Smucker’s Top Your Holiday Giveaway – Win $100 Amex Gift Card

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Brrr, baby it’s cold outside.  There’s no better way to “warm up” this holiday season,  than by inviting friends and family into your home for good food and good company.

We enjoy baking during the holiday season, (well all except our dog Lillie who was sitting the background pouting).

Smuckers Spoonable Ice Cream Toppings are great for the warm summer months, but why not try them in the cold winter months.  Try a spoonful of Smuckers Hot Caramel Topping with whip cream on top of your favorite hot chocolate or latte. Yum.  Try this great recipe for a nice cappucino on a cold night.

How about a new desert tradition! Check out recipes using Smucker’s Toppings including Blueberry, Strawberry, Caramel and Fudge – including delicious Baked Alaska.

One FTM Winner will win a Smuckers Top Your Holiday Prizepack, including a $100.00 American Express Card and a Smuckers Giftbasket.

1. Leave a comment with your favorite holiday drink or treat.

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  1. Debra Stoltz

    Hands down, my favorite holiday drink is Bailey’s Irish Cream in coffee. I pinned the Chocolate Mint Cappucchino recipe. Happy New Year!

  2. Shaymaa

    I like hot cocoa

  3. Rosanne

    I love chocolate fudge rumballs

  4. Tamar

    i like eggnog

  5. karla drain

    pinned it

  6. karla drain

    My favorite holiday beverage is my hubby’s homemade eggnog with blackberry brandy! Yummy!

  7. Geoff K

    I’d have to go with peppermint bark – and peppermint mochas!

  8. I love Hot Cocoa! I repinned and hope to win… :)

  9. Christine

    love eggnog

  10. McKim

    I like Date Pinwheel Cookies.

  11. Stacy

    One of my favorite drinks for the holidays is gingerbread coffee with whipped cream

  12. Mendy Dinsmore

    my favorite is hot chocolate

  13. Becky Cole

    I love eggnog!

  14. Andrea S

    I love eggnog with a bit of rum in it…then topped with Nutmeg. But for an anytime Winter drink I would say Spiced Tea…I almost always have a pot going…heavily spiced, and sometimes top it with a dollop of whipping cream.

  15. Favorite Holiday Treat eggnog

  16. Good ole fashion chocolate chip cookies n hot chocolate..Yum

    • Pinned it too :-)

  17. nmv


  18. nmv

    My favorite holiday treat is cookies!

  19. rebecca williams

    Apple Cider is my favorite!

  20. PAM

    My favorite holiday treat is my homemade fudge

  21. Cujo

    Pinned -

  22. Cujo

    My favorite holiday treat are cream filled donuts.

  23. Theresa S

    My favorite holiday drink would have to be eggnogg with a little nutmeg grated on top.

  24. Ger

    My favorite holiday treat is Rocky Road fudge!

  25. Amber

    I love hot cocoa thats rich and creamy!

  26. Wild Orchid


  27. Wild Orchid

    I love hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  28. Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe )
  29. Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe )

    my favorite is hot cocoa!!

  30. Rita A

    Peppermint Hot Chocolate

  31. marie

    I looovvvee ‘Snowballs” (it’s an english drink, look it up!)

  32. kjasus

    i love mulled cider

  33. Smucker’s Top Your Holiday Giveaway – Win $100 Amex Gift Card wanted to enter this but cant find the enter place for it :(

  34. karen

    I really like hot milk with strawberry topping stirred in. Yummy!

    • Karen

      And pinned it!

  35. Eve

    I love pumpkin lattes

  36. Christy

    I love dark hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint schnapps.

  37. Michelle Bush

    A cold glass of Egg Nog and some homemade sugar cookies.

  38. robyn paris

    almond cookies are my favorite

  39. Angela G

    Homemade hot chocolate with tiny colored marshmallows!

  40. Ellen C.

    I like a big glass of eggnog. Thanks for the chance.

  41. Monique K

    My most FAVORITE Holiday Treat is a Peppermint Milk Shake from Chick Fila :)

  42. Lee

    Pumpkin spice coffee

  43. Heidi Lindsay

    My favorite holiday treat is a glass of cold milk with oatmeal raisin cookies.

