Giant Coupon Matchups – Week of 11/25/12

Here are the Giant Coupon Deals for the week of 11/25/12. Giant Coupon Deals are valid thru 12/1/12

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  • Leigh Ann

    Really seems like a very slow week….

  • Mike

    Is anyone showing gas deals other than 2x?

    Reading Eagle Time Paper is showing 2x only.

    • Leah

      Same here…Carlisle,PA.

      • Does your Giant double anything to over the value of $1.00? In Chambersburg they double .75 to 1.00 only.

      • Mike

        Lancaster Area on 2x today.

        • donna

          gotta keep leaving respectful messages to return to old way…i’m not shopping there much lately.

          • Linda

            Quakertown PA 2x

            • jackie

              same here in huntingdon pa 2x makes me not even want to shop there

    • Lisa

      I am new to this…

      What does the 2x gas points mean? How did they use to be? Why is this not good?

      Thanks in advance for the responses!

      • Carol

        it used to be that if you bought a certain number of items in a category then you would get gas points, ie: buy 6 get 200 points. It was often really good and I would regularly have quite a discount on gas.

        I’m not sure what the 2x thing is. basically from what I understand if you buy that item you get twice the gas points for that item which doesn’t really mean anything. getting 2x the points on a 3.50 item only means 7 points which really amounts to nothing in the long run since until you get 100 points you can’t do anything with them. I don’t expect to have nearly the gas discounts with this system.