Free Mini Clif Bar Samples

Enter your email and your  mailing address here and Cliff will  send you nice little packages – like mini CLIF Bar samples.

I personally enjoy the crunchy peanut butter!

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  • I did not get any promises of free CLIF bars when I provided my email and snail-mail addresses.

    Only a promise of a newsletter.

    Will the samples still arrive or was I scammed?

  • xan

    Free Clif Bars at Enter code XAN252 at checkout. $5 value.

  • awesome! thanks!

  • Wendy Swartz

    Free Cliff Bars mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmM

  • Duh! I got so excited at the prospect of free CLIF bars (I LOVE these) that I didn’t read. I’m not quite awake yet clearly. Thanks! :)

  • Was the website supposed to say anything about free samples? I put in my email and mailing address but there was no indication whatsoever that I’d be receiving free samples.

    • Shannon


      Elizabeth if you went to the link I provided – it says this:

      Enter your email below and we’ll make sure you start getting our e-newsletter. It’s all the latest happenings at Clif Bar & Company. Fill in your snail mail address and we’ll send you nice little packages – like mini CLIF Bar samples.

      Don’t worry. We promise we won’t spam you with unwanted emails, nor share your information with any other company. We can’t stand that either.