Rite Aid: What is an +UP Reward?

I have received quite a few emails regarding +UP rewards. Here is a quick overview of the program. Note: The program is very new. They are still working out the internal kinks in the program and this information is subject to change.

1. +UP Rewards are Rite Aid’s Cash Register Receipt Rewards program.  See photo above. (I will refer to them as UPR from here on.)

2. UPR’s are earned when you purchase a specific item that is advertised. There will be a tag that says +UP Rewards.  In the photo above, you would get a $2.00 UPR when you buy Colgate for $2.99.

3. As of now, UPR are able to roll.  This means if you buy a Colgate for $2.99, receive a $2.00 UPR , you can use it to purchase another Colgate at $2.99 and still get a new $2.00 UPR.

4. You are limited to one like UPR per transaction. If you purchase 10 toothpaste, you will only get (1) $2.00 UPR.

5. You currently may use multiple UPR to pay for a transaction.

6. Your total must be over the amount of the UPR before tax.  For example, if your UPR is $2.00, your total cannot be $1.99 plus tax. It must be $2.00 and then tax.

7. UPR will not be adjusted if the price is lower.

8. There are some restrictions on usage – no prescriptions, tobacco, prepaid cards, or any other items excluded by law.

9. Do not confuse the UPR with the Wellness Coupons that print on the bottom of the receipt. They are $1.00/$10.00 purchases- the same rules do not apply.

Any questions, leave them in the comments…

Is there anything I should add to this?  Since this is a new program, I would love to hear your experiences so far.

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