Rite Aid Coupon Matchups – Week of 12/2/12

Rite Aid Coupon Matchups Week of 12/2/12

Here are the Rite Aid Coupon Matchups & Weekly Ad Deals for the week of  12/2/12.

Click here to see the new printable coupons.   Need help with coupon matchups?  Check out Understanding Coupon Matchups here. 

Best Deals

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  • Maureen

    Would this work and be “legal”??

    Buy 2 Gillette disposable $7.99/ea
    Buy 2 Gillette Pro Glide $ 9.99/ea

    Use one BOGO coupon for the disposables (P&G 11/25 exp 12/31)
    Use two $10/1 Pro Glide when you buy disposable or cartridge RP 12/2 exp 01/31)

    or would I have to buy 3 disposables?

    Pay $7.99 for everything and get 2 $4 UPR

  • Deb Orlando

    There’s a double dip on Axe products. $5 Up when you spend $15 weekly and the exact same deal monthly (only until 12/4). I bought 4 of the shower gels that are on sale 2/$9 and used 4 $2 off 1 coupons from this weekend’s coupons. I did have to do 2 transactions because the coupon states that you can only use 2 per shopping trip. Total before coupons- $18. Total after coupons- $10. Then I got 2- $5 up rewards making them free:)

  • Wendy

    The 3M rebate is for labels only, not the command products that are on sale.

  • ruby

    Hi I have a question about +up rewards..ok so I did the nivea lip care deal and because I have 20% off for a year the total came a little lower then the 15$ that I need to get the +up reward. And I see on the bottom of my recept that I only spent 14.39 so if I buy another one this week will that get me to the $5 +up reward or will it not count because it needs to be in the same transaction? Hope u can help :)

    • Kathy

      If it’s tracking on the receipt it should count & print the +UP when you reach the $15. If not at worse I guess you can do a return /rebuy all in 1 transaction, but I don’t think that will be necessary.

      • ruby

        Ok great! Thanks so much I been looking for that answer for a while :)

    • Janine

      Yes the up rewards track so you don’t need to purchase all items in the same transaction which is nice b/c some coupons have limits on how many can be used in a transaction.

      • ruby

        Ok thanks:)

  • krazyinpa

    I am sorry if I am missing something.. but how are the ziploc containers and the Ludens free?

    • krazyinpa

      Oops sorry now I see the how the Ludens are.. What about the ziploc though?

  • Jen

    I received my coupon inserts early and there’s a $10 off Proglide razor when you buy a disposable or cartridge. I’m assuming a disposable means a razor (?). The wording is so confusing. Will I be able to buy 2 ProFusion razors (limit 2), use the $10 coupon and get back $8 in UPR making the razors only .99 each.

    • Sheryl

      Disposable means a razor you throw away after use not a razor that you change the cartridge on. You would have to buy proglide set of 4 or 8 cartridge with no razor with them or a disposable razor by same brand. No, you can’t buy 2 proglide razors and use the coupon since you are not buy a disposable or 4 or 8 pack cartridge. That is how I read the coupon.

      • Jen

        The wording was confusing when it states a disposable OR cartridge. Thanks for your clarification.

    • freestuffnow

      Well, if you get a Mach3 and a Proglide razors, you can use the $10 coupon.

      • Wendy

        The Mach 3 and the Gillette Fusion are both reuseable, neither are disposable… I hope that helps:)