Free $2.00 Target Giftcard from Shopkick

Woohoo, I woke up with a text message from Target today for a free gift card. Shopkick is offering a free $2.00 Target Giftcard, for new and existing Shopkick app users.  If you are signed up for Target text messages, check your text messages for the offer.

If you did not get the text message from Target,  you can try to take these steps to get the $2.00 Target Giftcard.

  • Sign up for the Shopkick app.  The Shopkick app offers valuable mobile coupons and rewards.
  • Once you sign up,  type  into the address bar of your cell phone and click on “I have the Shopkick app”


  • Your $2.00 Target Giftcard will load directly to the app.

Offer is valid thru 11/1/12.

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  • Anna

    I, too, am having trouble getting the target coupon to work. So far these comments have not helped me :( I have the target gift card in my gifts with a red exclamation mark and even after walking into target with my app open, my only option to click says “remove from my stuff.” I have never gotten a “redeem now” button, so my question is, how do I get that button?


  • Kaesy

    Do I have to walk into the store for the $2 gift card to show up? I’ve gone through all the other steps and so far there is nothing in the app, but I haven’t actually gone to the store yet. New to shopkick.

  • Tara

    So I went to Target to use this last night and it said “you’ve got a gift” and I launched Shopkick like it said (got my kicks for walking in) but when I clicked on “my gifts” it showed I had gotten something from Target but I never saw the “redeem” button or anywhere it gave me a barcode to scan. If anyone could help me figure this out I’d be grateful! Thanks!

    • For the Mommas

      I don’t think any of us have figured it out!

      • Courtney

        In order to have the gift card work, the cashier has to scan the barcode on the screen where you enter the payment. The cashier cannot be on the screen to scan items. My cashier thought that it wouldn’t scan on the payment screen, but it did. I was even told by Target staff the day before that they didn’t accept the gift card, which is not true!!

        • Anna

          No barcode is popping up for us it sounds like… How did you get the”redeem now” button to show up?

  • kysayshi

    I got to load but it would not scan at checkout…

  • Katie

    I got mine but it wouldn’t scan at checkout :(

  • Elle

    I went to target to use it and it wouldn’t scan! Any no one knew how to fix it:(

  • Sarah

    Got the text and it worked.

  • Anonymous

    How does this work? I have the target gift card saved to my stuff. Do I just take my phone into target and hand it to a cashier? Any info is greatly appreciated

    • For the Mommas

      Hi There, once you are ready to redeem your $2.00 Target Gift Card, you will just need to hit “redeem now”. Once you have it on your screen, you can give it to the cashier to scan.

      Hope that helps,

  • Susies

    Yay worked for me too!

  • Jessica Watkins

    It worked for me!!! I already have a shopkick account, so I just typed the website in, followed the instructions and got my 2.00! Thanks Shannon :)

  • Suzanne Beam

    I did this, but I’m not sure just what Shop Kick is or how to use it?

    • For the Mommas

      Suzanne, Shopkick gives you points, or kicks, each time you check in or scan items at the store. For instance, if you go to Target and click on “nearby stores” the app will bring up kick opportunities for you. You’ll also get coupons. To find the coupons, click on the store and then click on “deals and finds”. You will more than likely have to turn on location services to use app, so it can bring up the stores and also verify that you are there.

      Hope that helps,

  • Hannah

    Thanks! It worked! I just had to enter my phone number that I registered with them. (which i hadn’t yet done)

  • Thanks! I did not get the text but was able to load it with your directions!