Rite Aid: Weekend Warrior / Tylenol Precise Update


Here is the bottom line: No one really knows what is going on.    Some customer service reps are saying it doesn’t start til 5/15, some 4/25.   Some items are tracking, other items are not tracking. Some people have already earned their limit of 2 Weekend Warrior UPR. Some people have purchased the requirements and earned nothing. Several readers have purchased the Tylenol Precise and it is not counting.

If you have any insight to share, leave it in the comments.  Has anyone received the $10 UPR from corporate by calling customer service?

I am not counting on the Weekend Warrior promo, I am going to take my free Tylenol Precise and call it a day.

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  • Tawnya

    I bought 20 Tylenol, lol. My SS did not have the coupons, so I bought 20 off of ebay for $6.00. I had to get rainchecks, but I got 3-$10.00 weekend warrier coupons. What exactly are they? $10.00 off your next purchase?

  • Birdie

    Was able to score 7 precise and 3 patches on Friday. No ups earned. Also tried patch for neck and it was worthless. This was a waste of time.

  • corriene Power

    So officially the weekend warrior promo starts 5/15 it is in the ad some said it worked at select rite aids. The tylenol precise is regular price now but I saved a few for the promo it is buy $25 worth of select products get 10 back it is in the ad. Happy freebing

  • Amanda

    I bought 5 precise today and got my $10.00 UPR but even the cashier asked what the weekend warrior deal was? lol… I did really well today bought a ton of stuff for only 17.xx oop! And I have $5 UPR for next week plus in my 5 transactions I got 4 surveys!

  • stacey

    i got 3 precise on monday and it tracked $15 for weekend warriors

  • jamie

    i bought 7 precise patches today. I got my $10 up and it tracked the other on the receipt. South Mississippi here

  • Kelly

    Me too!!! I bought 5 Precise on Sunday and didn’t get the +UP. I went to the store today and bought one Precise and noticed it’s tracking on the receipt now so I decided to call about the 5 I had bought on Sunday. He gathered all of my info and is mailing it to me.

  • Lisa

    I just called 1800-riteaid and gave them my wellness+ number and info from my receipts, they are sending me my weekend warrior +ups. It’s worth it to call them, but you have to have your receipt.

  • Chris

    I called corporate last week, as no one knew at my store what the weekend warrior UP was. It had exactly tracked my Thermacare the week before, but Advil (small bottle) did not work with it.

    She gave me a verbal list of the items involved, and said that each store should have at least an end cap display of the items involved. Mine doesn’t.

    The items included were all 100 ct bottles, and the Precise pain cream. Aleve, Motrin, Tylenol, Tylenol Arthritis, Excedrin, Excedrin Migraine, Excedrim PM. Thermacare patches were included, and Bengay patches, 32oz , sports gel, greaseless, daytime, Ultra.

    My free Precise patch did not track, but they all said (even corporate) that it takes 48 hours. That has NOT been my experience. Each time during the John Freda and Biore promo UP that it did not track immediately, it did not track at all for those products.

    BUT the patch was free, and my list from corporate now that I look at it better is for the .5 pain cream.

  • allie

    i called customer service. they advised i wait 48 hours and make a purchase, hopefully then the up will print, if not they say call them back.

  • Lissa

    Well I am very happy about this week! AND even happier that pretty much all my coupons were from this week’s one and only SS insert. I wasn’t going to shop at the beginning of the week as I am fighting a cold but after reading all the replies about the Precise products and finding out the coupon is only good this week, I decided I’d better go anyways. I got:

    2 creams, 3 patches, 5 carefree, 1 Zicam, 2 Finesse products, and $20 worth of easter candy on 75% off.
    Used (5) $5 tylenol precise coupons, (5) $1 carefree, (1) $2 Zicam VV, (1) $2 Zicam tearpad, (2) $1 Finesse and will submit for $2 Finesse MIR. My total for this trip: $12.17 of which $4.17 was tax!! I used UPS to pay so only about $5 OOP. Was very happy with the trip all in all. And glad that I went on Sunday as my “secret” store was nearly cleared out of the Precise products. I didn’t take their last but it will definitely be gone today.

    Oh, and the IP coupon from their website is still available. I printed 2 from home yesterday and I’ll print a few more from work later this week. Expiration date is in July. Then I’ll stop at RA later this week to get a raincheck for the Precise and in a couple of weeks pick it up when the warrior promo should be working! If not I’ll call RA and have them send me my 2 $10 UPS that I have already earned if the tracking was working.

  • Petya

    I called customer service asking for my ten dollars for purchasing five Tylenol creams and a very nice customer rep arranged for the reward to be mailed to me.

  • Alecia

    I’ve tried both products and found only the cream to be useful. I actually called Tylenol about the patches because I thought they were defective and was told that they are only supposed to reach about 100F (barely above body temp). I don’t have an exact temperature for the ThermaCare patches but I know they get much hotter than that.

