5 year old daughter and she already tries to purchase items that are a little over the top! :)

  209. Desiree

    I like JCP on Facebook!

  210. i like jcpenney

  211. Tania S.

    I like JCPenney on Facebook.

  212. Tania S.

    Are you planning on coming up with dresses that are modest?

  213. Jessie C.

    Like JC Penney on Facebook
    jessiekatie S

  214. Jessie C.

    I’d like to know when can we expect more and exclusive accessories selection adding into Stardoll collection.

  215. Mari

    I like JCPenney on Facebook.(Mari Doug)

  216. Mari

    Are there plans to create modest designs? Some of the outfits are a bit “grown up”.

  217. Rosalind Teague

    I like JC Penny on FB-good luck to me! The $50 would really help with back to school shopping!

  218. Ashley H.

    I like J C Penny on fb.

  219. Ashley H.

    Where do they get their inspiration?

  220. I like JCPenney on Facebook.

  221. I think this line is very cute and stylish? Do you think tweens should look more girlish or grown-up?

  222. Mami2jcn

    I like JcPenney on FB with my username Mary Happymommy.

  223. Mami2jcn

    I see the line has a lot of pink. Do you think tween girls prefer pink above all other colors?

  224. Ger

    I think it’s a super cute line! My question would be, Where does get their inspiration?

  225. Diana B

    I like JC Penney on FB.

  226. Diana B

    Do you have a tween daughter that you fashioned these clothes after?

  227. Cindy Etzkorn

    Liked JCPenney on Facebook

  228. like JC Penny’s on fb (michelle b)
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  229. Do you ever poll girls or their parents to come up with designs or what’s the inspiration behind the clothing design
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  230. Vickie

    I am a fan of
    JCP on FB

  231. Vickie

    with all the recent controversy with other brands in ref to girls dressing more like young woman…push up bras/bikinis also…how do you decide how to market to these young girls who want to grow up to fast…yet, bringing sales to the store.

  232. I like JCP on FB and also FTM!

  233. Michele

    i liked jc penney

  234. Michele

    are any of the pants cut at a petite or long length?

  235. Chantel

    I have already “liked” JCP!

  236. Chantel

    Love the new line! Its nice to have a cute and still respectable line for our tweens!

  237. traci s

    already liked jcpenney on facebook, traci smith

  238. traci s

    i like the long tshirts but think the pants should of been a little bit less tight, why did you make them that way?

  239. Would love to win this gift card.
    ‘liked” JCP on facebook.

  240. val hasselman

    i lobe the new tween line!

  241. val hasselman

    i like jcpenney on facebook

  242. Amy

    Will you be making any trendy but modest and age-appropriate dresses for tweens?

  243. flutemom

    are you designing any skirts/dresses that would fit a slim size? and are the skirts on the longer, more modest side of the coin?

  244. Cari Ann

    I love the idea! It is so hard to get my tween to talk about EXACTLY what she is shopping for! Everything is always ‘not what she is looking for’ but she can’t ever tell me what she wants. I am so excited to use the site with her and try to understand the look she is going for!!

  245. Tara C.

    Love JC Penney! What is the one “have to have” clothing item for back to school tweens/teens?

  246. Elise M

    Are you getting some ideas from the tweens on this site?

  247. Ashley

    I like JC Penney on FB!

  248. Ashley

    I think the new tween clothing line is adorable. Stardoll did a great job designing the line!

  249. Raina

    Like JCP on FB

  250. Julie

    are any of the pants cut at a petite or long length?

  251. melissa

    My question would be:
    What did you consider when designing for tweens to keep the clothing age appropriate and keeping their youthfulness but matching the current design trends?

  252. melissa

    i liked them on fb!

  253. Carmen B.

    The jeans seem kind of tight for a Tween.

  254. Nicole

    I love the new line, I think it is refreshing to the teen, “tween” department! I also “like” JCP on FB!

    Thanks!! :)

  255. Carmen B.

    Like J.C.Penney on Facebook.

  256. kadywood

    Love JCP wish the store was closer to my home.

  257. julie

    And I also “Like” JCP.

  258. julie

    As always Love Your Site – Question: Did you find it difficult to design for the “Tween” age group? As a mother of a “Tween” I find it difficult to go shopping with her! haha

  259. Meghan V.

    The styles seem to make the girls look older than they are.