Rite Aid: What is an +UP Reward?

I have received quite a few emails regarding +UP rewards. Here is a quick overview of the program. Note: The program is very new. They are still working out the internal kinks in the program and this information is subject to change.

1. +UP Rewards are Rite Aid’s Cash Register Receipt Rewards program.  See photo above. (I will refer to them as UPR from here on.)

2. UPR’s are earned when you purchase a specific item that is advertised. There will be a tag that says +UP Rewards.  In the photo above, you would get a $2.00 UPR when you buy Colgate for $2.99.

3. As of now, UPR are able to roll.  This means if you buy a Colgate for $2.99, receive a $2.00 UPR , you can use it to purchase another Colgate at $2.99 and still get a new $2.00 UPR.

4. You are limited to one like UPR per transaction. If you purchase 10 toothpaste, you will only get (1) $2.00 UPR.

5. You currently may use multiple UPR to pay for a transaction.

6. Your total must be over the amount of the UPR before tax.  For example, if your UPR is $2.00, your total cannot be $1.99 plus tax. It must be $2.00 and then tax.

7. UPR will not be adjusted if the price is lower.

8. There are some restrictions on usage – no prescriptions, tobacco, prepaid cards, or any other items excluded by law.

9. Do not confuse the UPR with the Wellness Coupons that print on the bottom of the receipt. They are $1.00/$10.00 purchases- the same rules do not apply.

Any questions, leave them in the comments…

Is there anything I should add to this?  Since this is a new program, I would love to hear your experiences so far.

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  • Dorothea Sharp

    can somebody please explain to me how this works I do not understand how you guys are saving so much money with coupons, somebody please help me out, my email is lucky44782000@yahoo.com, I woud really appreciate some help…. Thanks Dot

  • Reba

    If RiteAid is out of an item that has UPR and you ask for a rain check will you get the item at the sale price and get the UPR?

    Thank you.

    • Shannon


      No, some stores will give you the adjusted price, but many will not.

  • nicoleb

    1st transaction: yesterday i got 4 stayfree 24 count pads that were on sale for 1/ 2.5 each, -$1. man. coup. and used my bogo coupon on each one. I paid $3.00 total and got back $4.00 in uprs. I made $1.00 on each item
    2nd tran: then used $2.00 uprs to get 2 boxes of oatmeal that were on sale or 1/2.5, – 1.00 coupon. (cost o.o.p. would of been 3.00 but paid 0. I also got back $2. upr from that purchase.
    3rd transaction: 1 btl of garnier color shield shampoo on sale at 1/3.00 and herbashin hair color on sale at 1/5.99. -1.00 shampoo coupon, -3.00 color coupon and $4.oo upr total .99 cents out of pocket.
    i did 3 separate transactions but went when it was slow so the cashier didn’t mind. I love this program!!!
    I also had to return 2 air wisk sprays that had no nosel that i got with my uprs for free and got back almost $12. i MADE money!!

  • Lisa

    My riteaid wouldn’t take the in ad coupon and a manufactures coupon like one author said she did. If they say manufacturer coupon they won’t take two. Will they only take two coupons on the same item if it isn’t a manufactures coupon? Way too confusing

    • Duprena

      @Lisa, You need to print out the coupon rules and bring them with you. It says you can use 1 man, 1 “49”, and 1 “48” together on one single item.

  • Mandy

    I am surprised how many people can’t seem to figure out the wellness program. It really is beneficial to saving lots of $$$, and affording items you normally would buy generic.

  • yvonne

    Someone posted that it will not print multiple up rewards in one transaction if you buy multiples of that item. But that is not true. Today I bought 4 boxes of cereal in one transaction used 2 coupons. Paid .96 out of pocket and at the end of the receipt printed out 4 up rewards each good for $1. I made money on the deal. I am wondering though. If I use a buy one get one free coupon on an item that is entitled to an up reward, will I get an up reward on both. So will it print out 2 up rewards, or only on cause one item was free.

  • dickie hayden

    y’all need a better program than this confusing mess. you lead people to belive they are getting a deal and all along it is just a way for you to get them back in the store to buy more junk. .i think a honest % per item discount would work better.


