Free Brew Over Ice Snapple K Cups Sampler Pack


Head over to Facebook and request a free Brew Over Ice Snapple K Cups Sampler Pack. Please note, the site is loading slow, but is working. If it;s loading slow for you, you may want to try again.

Be sure to click on “Yes” when it asks if you own a Keurig.

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  • Shelly

    No problem with FireFox browser.

  • For the Mommas – Ashley

    I got my sample pack!i can’t wait to try the Beew Over Ice kcups!

    • For the Mommas – Ashley

      ***brew. Oops typo!

  • Sheila

    They are having problems with the page and they said they will have it up working soon. They are having high traffic. I used google chrome and it wouldn’t work, but when I used firefox broswer it worked. It said it would come in 14 days.

  • Lauren

    After an hour, I’ve gotten to the page with the video 3 times, but it won’t play it. Ugh!

    • Lauren

      6th times’ the charm, I guess! Success!

    • EVY

      You are 100% right the system is slow and working but the video will not play it keeps saying error.

  • love most any coffee and iced coffee for sure