Free Phone Call From Santa Claus

Head over here to get a free phone call from Santa Claus.

Note: If you enter your kiddos birthday and NOT yours like it asks, it won’t work. So, please read the instructions carefully.

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  • Jenna

    Can you call me please 4822345

  • get me a letter

  • Madison

    Call me now

  • i went get new record Christmas coloring books

  • Gio

    Monday July 9 4:00 call me (484) 816-8809 that is my number

  • good

  • cal me

    • i went a magic box and Christmas books and music staff i love to get a new recorder and you like to call me on my phone i love to you call me and i will tell you i went for Christmas
      i will get my number on my phone

  • April

    If u put the wrong bday..get out of the site and come back should work then.

  • Angie

    OK…so I didn’t follow directions and I put in the child’s birth date and not mine now I can’t get into the site….what do I do now?

    • Angie

      Okay so I didn’t follow directions and I put my child’s birthday is not
      Now I can’t NTA say what do I do now this is true I really want a puppy named

  • vineetha

    Santa is coming to see you with lots of presents.. maybe you will get something you really want, vinee loves You

  • papa roach

    Santa is coming to see you with lots of presents.. maybe you will get something you really want, Daddy Loves You

  • How do you fix it if you enter the childs birthday. It will not let me do it at all.

  • I couldn’t get it to work with my son’s bday, it said that it had to be from an adult

    • Shannon

      Angie, you have to enter your bday not your childs.

  • Love it just did it and my daughter who is 5 is going crazy she she can’t wait till Xmas…

  • Amy Andler via Facebook

    Love it!! Also, We were able to enter the same phone number for from and to….

    • Lindsay in PA


  • ok, i got it now. you have to enter a different number than yours in the “from” spot or it doesn’t work

  • i didn’t get a call. :-(

  • Sue Biddle Heemstra via Facebook

    Des it address the child by name? Can I put 2 in one phone call?

  • Meghan McGovern

    This was incredible! It calls immediately after you enter the information and my son was grinning ear to ear the whole time Santa was talking :)

  • Lindsay in PA

    This is so cute!!!

  • Right when u r done they call u

  • Imelda Bobadilla via Facebook

    Less than a minute

  • I wonder how long it takes to deliver.

  • Debbie Page Kellman via Facebook

    Love it, I want to send one to everyone I know…LOL!

  • This is so funny! I’m sending them out to all kinds of people LOL