    I had a problem with the +UP. They expire in 2 weeks after purchase. Which stinks. I was not aware of this. I went to cash them in, the girl at the counter said “sorry they expired yesterday”. I emailed Rite-Aid to complain, they never answered me. I did this 3 times. I am not happy with the +up program.

  • Richel

    I am still a little unclear about the UPR’s. If you purchase a product that is $2.99 and has an UP Reward of 2.00, how much do you actually shell out at the register? 2.99 or .99? Thanks for the help!

  • Dawn

    Darn, I thought they were on the card as credit, not on the receipt. Been throwing them out, thinking they were surveys

  • Zoe

    I have two general questions:
    1) If I shop at Rite Aid store A, can I return something at Rite Aid store B?
    2) What will happen if I return items I paid using +UP reward?

    • Shannon


      1. Yes you can
      2. You may get the cash back or sometimes they do it on a giftcard.

  • Fred

    Nicole. Are you a Rite Aid associate, or do you work at Corp?

  • Viki

    Are these things comparable to CVS’s ECB’s?

    • Shannon


      Yes Viki.

  • Terri

    Claire, OMG, if done correctly, this overlapping of rewards (SCR, Ad Perk, sales, and +UP can net you literally a whole cart full of stuff for practically FREE! Before Rite Aid limited the number of $5/$20 Ad Perk coupons you could use, my transactions were literally coming to between $.50 and $3! And I’d pay for that amount with my +UP rewards. And THEN, I’d get more +UP rewards generated on the new stuff I bought. And that’s not even counting the $100 or so I get every month from SCRs. So is shopping at Rite Aid a good deal? Oh He** yes!!!

  • Terri

    I know this is an old post but I’ve had to return a defective item that was originally purchased using a UPR and which also generated a UPR. The store I went to just put the return amount on a gift card.

  • claire

    So let me try to understand this. Before you save any money you first have to spend money to get ther uprs? if so, how is that a deal?

  • Meghan V

    Do you have to have a wellness card to get UPR’s? If so, can you get a wellness card at the store? I would like to start shopping at Rite Aid and I’m trying to figure it out before I go on Friday.

  • I want to buy (2) Nivea Body Wash that is on sale this week for $1.99. I have a coupon for $4.00 off any two Nivea products. Are they supposed to accept the coupon and just adjust it down. My RA always gives a hard time with printable coupons..they always beep…why?


    • Shannon


      That is odd, I bought 2 with no problems using the same coupon?

      • Lisa

        My local Rite Aid will not except coupons printed off of the computer.

        • Shannon

          You might want to contact Rite Aid corporate. They can usually clear that up for you.

  • Alea

    YES! I just did this the other day too and felt very ripped off. I have still not figured out if I bought the wrong toothpaste and it didn’t qualify or what. I am now wondering if those were ‘wellness’ coupons as mentioned above. I don’t plan on buying anything with the up rewards unless it’s a good deal before the reward!

  • kelly

    I called corporate and they said the district manager would be calling me back, they also confirmed that I should have been able to use the up rewards.
    I am going to go by there again today and try to use them again. Thanks for all your help, love your site, me and my mom check it out daily!

    • Shannon


      Good to hear Kelly, I am glad they atleast are going to have the DM Call.

  • Kelly

    I just came from Rite Aid, I had two up rewards for $3 each that were going to expire. I bought some sippy cups just to use the rewards, the cashier told me I could only use one up reward per item that i had, so i agreed and said i would add some candy bars onto the transaction, she said that wouldn’t work, since it would be cheaper than the up reward amount. Cups were $7.99, i think, and I had two $3 up rewards, she said i could only use one up reward on the cups, and then i would have to buy another item that was more than $3 to use the other one. I told her to cancel the transaction. I looked at Rite Aid’s website but couldn’t find anything. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Shannon

      Call Rite AId corporate today and let them know. tell them you want a district manager to correct the situation. These stores are making up their own rules. The only stipulation is that the TOTAL must be over the amount of the UPRs , no restrictions on the number of items.

  • Rebecca

    Larissa, Did you double check the toothpaste size? Same thing happened to me, since it looked like the 6 oz. toothpastes have UPs, but it was only the 4 oz. The sign on the shelf was vague, but the ad clearly says 4 oz. So I bought the 6 oz for no ups. oops.

