Rite Aid Coupon Matchups – Week of 8/11/13

Rite Aid Coupon Matchups 8/11/13

Here are the Rite Aid Coupon Matchups & Deals for the week of 8/11/13.

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  • Melissa

    For people who need formula and receive the $5 checks from Similac, you can make a killer deal this week. You must have the 20% off to get this deal. (My formula prices are after the discount.)

    Buy 5 Similac ready made newborn feeders (8 pack – comes in a box) – $30.04
    Use (5) $5 checks from Similac
    Pay $5.04
    Get $5.00 UPR
    Total: $0.04
    80 oz of formula

    Buy 4 bottles of ready to feed Similac Advance – $23.20
    Buy 1 bottle of ready to feed Similace Alimentum – $8.20
    Use (5) $5.00 checks from Similac
    Pay $6.40
    Get $5.00
    Total: $1.40
    160 oz of formula

    Buy 3 cans (12.4 oz) of Similac Advance – $30.30
    Use (3) $5.00 checks from Similac
    Pay $15.30
    Get $5.00
    Total: $10.30 or $3.43 per can (highest cost out of pocket, but best deal if you don’t have a lot of checks or need a large amount of formula)
    270 oz of formula

    • Melissa

      You can also do this deal with Enfamil if your Rite Aid carries ProSoBee (soy) ready made 1 quart cans.

      Buy 5 cans – $30.50
      Use (5) $5.00 checks from Enfamil
      Pay $5.50
      Get $5.00
      Total: $0.50 for 160 oz of formula

      We only have one Rite Aid that carries this, so it’s much harder for me to do.