  44. Jacob LaFountaine

    Hot Chocolate

  45. jessie

    my favorite drink it real hot chocolate

  46. Lina

    i love having freshly baked snickerdoodles

  47. Emili

    Cafe LAtte

  48. Tari Lawson

    My favorite holiday drink is mulled wine.

  49. christie

    My favorite holiday treat is pumpkin chocolate chip cookes. Yum.

  50. Sheila Hickmon

    I love eggnog, but it hurts my belly lol, so I enjoy some minty hot chocolate this time of year!

  51. Mary H.

    I love hot cocoa with marshmallows

  52. Cheryl

    My favorite holiday drink is a coffee by Barnie’s call Santa’s White Chocolate!

  53. Jana

    My favorite holiday drink is peppermint hot cocca.

  54. Linda M.

    My favorite holiday drink is hot cider.

  55. Maralea

    My favorite holiday drink is Pumpkin Spice Lattes~

  56. Holly Chubb

    I love making hot chocolate on the stove with my son. He loves to watch the milk turn color as the chocolate pieces melt.

  57. Becky Peterson

    I love hot chocolate! Yum!

  58. Donna Cheatle

    I pinned!

  59. Donna Cheatle

    I like hot apple cider

  60. Angelique Zhinin

    I enjoy a white chocolate mocha.

  61. Pumpkin Spice Latte!

  62. kathy f

    We love Snowman Soup!

  63. April

    I pinned it and I love mrs greiser cookies

  64. julie

    i love chocolate peppermint bark!

  65. Sharon k.

    I love gingerbread

  66. Vicki

    I like cocoa with marshmallows.

  67. Patty

    My new favorite this winter is mint hot chocolate.

  68. minty mocha hot chocolate

  69. Heather Baum

    I love sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting and hot cocoa

  70. Heather Baum

    I pinned this post to pinterest

  71. kate neal

    My favorite is candy cane cocktails yum

  72. Amy M

    Homemade divinity!

  73. Heather R

    My favorite holiday drink is mint hot chocolate.

  74. Heather Adams

    I pinned. Thanks!

  75. Heather Adams

    My favorite drink is hot chocolate.

  76. Ttrockwood

    My favorite treat is my moms fudge!

  77. Dee

    My favorite holiday treats are gingerbread cookies :)

  78. Mary Somerville
  79. Mary Somerville

    My favorite Holiday drink is home-maid hot cocoa!

  80. Jessica To

    My favorite drink is hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.

  81. Patricia Treskovich

    thumbprint cookies with blackberry jam

  82. Kyl Neusch

    i love rum cake.

  83. Starr Greenwell
  84. Heather

    My favorite holiday treat is white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

  85. Patrice

    My favorite holiday treat is rum cake.

  86. Suzanne K

    Hot chocolate of Kahlua and coffee with whipped cream!

  87. angie

    Hot Apple Cider

  88. Kenny F.


  89. My favorite holiday treats are thumbprint cookies with blackberry jam. I’m making some this weekend.

  90. sandy weinstein

    i love hot chocolate, i have it all of the time….i used to put little marshmallows in it, but it is too fattening at my age…

  91. Deanna G.

    I love eggnog! :)

    • Sarah Hirsch

      i mean pin, not tweet

  92. Sarah Hirsch

    i like hot chocolate

  93. Nataly Carbonell

    I love mexican Posole :)

  94. jennifer

    I love peppermint mocha coffee!

  95. Rachel

    Eggnog for me!

  96. I love cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate.

  97. Ann Fantom
  98. Ann Fantom

    I love Red Velvet cake for Christmas dinner dessert

  99. Cynthia C

    I like hot spiced cider.

  100. Kathleen

    pinned on pinterest

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  101. Kathleen

    love egg nog

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  102. Shana N.

    I pinned the recipe!

  103. Shana N.

    My favorite holiday drink is hot chocolate. I drink it all the time this time of year!

