Rite Aid Summer Clearance – 75% off

Rite Aid is having a summer clearance sale this week with items marked down to 75% off.

Reader Stephan was able to find

  • Table $9.99
  • Propane grill $9.99
  • Larry the Cable Guy Disposable Grill$ 2.49
  • Grill Tool Set $.99
  • Frisbee $.74
  • Water balloons $.37
  • Glow sticks 8ct.$ 1.49
  • Water gun 2ct. $.99
  • Badminton set $2.49
  • Kite kit 2ct. $1.80

You may also be able to find clearance on tables, grills, plastic chairs for $2.99 ( 9.99 reg.), and $2.99 folding chairs ($24.00  reg.)

Reader Shannon was able to find  chairs, tables, kids toys on clearance for 75% off. She also picked up 2 $40.00 tables for $10.00 each.

Thanks Stephan and Shannon

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  • sandra

    My rite aid had a ton of different neutrogena face washes clearanced starting around $3. With the $1.50 off coupon in the ad it makes for a pretty good deal!

  • erin

    my rite aid summer stuff is only 50%…i wonder if its just not marked??

  • Shannon S

    You mentioned my email – now I feel so special!! Thanks for such a great site – I appreciate all you do :-)

    • Shannon

      Thanks for emailing in Shannon! I appreciate it. It really makes a difference- if it weren’t for all of you , there’d be no FTM!

  • Stephan

    I always grill marinated pork and marinated chicken. I don’t really like the typical grilled burgers and hot dogs too much. In addition, I will put zucchini and tomatoes and mushrooms and onion on skewers to grill. I am serving the AWESOME whole grain baguette from ALDI with my home made garlic and herbs butter, and for the meat I have a selection of German sauces.

    Good enough? :)

    • Shannon

      good grief stephan. I will be there in about 3 1/2 hours.

      • Stephan

        Ok, just came home from the bars…. (That is the place where you get some good drinks and have a good time, for all of you parents) ;P *g* sorry :)
        So Shannon, if you were waiting in front of my door, I am sorry. The pork and the baguettes were laying on the back porch.
        I will try to translate my recipe for the garlic and herbs butter from German/rest of the world metric system to imperial stupid American system ;P . Everybody who tried it so far loved it. You get it in every steak house in Europe, Just not here!

        • Shannon

          he he I went to those places when I was young. Now at my advanced age, to loud for me.

  • Didn’t Stephan send you the heads up about the Kohl’s clearance too? I am naming him the official FTM clearance finder, ;)

    • Shannon

      Yes Stephan is the clearance scout.

      • Stephan

        Hahaha, I laughed :) I was just at the right place at the right time :) And had my phone camera ready ;) I actually got the RA deals on Monday :) Shannon just chose to wait to upload it until she was able to get all the clearance items herself, before the crazy couponers would get there ;) lol

  • Carolyn

    Awesome finds! Never thought to check out the tables & chairs! TTYL I’m heading to Rite Aid. ;) LOL

  • Debbie

    Looks like we’re going to a BBQ at Stephan’s house! LOL Thanks for posting. I may have to take a drive to Rite Aid. I could use some retail therapy today.

    • Shannon

      I know right! Stephan what are you cooking?