Free Bag of Lindt Chocolate Truffles

Head over to Facebook and request a free bag of Lindt Chocolate Truffles. You will need to click on the Lindt Coupon tab to request the coupon.

Note:  You will get only once chance to print the coupon, so be sure your printer is ready. The coupon prints with a your Facebook photo and name on it.

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  • Ckmom

    I used mine at Walmart last night. I rarely buy chocolate so my little boy is thrilled. :)

    • Anonymous

      how did u get it to print I hit like and nothing

  • Amy

    Still working fine. Can’t wait to pick up a bag of white chocolate truffles :-)

  • Pam

    I was able to print two coupons (had different UPC codes – so not a duplicate)! YAAAAY

    • For the Mommas


    • SanniJ

      Just two?? I have a nice little stack (11 I think) thanks to friends who don’t eat chocolate. My coworkers are gonna be so happy.

    • Sean

      The CoupCheck code is the same, and your name/profile is associated with the coupon as well. Please follow the terms you legally agreed to by printing the coupon, and don’t try to cheat the company that is giving you such a great deal.

  • Jessica S.

    I got it. Thanks so much. I don’t know what store will take it but I’ll give it a try.

  • amanda

    thank you for the heads up. soooo awesome! love those things

  • Suzie S.

    Worked the first time! Sooo excited! I love Lindt!!

  • Debbie

    Got one! Now I’m wondering what stores will accept a free coupon?

    • Walmart typically does…other than that? I don’t have much luck!

      • Dana

        I just used this coupon at Walmart and it work with no problems.

        • For the Mommas

          Dana good to know! Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Any store should take it. I would go with Rite Aid, Cvs, or Walgreens.

  • Maria

    yummy …. thank you!!

  • Rebecca

    It won’t work for me. I “liked” them but I’m still getting the blank page no matter how much I try to refresh.

  • Jaime

    I kept getting a blank page, then realized I didn’t “like” them yet. Once I did, I got to the right page immediately and was able to print my coupon, no problems!

  • froggymic

    Had to keep refreshing, but finally got my coupon!!

  • angela

    no luck here either. i think they are totally overloaded!

  • Sandy

    Site having issues as usual ! Looks like most unable to load or print coupon

    • Rose

      I just got it to work.. I had to keep refreshing the page though. :)

    • Jason

      Needed to refresh 5 or 6 times, but then it worked.