Free MiO Sample

Head over to Facebook to get a free sample of MiO. You can choose between Lemonade or Blueberry.

Note: You can  click I just want a free sample instead of sharing to get this to work smoothly!

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  • Paul Yearley

    Please send a free sample to me. Email me for my address.

  • were do i click on it i cant find the button!

  • Brooke

    Got mine, thanks!!

  • Kristen Lynn Miller – some of these offers just dont work on the phones :(

  • Kristen

    I can’t get one either maybe it’s because i’m using a smart phone? Idk I will keep trying I really want to try this stuff!

  • Sherry

    Just got mine!! Thanks!! :)

  • KIM

    I got Mine about 30 min ago, worked great =)

  • Tonya

    Says not available

  • Noelle

    I *finally* got one this morning!!

  • Thanks! Still cant get it but i’ll keep trying, since i’ve looked at buying it but would rather try it first.

  • Kristin Hocevar – yeah I think they took it down then, but never updated their status (or shallI say they probably aren’t at work yet to update the status)

  • Christine

    I think I just got it but it took a few clicks to get to the right place.

  • Geri

    Guys, it works just fine. I just got one.

  • I will try again thanks- maybe fixing overnight?

  • Rubinder Kaur – Did you try it? Its not down.

  • Diane

    Just did it, thanks. Might want to try again.

  • Rubinder

    Says its down as a status update :(

  • Kristin Hocevar – hmm just tried it again, came right up?

  • It says its down for now… Bummer