Free Redbox Rental Code

Free Redbox Rental Code

Get a free Redbox Rental Code when you text PANDORA to 727-272. You will receive a one time Redbox Rental Code valid thru 1/8/13.

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  • Slevin

    Ever since I got the DISH Hopper I’ve been staying away from the kiosks, unless I have a freebie code like this. I used to use these kiosks two or three times a week, plus I had both Netflix and Gamefly, and it started to just cost too much. Recently, a coworker of mine at DISH and I found a better way to save money on rentals. We signed up for Blockbuster @Home by DISH, and love it. Now I get twenty different movie channels, home delivery on games and DVDs, and best of all, streaming of thousands of titles to all four TVs my Hopper is capable of running, and I can access and manage it right through my Hopper. My whole family loves it, because now everyone in the house always has something great to watch without having go to the kiosk.

  • Victoria

    Thanks! Always nice to receive free rentals from Redbox :)

    • Anonymous

      Use DVDONME can use each month And BREAKROOM :) enjoy

  • Joanne

    Wish I would have known ahead of time that it was for a GAME rental. Wouldn’t have wasted my time with it since no one here plays games…

    • It’s not for a game. I just used it today on a movie with no problem!

  • Katie

    FYI, this specifies that it is for a 1 day GAME rental. But the husband will enjoy it at this house!