  104. Brandi L

    My favorite holiday drink is Egg Nog!
    I just pinned your recipe here:

  105. Rebecca Marion

    pinned it (also misspelled my name on last comment)

  106. Rebecca Maroin

    My favorite holiday treat is a tie between my moms peanut butter balls and what us southern girls call pine bark

  107. Kristi C

    My favorite holiday treat is peanut butter candy.

  108. Oanh H.

    I like eggnog.

  109. I also pinned the yummy looking recipe post!!!

  110. My favorite holiday drink would be hot chocolate for sure!!

  111. nickie

    i love sweat potatoe pie


  112. Stephanie V.

    love peppermint bark and hot chocolate

  113. Erika

    Bread pudding for treat and chocolate martini for drink:)

  114. Terri

    My favorite holiday drink is hot chocolate!

  115. petra

    my favorite is homemade Christmas cookies

  116. Annie

    Special family recipe we call “Bomb Cookies” – pretty much a sugar cookie wrapped around a Milky Way with M&Ms on top.

  117. Emily

    I pinned it.

  118. Emily

    I love pumpkin pie.

  119. Dee S

    Special candy, like bon bons!

  120. Jamie

    Nothing beats eggnog!

  121. Jacob LaFountaine

    You can’t beat a pumpkin pie this time of year

  122. Elise M

    I love hot cocoa with whipped cream

  123. Margaret Smith

    I pinned the recipe. It really sounds great.

  124. Margaret Smith

    My favorite is eggnog (with a little rum)
    Thanks so much :)

  125. Andrea D.

    I pinned this recipes. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  126. Andrea D.

    I love Russian Tea that my mother-in-law’s recipe that she gave me. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  127. Shannon

    I love Hot apple cider!

  128. Jennifer Rote

    pinned the recipe

  129. Jennifer Rote

    I like hot chocolate and sugar cookies!

  130. Katherine

    Grandmas sugar cookies

  131. Heidi

    I pinned :)

  132. Heidi

    I adore special coffe drinks around the holidays. A little Irish creme, maybe just a touch of whiskey or grand marnier, some peppermint or cinnamon, a little whipped creme. I like to experiment. Mmmmm :)

  133. Nicole

    My favorite treat are the cookies with the mini reese’s cups on top, I love those!

  134. Starr Greenwell

    I pinned the recipe. (starut)

  135. Katy P

    I love pecan pie and fudge

  136. Starr Greenwell

    I love pumpkin cheesecake

  137. Schmidty

    I love mexican wedding cookies for the holidays.

  138. Sunnie

    I like chocolate chip pumpkin cheesecake.

  139. Livivua c

    I love sweet potato pie!

  140. Lisa Brown

    Pin –
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  141. Lisa Brown

    My favorite holiday treat is gingerbread cookies.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  142. Shawnda

    I pinned the recipe.

  143. Shawnda

    Eggnog is my favorite!

  144. Kaila

    Peppermint Patty :)

  145. Adrienne gordon

    I like peppermint mocha lattes. I pinned it

  146. Susan Stahley
  147. Susan Stahley

    My favorite treat I only get around holidays is fudge!

  148. Erin

    Tough choice between the peppermint mocha or the hot apple cider!

  149. Kristin

    Peppermint chocolate chip cookies! – pinned

  150. Melanie

    pinned this post

  151. Melanie

    Peppermint mocha – yummy!

  152. Carol S.

    I pinned on Pinterest!

  153. Carol S.

    Love hot apple cider mixed with Caramel Syrup and topped with Whipped Cream!

  154. Lori

    I pinned this post!

  155. Lori

    Coffee and biscotti!

  156. Chantel Silva

    I love puppy chow!

  157. latanya

    I like eggnog

  158. Michelle

    Hot cocoa with marshmellows makes everything so cozy.

  159. Kris A.
  160. Kris A.

    My favorite holiday treat is homemade peanut butter cookies and a big glass of milk.

  161. sara

    Our favorite holiday treat are Pizzelle’s made from scratch from my grandmother’s recipe!

  162. kelly gregg

    Hot chocolate with mini marshmellows

  163. Mami2jcn


  164. Mami2jcn

    I like gingerbread cookies!