    • Shannon


      Maybe thats why they are giving them away :) he he

  • Tara

    I bought these when they were first out at CVS for my dad as he has horrible knee pain and he said the patches never even got hot. He tried the cream last week and said it worked better but still wasn’t as great as other pain relieving stuff. I’m going to have my husband try them this week and see what he thinks – if they’re not good at least we can donate them.

  • Rain

    I called customer service today and was told that
    I should keep my receipt for the three I purchased
    And call them back when I had purchased two
    More if the up did not print. Also weekend warrior
    Started on 4/23

  • Janice K.

    No tracking here either, but I’ll still take the 5 freebies :)

  • eva

    I called Riteaid(the # on the back of my wellness key tag) about the $10 up reward for buying $25 worth of Tylenol products-the person I spoke said in order to get the $10 up reward your total still needs to $25 after sale and coupons. So since I got them for free I did/will not get a $10 upreward.

    That has changed since the last time I did a deal like this.

    But oh well I still got them for free.


    • Shannon


      It isnt tracking without coupons either. We tested it, so I dont think thats the case.

  • Bonnie

    I have had some things track (thermacare) and some not track (Motrin PM) but I called corporate and they sent me my $10UPR when I should have earned the reward but didn’t.

  • themommyliza

    Has anyone tried the Tylenol Precise yet? My hubby says it was worthless. Did nothing for his pain. He said, “It’s a good thing you got these for free, as that’s what they’re worth!” :)

    • Shannon



  • Alison P

    My mother in law and I went early since we knew that things would go fast. I got the Tyenol Precise deal and so did she but no UP rewards. It still worked out to a great deal for under $2, I got 6 Tyenol Precise, 2 Breathe Right strips, 2 carefree, 2 viactiv vitamins, 2 Aveeno Shampoo, 4 Aveeno lotions, 2 papers, and milk. Plus I got more up rewards then I walked in with so I am all set for next week.

  • Corey

    I bought 7 Tylenol Precise (5 patches and 2 creams) and no UPs, but i have a health benefits total of $20 on 1 receipt and $5 on the other. i think the hb total comes from the patches only. No purchase limit tho. no WW either.

  • Jeremy

    Could only get 2 precise creams as my store limited to 2 per person. But if it was tracking I would had gone over the $25 for another reward as my tracking is at $16.83. Hopefully on the 15th they turn the WW back on and can get the other reward

  • jill

    A week or two ago there was an IP Precise coupon (I think from the company website) that was good for several weeks. If you were able to print enough then, then the deal would work with getting a rain check. I was at my store by 8:10 this morning and someone already had a cart full, so no more of the patches, so I got a rain check and will try later.

    • Shannon


      ugh! Our store had a limit of 3 per person, which apparently was necessary! Sorry someone had a cartful. :(

  • Melody

    Would it make more sense to just get a rain check for the price of the Tylenol Precise and use it next week when the Weekend Warrior should be working? My store RARELY has enough of a product when I need it, so I am wondering if that’s the best scenario?!

    • Shannon


      Coupon expires 5/15 and knowing Rite Aid, they wont have stock :)

  • jill b

    i agree, free precise is great. i’ll buy 5 for free if i get my 2nd weekend warrior great if i don’t oh well.

  • Candi

    Nope. Nothing on the bottom of my receipt either, but the free Precise is fantastic!

  • miranda

    I got 4 tylenol precise, 2 similacs, breathe right strips, and an eos lip balm. Between my $3/$15 and the overage from the breath right coupon I paid $0.30 and didn’t need to use my 4th tylenol coupon (I get to buy a 5th now – no coupons in our smart source btw) nothing tracked though…but still pumped!!

    • Shannon


      Bummer about your smartsource, awesome about your score :)

  • Harry Martin

    Bought 4 Precise patches and 1 cream 5/6 for $5 each (California).

    Used my (Internet) coupons (all free).

    But nary an UP reward. And never earned a Weekend Warrior one in the past.

    I think I may call Customer Service (for the first time) to see what I can do.

    **Is there a list of the included items and dates so I may cite that?** (I had already looked online)


  • Kate

    I didn’t get any credit for the 3 Tylenol Precise products I purchased. But it does say I have $3.47 cents toward it from something (not sure what?).

    • Shannon


      So weird right?

  • Tiffany

    I bought 5 Tylenol Precise and no UPs, and not tracking. Im in South Central PA. I a not complaining since it was still free!!! And same happened to me with the Breathe Right!!! WOO HOO! So there was my money maker!!!

  • Melissa G.

    I was able to get 3 5.00 coupons for the Tylenol Precise, so I got my 3 for free. No tracking toward Weekend Warrior promo.

  • Cat

    Got my FREE Tylenol Precise. The tracking at the bottom still shows $4.95 from a few weeks back. It was not included as of today. I’m grateful for free and saying thank you!

    The Breathe Right scanned at $3.99, my free coupon scanned -$5.99, the cashier said she was letting it go thru since the computer scanned it that way. Plus I got a $1UR too! Happy Mother’s day to me!