How To Use Amazon Subscribe and Save

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 Welcome to how to use Amazon Subscribe and Save.  I really do believe it is worth looking into if you shop online. It has saved me a lot of money already. We are frequently posting these deals here.

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments!

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What is Subscribe & Save?

Subscribe and Save, frequently referred to as Sub & Save, is a way to save money on your Amazon purchase.

With Subscribe & Save, you receive a discount off Amazon’s  price, free standard shipping, and automatic deliveries when you receive your subscriptions on your monthly Subscribe & Save delivery day. There are no commitments, obligations, or fees and you can cancel a subscription at any time.

Is every item available on Subscribe and Save?

No, not every item on Amazon is available for Sub and Save. {see below how to tell what items are available on sub and save}

How much can I save on Subscribe and Save? 

You can save 5%- 20% on your subscribe and save depending on what you order and your prime status. You can save 5% off everyday regardless of your other orders. If you have 5 subscriptions a month, you will get 15% off. If you are a member of Amazon Prime and Moms, you can save 20% when you subscribe to 5 items.  {Check back for our other posts to learn for details on how you can save 20%}

How do you order Sub & Save:

Find a Subscribe & Save eligible item.  Hmm, so how can I tell?  Look to the right hand side to find the subscribe and save option.  It will look like the image below:

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Select your preferred quantity and frequency. I always choose 6 months. You can change it later.  This way if you get busy and forget about it, you have SIX months before it will ship again.

  • Click Subscribe Now.
  • Review your order details.
  • Click Subscribe now again.

When does it come for Delivery?

You will be automatically assigned a delivery date. You can choose to change your delivery date.

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What if my item has a coupon?

You can clip the coupon and it will be applied to that subscribe and save, but not permanently to your price. The coupon is only valid for ONE order.

Does the Subscribe & Save Price stay the same for the entire subscription?

NO! The discount you receive for each order is calculated using the item price on the day each order is placed.

If the price of the item increases or decreases, the amount you’re charged may also increase or decrease. So, what this means is that your first order could be $10.00, but if the price rises, you will pay the current price.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can cancel your subscription, however, wait until it ships and is in your hands.  This is another great reason to set your frequency at 6 months initially.

subscribe and save

How do I cancel my subscription?

Yep, go to your account menu and click subscribe and save items.  Click on the Cancel Subscription.

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Important Notes

  • If you add a new subscription less than 9 calendar days from your monthly Subscribe & Save delivery day, it won’t be delivered until the following month. Before each shipment,  you will receive an e-mail notification to let you know your next order is being processed so you can make any necessary updates, if needed.
  • Subscribe & Save orders are not eligible for Prime Two-Day Shipping. Subscribe & Save orders receive free standard shipping on all deliveries scheduled to arrive on your monthly delivery day.

Our upcoming posts will answer how you can save 15% or 20% off  PLUS how to best manage your sub and save account.

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  • Sue F.

    Thanks for doing this!! Looking forward to trying it!!!

  • Darlene

    So how do I get 5 items in the cart at once to get the extra 15% off? Do you just do 5 separate transactions?

    • Hey Darlene,

      You just would do 5 separate transactions — did you see the rest of this series?

      • Darlene

        I can not find the other two posts.

  • Debbie

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  • Lauren

    If we have gift cards on our amazon account will they automatically take the gift card balance first? Or will I have to choose whether I want to pay that way?

    • Automatically takes the gift card. Great question.

      • Andrea

        Aww well that kinda stinks :-\

        • Lauren

          There may be a way to turn that off, like an actual purchase allows you to choose. Although, personally I’d rather them use the gift cards

          • Andrea

            I have separate budgets for different things so I prefer not to use my Christmas or birthday gifts on diapers or dish detergent lol

            • So couldn’t you just order a new gift card with the money you were going to spend and not put it back on Amazon ? Amazon allows you to put any amount :)

              • Andrea

                No way. Can’t do that. Impossible.

  • DroopyD

    So I see that it says if you clip a coupon you can only use it once per order, but what if I buy 10 boxes of Finish and there’s a $2 coupon? Do I get $2 off of each box or just off of the one order?

    • Debbie

      No you will only get the coupon deducted once no matter how many you order.

      • DroopyD

        Ok, thanks Debbie!

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