  165. Marina

    I love Egg Nog but since I can’t have dairy anymore, I found coconut milk ‘egg’ nog is just as good, if not better!

  166. Shannon

    Peppermint hot cocoa is my favorite!, cranberry bog is a close second!

  167. lorena

    My favorite is hot cocoa!

  168. Marie

    White Chocolate Macadamia nut cookies

  169. Marlene

    Hot cocoa with a pinch of cinnamon.

  170. Andrea

    pumpkin spice latte

  171. Jen

    I pinned the recipe.

  172. Jen

    Peppermint mochas are my absolute favorite treat.

  173. melissa

    my favorite is cut out cookies

  174. Teri

    I love peanut butter blossoms.

  175. Kelly D

    Pumpkin pie is my favorite treat.

  176. maria


  177. maria

    chocolate mint cappucino

  178. Amy

    Egg Nog. MMMMMMMM!!! It’s my favorite.

  179. Caroline

    I pinned the recipe (now to try it!)

  180. Caroline

    Favorite holiday drink….spiced/mulled cider….yum!

  181. Diana B

    My favorite holiday drink is the Medifast chocolate shake with cold coffee blended with ice. Tastes like a splurge but it’s low calorie and low fat!

  182. Amy D.

    I pinned Mexican wedding cookies-mmm!

  183. Kathy

    Eggnog would be my favorite.

  184. Karen Medlin


  185. Karen Medlin

    Hot Chocolate with mini marshmallows

  186. Alexis M

    Carmela Mocha Latte!!! Sounds so good right now! What a clever idea…I have a Target coupon for it so now I must give it a try! Happy Holiday Everyone!

  187. Jenney

    Peppermint mochas are my absolute favorite holiday drink! :)

  188. Diana Rosales

    Pinned on Pinterest

  189. Diana Rosales

    Pinned recipe on Pinterest.

  190. Jessie C.

    I like pumpkin pie

  191. Brooke

    Hot buttered rum!

  192. Karen

    Hot apple cider!

  193. Teresa

    A Peppermint or Eggnog milk shake!

  194. Connie

    I pinned the recipe

  195. Connie

    Eggnog Latte

  196. Terry

    I love sugar cookies and a peppermint mocha!

  197. Andrea


  198. Antonio


  199. Florence

    Good old fashioned hot chocolate

  200. Elena

    I like hot chocolate

  201. Tim

    I love eggnog!

  202. Katy

    I love eggnog and sugar cookies

  203. Andrea

    My favorite holiday treat is pumpkin roll!

  204. Andrea

    I pinned your recipe post!

  205. Deb

    Hot Chocolate

  206. Rob R.

    I love warm apple cider.

    • Rob R.

      pinned it

  207. Amy

    I love dark chocolate hot cocoa! Yum.

  208. Sharon

    I pinned

  209. Sharon

    I love pumpkin spice mochas

  210. Hot spiced cider! So good!

  211. Melody


  212. Sally Moyer

    pinned it!

  213. Sally Moyer

    Hot chocolate or hot tea

  214. Melody

    I love apple cider!

  215. Margaret P.

    I pinned the recipe.

  216. Margaret P.

    Hot cocoa with a dollop of whip cream!

  217. alcee clayborne

    I love hot chocolate with a peppermint stick

  218. brenda faulkner


  219. Recipe pinned :)

  220. Favorite holiday drink is hot spiced apple cider with a cinamon stick – yummy

  221. Kaylin R.

    Egg nog of course!

  222. Diane G

    Peppermint mochas are my favorite this time of year.

  223. Melissa

    I pinned this recipe post!

  224. Kaylin R.

    I pinned the recipe!

  225. Melissa

    My favorite holiday drink is hot apple cider! Yum!

  226. Allie

    My fave holiday drink is pumpkin anything!

  227. I actually adore Wassail. YUM!

    • tina

      I pinned the chocolate mint cappuccino recipe. :) …my FAVORITE holiday treat is pecan snowball cookies – the cookies that look like powdered sugar munchkins. Mmmm – when I pop one in my mouth, it’s heaven………….

      • sue

        my favorite holiday treat is hot chocolate with sugar cookies!