Free P&G Samples – Tide Pods, Pantene & More

Reminder -If you haven’t requested your free  P&G Everday Solutions samples,  for  this quarter, be sure to sign up now and request your  free samples.    Free Samples may be requested once each quarter.

Shannyn just received her quarterly  P&G Sample Box.   Have your received yours?

Note: Not all accounts receive the same items.

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  • larhonda

    cant figure out how to get my samples. someone help!!!!!

  • rachel

    why cant i get my freebies when i try signing in it wont take my info

  • Allysha

    i recieved mine about a month or 2 ago and got the downy unstopables, tide pod, and the tide boost pod

    • Anonymous

      How do u request your sample package?

      • Brenna

        I have to ask the same thing I try all the time but all that shows up is Prilosec heartburn relief. I don’t need that but I want beauty products or un stopables or something!

  • Oanh

    Just got mine today, love the samples and coupons.

    • Anonymous

      How do you request your sample package?

  • I click and fill out stuff all the time and i only got 2 things in the mail box over the past 2 months …Breath right strips and Air Borne Tablets that is it and must have filled out over 50 of these things ….Wonder why I haven’t received anything….my sister-n-law gets stuff all the time too …boo hoo

  • Tammy

    Got mine this past Saturday. Mine had pretty much everything listed. :)
    Loved it!

  • Qpon Jenn

    Got my samples on Saturday, same ones, it was nice surprise!

  • Mine came today. I’d forgotten I requested them! Got the Pantene, Whitestrips, toothpaste, and the Downy products.

  • Andrea

    Mine came today. I didn’t get the Pantene samples in mine.

  • Lauren

    I ordered mine back in Jan. I have no idea what I ordered, so I guess it will be a nice surprise, LOL!