Giant Coupon Matchups – Week of 12/2/12

Here are the Giant Coupon Deals for the week of 12/2/12. Giant Coupon Deals are valid thru 12/8/12

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  • Beth

    I had good luck with Giant’s 4 for $20 in the meat department today. I got pork tenderloins that were priced at almost $14 a piece for $5 each. I would never have paid $14 for them but $5 was a pretty good deal.

  • linda

    I found two other deals at our local Giant – the Chicken of the Sea mini 2-cups of tuna were on sale for $1.99 and had stickies on the side for $50 off (first one doubled); and 7-up brand soda was 88 cents and had coupons around the top to save $1 when you bought 3.

  • Carlie

    Giant lost me a long time ago when they stopped doubling coupons after the first one. Pathmark will take my 4 $0.65 coupons and double every one of them. I liked Giant more but their policy change lost me as a client….sorry Giant.

  • Carol

    I used to get most stuff at Giant because of gas deals. this week because they changed the system, I’ll definitely be getting more at Weis. The 2x is nothing in comparison to what i can do at Weis. plus they’ll double 4 coupons. I just have to spend 50 at a time to get gas points but if I’m not shopping as much at Giant, I should be able to do that. I can walk to Weis so that’s more convenient anyway. Sorry, Giant you messed up this time!!

    • Laura

      I totally agree. It has become almost IMPOSSIBLE to earn gas points at Giant now that they have changed the rules and program….I have started shopping at Weis too! You really messed up, Giant!

      • Lindsay in PA

        I find Weis is more expensive in general though. :(

        • Jen

          For four years i worked for a company where I put the coupon machines for smart source in the grocery stores along with signs and floor decals and I had to do price comparison. Weis was almost always cheaper during price comparison times. Weis was cheapest and then Nell’s Shurfine and then Giant. They were the only 3 I had on my route and occasionally I had Karn’s which was comparable to Weis.

          • Maybe it varies by area? Because around here Weis is almost always by far more expensive than Giant.

            • For the Mommas

              Lydia, where are you located? Weis is definitely much less expensive in most parts of PA.

        • For the Mommas


          It really isn’t. I have been doing this for 4 1/2 years and have looked at shelf prices at both stores, Giant over the last 2 years is definitely more expensive in most parts of PA.

          • Karen

            I can’t believe you think Weis is less expensive. Go look at your own posts Quaker oatmeal $.33 at Giant $.50 at Weis. Turkey Hill ice cream $1.50 at Giant-$2.00 at Weis.

        • Carol

          i find there are some things that are cheaper at Giant, but overall Weis is or they’re about the same. and the stuff that is cheaper at Giant regularly goes on sale at Weis so it really doesn’t make a lot of difference. For example, chi chi tortillas are cheaper at Giant on regular price so knowing I wasn’t going to be shopping there as much, I grabbed a whole bunch last week. Now this week Weis has them on a good sale making them cheaper. I didn’t need to stock up.

  • Bonnie

    On the General Mills cereal, check for the boxes with the Free Movie Ticket. I was able to get 4 boxes of cereal and 2 movie tickets for $7.50. And I didn’t have really great coupons either. I have already used one movie ticket and had no problem with it at Regal Cinemas.

  • Lauren

    The $1/1 Eggo coupon link didn’t work for me in either Firefox or IE. Any hints?

    • oink

      Use the Kellogs Family Rewards coupon, they have one for $1.50 off

      • Lauren

        I checked the website and the only Eggo one I found was for $1 off 2. :-(

        • Danielle B

          for the 1.50/1 you cash in 100 points from the rewards program to get the high value coupons. Right now they have really good ones….all are 1.50/1 coupons