Rite Aid Coupon Deals 9/30/12

Here are the Rite Aid Coupon Deals for 9/30/12. The new Video Values for October will be released tonight. See the entire list of October Video Values here. 

Will you be heading to Rite Aid this week? Are there any deals that I missed.

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  • Anonymous

    I am new to this but his is the second week that you’ve mentioned the Lysol deals and when I go, they are not.

    • For the Mommas

      By chance are you in California? Some parts of California has some laws that involve Lysol and promotions. IF not, I am sorry but I can’t say why that might be..

  • Shelli

    I was wondering if you are able to stack rite aid store coupons with manufactuer coupons? I was there recently and even with a few filler items (even though the cashier didn’t even try) she actually tried to keep my coupons after telling me she couldn’t accept more then 1 coupon per item, whether they were store coupons or manufactuers coupons…

    • For the Mommas


      You can stack.. I would definitely print the policy and take it with you.

  • Delana

    Hi. Just wanted to see if everyone else’s stores had the $1.50 Goldfish and the $3.00 Herbal Essences? Mine didn’t have either of those deals in it’s paper. :(

  • Sarah

    I just wanted to let you know about another deal that I was able to score at my Rite Aid. In the ad it advertises a $5 UP reward when you buy SnapWare food storage. There was a $2 SnapWare coupon in the paper a while back (I cut all of mine out, so I have no idea which insert or date it was). My Rite Aid didn’t give UP rewards for the cheaper $5.79 snapware, but it did trigger with the one that is $7.49 regularly. With my 10%, I only paid $6.74 for the container, was able to use a $2 coupon, and get a $5 UP reward back. That makes it a modest $0.26 money maker.

    • For the Mommas

      Hi Sarah, THank you for this deal! I will work on a post!

      • Sarah

        Actually, I was mistaken! My ad wasn’t clear and it looked like a $5 up on each. It’s actually a $5 up on $15 worth of snap ware. Sorry for the confusion :(

        • Julie

          I wonder if it would trigger the $5 UP if I bought 2 of the $7.49 containers? That would be $14.98, just 2 cents short of $15. With 10% and $2 coupons, I’d be paying about $9.50. That’s $4.50 for two containers after UPs, right?

          • alisha

            I was at rite aid and bought 6 of the tide on sale and thought it would generate the up reward, the cashier says that it will not any longer generate up rewards if you are a few pennies short. I had to buy 7 to get my second 5$ up reward. It really made the deal a bummer.

  • Holly

    Anyone happen to know the price of Tugaboo diapers that are BOG 1/2 off and spend $20 get $5 UPR.

  • diana c

    as for monistat coupon giants always has a better deal on these they always go on clearance for 2.19-2.69 use with $2.00/1 you can get it for .19-.69 :)

  • Shanta

    Hey Shannon, for the Hormel Compleats there is a $1.00 off any Hormel coupon in the Rite Aid Flu book that would make it $1.00 MM after stacked coupons. Oh & today is my birthday….:)

    • For the Mommas

      Happy Birthday Shanta! Thanks :)