  • Larissa M

    I purchased the Crest Toothpaste yesterday that was supposed to have a $2.00 UP reward. Instead of getting the coupon $2 off coupon at the bottom of my receipt I got a $1 off any pain relief purchase of $10 or more and a $1 off any hair care purchase of $10 or more. Has anyone else run into this minimum purchase requirement of the UP rewards? I spoke with the store manager and there is no way to tell until the item is paid for on what the UP rewards coupon will be. This is very frusterating and confusing to me.

    • milldred lane

      @Larissa M, I would have ask for a refund.

  • Toni LaFrankie

    I am fired up over $2 up reward, I gave it to the cashier who I have had couponisssues in the past with with the rest of my coupons. he scanned itand it did not cme off. I told him about it he scanned it again and said it was already used. I go home it is no where to be found on the receipt. I call and speak with the manager and he says it is included in your wellness savings amount and will not show up as a coupon. Since this is my first one, does anyone no if this is true? my copons savings was 11.75, my well ness savings 13.49, doesn’t add up to $2.00 does it. I don’t know who to contact now? Cvs is sooo much easier in my area…

    • Shannon

      @Toni LaFrankie,

      That is not correct. I would call Rite Aid Corp.

  • Diane

    Nicole, Isn’t Rite Aid committing coupon fraud when adjusting the price of a coupon? For example on the TGIFriday snacks coupon that was $1.50, the sale price was $.99 in the store. I bought one, had the coupon adjusted down to $.99 but Rite Aid would have submitted this to the manufacturer and got the full $1.50 back. How is this allowed? Why do they care what the coupon amount is as long as they get the full reimbursement for it?

  • Teri

    !!!!Consumer Alert!!!

    Please verify before handing the cashier your +UP Reward that the total BEFORE TAX is equal to or greater than the value of the +UP Reward. I have made the mistake twice now. If the cashier scans the coupon, it will be coded as PREVIOUSLY USED, even if the value does not get deducted from your purchase total.

    I bought John Frieda for $11.99 today (+ tax came to $15), and had my $12 Crest whitestrips +UP coupon scanned. Seeing the problem, I added a pack of gum, but when the coupon was scanned a second time, the cashier showed me her computer: “COUPON PREVIOUSLY USED.” I had to beg the manager to apply the value manually.

  • Artichoke

    I did my return today, no problems. I got the full $4.99 for the batteries back. (In case anyone was unsure by what I wrote earlier, it was a return where I had earned the $3 UPR through the original purchase. I did not use an UPR to pay for the purchase.)

    It was making me feel guilty to return something I had earned rewards back on, even though I had already bought another pack! I think my concerns came mostly from my own conscience…! :)

    • Shannon


      That is good news and glad to hear you don’t need rules to keep you in check.

  • Missy

    Can I just clarify? I bought white strips last week (darn…see the upr this week!) that were $34.99. I used a $5/$25 RA Q, $10 manf. Q, $1/$10 wellness Q, and 3 UPRs…a $3, $2, and a $1.
    All 3 UPRs should be allowed, right? An asst. mgr. was saying I could only use one of them. The mgr. put them through, but said he really didn’t know. I can’t imagine they would offer so many UPRs on items, but then only allow you to redeem one per transaction.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Shannon


      yes Missy all three should be allowed.

  • Nicole

    The memo that was sent down said you can use multiple UPR per transaction as long as your total meets the requirements of the coupon.

    Regarding Wellness coupon sharing: Customers are not to share coupons with others. The Wellness coupons are specifically for Wellness customers, not everyday customers, and are only to be used by the person who initially got them. Although we have no way to control this as of yet, many changes are still coming down the line.

    The new system coming down is the limit of 1 use per coupon for the video value coupons. That was the initial idea for the video value coupons to begin with. At first we were told there was to be a limit of 4 transactions per day per customer using the $5/$20 or $5/$25. Associates were held to different standards – We’ve always only been allowed one per month. Now you can only use each video value coupon only one with the new system.

  • Valerie

    Apparently not all stores got the same “memo”. I was not allowed to use 2 UPR’s in the same transaction. I had a Colgate and a Motrin UPR I used to make a purchase and the cashier would not even scan both of them. She said it was one per transaction.

