Giant Coupon Matchups – Week of 11/18/12

Here are the Giant Coupon Deals for the week of 11/18/12. Giant Coupon Deals are valid thru 11/24/12

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Buy 4 and Get $4.00 off Gallon of Milk

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  • Maria

    Shoprite has been getting my money for the last 2 weeks. They at least double up to .99 and with the sales, I get a lot of stuff for free. Giant better get their act together because Shoprite is supposed to open in 2013 in the Lehigh valley.

    • Ruth

      The bad thing is that they only double four like coupons a day and their customer service, at least at the stores in DE, is horrible. I used to get great deals there but I just can’t deal with the rude self checkout cashiers and managers. I haven’t shopped there in two years now.

  • Holly

    My customer service lady told me they’d be back after the turkey redemption period is over. Isn’t this weekend when points end again? Maybe I jotted down the wrong date??

    • Melissa says that you can redeem your points through the 24th. :)

  • Mike

    Reading area and Lehigh Valley are at 2x.

    Anybody at the old standard?

    • Susanne

      Carlisle is now on 2x. Boo hoo.

      • Anonymous

        Quakertown, PA 2nd week at 2x. Not liking giant.

      • Mar

        Quakertown, PA 2nd week at 2x. Very bummed

        • donna

          You need to express your want for them to go back on their facebook and call customer service. The more the consumer speaks up hopefully they will return.

          • Kim McKeown

            what does the 2x mean?

            • Ruth

              the 2x refers to gas points. Giant used to have an awesome gas rewards program but as of last week, they are just offering to give you extra points if you purchase certain items. The new program is horrible compared to the old one. We are all hoping that this isn’t a permanent thing, I haven’t bought gas in two years, just used my points to get free gas.

        • Tracie

          Gilbertsville,Pa is on it’s second week of 2X and I still can’t figure it out…not a happy shopper!

          • For the Mommas

            I think we might all be seeing 2x forever :(

    • Lori

      Kennett Square, PA is now at 2X as well…totally stinks!

      • Sheena

        Halifax, PA is doing 2X gas points too. Bring back the old way, please! And yes, I will be writing to Giant’s customer service in an effort to change it back.

    • Anonymous

      Salisbury Md hasn’t seen gas deals in 2 weeks :(

    • Mike

      Just got the 11/25/ through 12/1 add 2X only.

      Totally worthless as a ‘deal’, did not see any items I would put in the pantry for 2% off list cost.

      Do the math. We going back to minimal, what we need for food. No big deal, did it before can do it again.

      Just amazed that Giant lost it after all this time. The 11/25 flyer is littered with ‘Inspired By Giant’. What is that about. Inspired by God, maybe, but not by Giant. Thinking they got too big.

      We are savy to the max. shoppers and if they think I’m going to pay $1.99 for a Dole Smoothie my daughter wants when I can get it a a Walmart 2 miles away they’re wrong because it won’t cost me $0.23 in gas to get there and I’ll save $10 for the 20 I used to pick up at the Giant gas deals.

      Start the gas deals back up again and we’ll be back.