Walgreens: Today Only Get Doritos For Only $.62

Today Only at Walgreens you can pick up Lays, Doritos or Tostitos for only $.62 a bag. There is a overlap with the sales from last week, and the sales that start tomorrow. They are ringing up at $1.99 but are also ringing up Buy One Get One Free. You will also receive 3,000 Balance Rewards Points when you spend $15.00.


Buy (16) Doritos, Tostitos, or Lays $1.99 each
Buy One Get One Free (subtract $15.92)
Get 6,000 Balance Rewards Points ($6.00)
Pay: $9.92 or $.62 each


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  • ali

    Didn’t find out about this until today 1/27…too late

  • Althea

    It worked on Virginia beach, va. Thanks!!

  • Lisa C.

    Worked for me in Florida.

  • Marcy Reeves

    It worked great for me in Il also I used a $3 RR and a $3 Catalina from my nature valley purchase brought my total lower to .24/ bag.
    Sending some to my mother in law in Chicago, she’s gonna love me, as if she already doesn’t.

  • r.p.

    lol, it worked in tyler, tx. and the cashier is acting like he was not happy. he kept saying it was wrong , i just laughed and said it was their computers not me, he didn’t even bag them, just laid them back in my buggy. the manager thought something was wrong with their computers until i told her it was all wags apparently and about the blogs. she wanted to know how i knew about it. and no shelf clearing is going on folks, my wags had a “HUGE” display(i mean 8-9 foot tall) all set up for super bowl.

  • Jaime

    If it worked in Easton, I guess I’m heading over to the Bethlehem one…hopefully they have 16 bags!

    • Jaime

      So I was able to get the sale price/BOGO on the Doritos, but I only got 3000 points. The cashier said even though the sales were overlapping, the points weren’t. Since I did it all in one transaction, I wonder if it would have been better with 2. However, I suspect that the BOGO situation affected the points, since I only spent $18 for the whole transaction. The 2 cashiers laughed when I came to the register (thank goodness, sine I east ready to apologize), and said that I was the second one that evening to do the deal.

      • Heather

        I did it twice, and got 3000 on one and 6,000 on the other. No rhyme or reason, but I’m as happy as anything.

  • Sylvia

    It worked in San Antonio, TX!!!! My goodness 16 bags!!!

  • Sarah

    Worked in Michigan! Used $12 in RR from the granola bar deal :)

  • Jennifer

    After the CVS Nivea deal bombed for me last week, I was a little gun shy buying 16 bags, but it worked for me in Nor Cal! Yay!

  • Anonymous

    It worked for me in IL. I don’t know how we are going to eat 16 bags!!!

  • I just did this at my walgreens in El Paso and worked perfectly. Also there are a few coupons out there for 1.00 off when you buy one bag of dorritos and two 2liters of pepsi! I just bought a total of 16 bags of lays, dorritos and tostitos, 6 2liters of pepsi and 2 bags of chex mix and paid 19.83. I used (3) of the 1.00 off pepsi/dorritos, I only had (1) .50 chex mix coupon on me and used it with the 1.00/2 walgreens and I got back the 6,000 points. So AWESOME! Thanks. My store said these deals may start to overlap on Saturdays going forward. Guess we shall see…. Oh and I also picked up the Children’s Advil today it shows 4.99, facebook has a Bogo coupon, and it appears tomorrows deal is ringing up by one get one half off. I bought 4 used (2) Bogo (the register took off the 4.99 item as part of my Bogo) making it 4.99 for all 4 plus you get 4,000 points back and some how I got an additional 4,000 in points off of this deal so really 8,000 in points.

    • Ashley

      I applaud you!! :)) Very nice!!

  • Heather

    Is this guaranteed? Or a ymmv?

    • Heather

      (replying to myself) I can guarantee that it’s working like a charm out here in CO.

    • Maria

      Worked for me in Easton, PA

    • Anonymous

      It worked for me in Southeastern North Carolina!! :D

  • carolyn

    Whoa! Nice!