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Mende Nazer’s shocking story of modern-day slavery – told in the global best-seller ‘Slave’ – touched the world. Later made into a film, it told the harrowing story of a girl from the Sudan taken into captivity, and then sold into slavery. Written by the award-winning journalist Damien Lewis, it exposed the brutality of the modern slave trade, and turned it into a major global issue.
In this, enthralling, moving sequel Mende Nazer tells how in the summer of 2007 she embarked upon a journey back to her homeland in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. She left behind the relative security of London, her new home, to return to the war-ravaged land of her birth.
But she would be risking everything she had fought for in an effort to make contact with the family she’d lost when she was taken into captivity. And over an epic, harrowing journey, Mende discovers what freedom really means.


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