  • Nicole

    Correct. We are not to manually alter the price for the UPR. Manufacturer or other rite aid printable coupons we are allowed to manually enter a price, given its below the face value, so the buyer does not get the item for more than the selling price.

    UPR or Wellness coupons, such as the $1/$10 cant be altered.

  • Tracy

    The cashier at my store adjusted the colgate $2 UPR to $1.99 so I could roll it to buy more. Was this incorrect?

    • Shannon


      yes. She must of manually entered. If you read the reward it clearly states that it cannot be used under $2.00 before tax.

  • Anon

    I had done the bodywash last week or the week before…first time I got it I got the up….then I bought it again a few days later and it didn’t print out.

    • Shannon


      The first week they were having problems with the UPR printing.

  • missy

    My sister was able to use a wellness coupon I gave her.

  • Nicole

    You can do multiple transactions to get your UPR. But, like it says, one per transaction to get the coupon. You could however purchase 1 colgate and 1 motrin and get both individual coupons. You can not purcchase 2 colgate and expect to get 2 coupons for it in the same transaction.

  • Nicole

    The Wellness coupons are linked to your specific wellness card. You need to scan your card in order to use the coupons that printed out when you used your card.

  • Nicole

    No. For the John Freida one, 4 have to be purchased on one order for the UPR to show.

  • Nicole

    I just had this issue today. The cashier should have manually entered the coupon for you. If you scan an UPR coupon and you need to void the sale for any reason, it registers that the coupon was used even though it really wasnt. We can manually enter the coupon as long as the Wellness card matches the # on the coupon.

    • Shannon


      Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.. We appreciate it!

  • Jan

    Hi Mary,

    I had the same luck. I was able to use 4 – $3 UPR from MotrinPM on a $20 transaction. However, it stopped after the 5th.

    I believe what will not work is if I purchased 2 MotrinPM, expecting 2 $3 UPR. I’d have only gotten one, since it says “Limit 1 per transaction”

    • Shannon


      Yes Jan correct. I tried purchasing 2 Motrin in a transaction and only received 1.

  • Do you know if the Welllness coupons I receive on the bottom of my receipt are only for my use or can I give them to a friend to use?

  • MandM

    I use my wellness card for every transaction. If I only purchase 2 of the Frieda in one transaction and purchase 2 more (spending a total of $20), will the $10 UP reward print at the end of the 2nd transaction?

    • Shannon


      I don’t think it is cumulative like CVS. If anyone else knows please let us know.

  • Kristin

    Do you need a filler item (like at Walgreens) to use an UPR and a manufacturer coupon for one item or is the policy more like CVS where the UPR is essentially a CVS gift card (but with an expiration date)?

  • mary

    I used 2 – $3 Motrin UPRs on Wednesday for the same order and it went through without any problem.

  • Jessica

    The other day I tried to use a $2 UPR because I didn’t realize the total before tax was only $1.99 so when she tried to scan it it wouldn’t work and she gave it back. Then in my next transaction I tried to use it again on a much larger purchase and it said “coupon already used” and she wouldn’t take it. Also, do you know if you can use more than one UPR that came from purchases of the same product? Like I have 3 $2 UPRs from Colgate last week, could I use them all at once on like an $8 purchase?

  • Thanks for the info that you cannot receive more than one UPR even though you buy multiples of the same product. I’ve never really liked these kind of programs, because it compicates a savings program. I much preferred the SCR, where all you had to do was figure it, sales price and coupon available. Now, it’s breaking things into multiple, multiple transactions for fear the UPR will expire.

    • Shannon

      @Harry Martin,

      Yep, but good news next week has our beloved SCRs.

  • Artichoke

    If you purchased something and need to return it, does the UPR have any impact on the value of the return?

    I’m not asking to suggest fraud here! What happened to me was, one of the 3 battery packages I bought for the duracell rebate was the wrong package size. I then bought a fourth one, now just need to return the one wrong size, but am wondering if the UPR will have an impact on the return..

    • Shannon


      Very good question. I am not sure to be honest. Will you report back if you do the return. I would love to know.