Free Shutterfly Photo Book

New Shutterfly Customers can get a free 8×8 Hardcover 20 page photobook.   To claim you offer, head over to Facebook and become a fan of Shutterfly.   Click on the “New Customer Offer” to see the freebie.

Rnter your email address at the top of the page and  you will receive a code for a free Shutterfly Photo Book.   Create your Shutterfly Book and use your unique code.   The cost of the book will be lowered to $0.00 and you will pay shipping only.

Limit of one per customer. Offer expires September 24, 2012

Get a free 5×7 Walgreens Photo Print here.

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  • esther

    Your post says offer until 9/24 but the Shutterfly facebook page says the offer has expired

    • Joanne

      I got the same thing!

      • Anonymous

        me tooo

  • Frenchy

    After you “Like” Shutterfly’s Facebook page you have scroll down on the page until that drop down menu pops up in the top left hand corner where you can choose Timeline, About, Photos, etc. In that same menu is the NEW CUSTOMER OFFER (it’s the last choice). Here is a screenshot I took if anyone is still unsure (That link is just an image showing you exactly where the new customer offer is)

    After you go there you enter your email in a box in the upper right hand corner, next it asked me to accept an app request access type thing. Then a box popped up to SHARE the offer or Cancel – I choose to cancel that. THEN the voucher code came on the screen showing today’s date, my name, when it expired — the whole nine yards. It gives you several options from there to Print the Voucher, Email it to yourself, etc. etc.

    It’s very simple and straightforward. Thanks for the Free Photo book FTMs!! I think it’ll make a good Xmas present! :-)

    • For the Mommas

      Hey Frenchy,

      Thanks for taking the time to do this!

    • For the Mommas

      Hey Frenchy,

      I tried to reply to your email you sent, accept the email address keeps getting rejected. Could you email me at shannon@

  • regina

    i did hit the like button but nothing seems to pop up or say new customer anywere :( not sure what i am doing wrong i went to the page on facebook i hit the like botton and then nothing lol :(

    • Angela Higgins

      it took me awhile but on the Facebook Paige next to the likes, there is a little number three click that and it will pop up saying new customer tab and it will say free book :) then they will send code through email :)

  • Athena

    I am not a new shutterfly user but it still gave me a free book. (just an fyi)

    • becca

      i got turned down..i got an email with code on it sent to me. i tried to put it in but it said i was ineligible. i’ve been a customer just this year though.

  • regina

    does anyone know how you find the new customer offer on facebook i went to the site but i do not see a spot that says new customer need help lol really would like to getthis offer :)

    • For the Mommas


      Once you “Like” the page,you should be able to click on the new customer tab. It says “FREE BOOK” in the photo. Let me know if this works for you.