Rite Aid: No Longer Offering $3 Off $15


Rite Aid posted this earlier on their Facebook Page.  The $3.00/$15.00 Survey Coupon is no longer being offered.

That answers the questions we all had on the post here.


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  • Kathy Thomas

    my entry code is 0413 1711 2330 2549

  • What’s the deal? I have a reciept and a survey code and I would like to win coupons or bonus cash. Yet i go online to take the survey and it is allready expired. That isn’t good commerce in my opinion. Maybe I should shop at CVS or Walgreen’s next time!

  • Arthur Smith

    service good BUT unable to find where to enter code . ????????????

    0227 0905 3420 6170

  • kathy

    this is about the seventh time I have sat down to take a survey and the servey on the back of the recipt is expired. Its not often I can take thye time to do something like this I am very busy.

  • Lee Allen

    What a horribly managed program! Can you not tell you stores to stop giving out outdated information? How amateur can you get?

  • Nanci Parshall

    I think this is disgusting! I so often spend at least $15.00 at Rite-Aid…almost every visit and this is just plain unfair! Now, I am finally at >1000 points in the up-reward program, are you going to take that away too? I would like a response, please.

  • Laura

    I brought a receipt with the survey printed on it to a store and they would not honor it. I am not good with facebook and could not find the official statement. Could you post a link so I can print it out?

  • Carol H.

    Doh! Perhaps if I read the fine print! *facepalm* They are still honoring them, but we present the receipt instead of the survey coupon. Taking back my Boo for now ;P

  • Carol H.

    I had two receipts still on my desk with the store survey offer on them. That will teach me to not do it the second I get home. After reading this post I tried to use them to see if I could still get the 3/15 coupon as it said they would still honor the printed receipts. Nope. I got the survey page fine, went through the steps as usual and it put me on a page that says Thank you for your input, but no coupon. Boo to Rite-Aid for not honoring the printed receipts. Deals are getting harder to come by from them.

  • Liza

    BTW, I had absolutely no problem using a coupon I’d already printed yesterday when I did the ProFoot deal. I didn’t have more than $15 after coupons and discounts and it still went through with no issues. Yay for free footcare!

  • Liza

    I wonder why they haven’t removed the code from their computer systems that prints out the survey request at the bottom of the receipts? I got several yesterday while doing the INCREDIBLE first aid deal. I couldn’t possibly use them all, but maybe I’ll have a chance to use one or two in the next couple of weeks. I’m glad I knew about this now, since I usually did what Stephan did, waiting until the two-week mark to fill out the survey, then having two weeks to use the $3 off $15. I might have missed my window!

    • Shannon

      he he because its Rite Aid :)

      • Liza

        Sad but true.

  • Sally

    I am not surprised that they pulled this, but I can’t believe they keep setting off the chain of events this way every time. The proper course of action to end a promotion is to stop the surveys from printing first, then allow the full 2 weeks for any outstanding surveys to be taken, then allow those to be redeemed for another 2 weeks until they all expire. I am 100% certain that my closest store will not honor a receipt. I will have to go out of my way to a friendlier store to actually redeem my outstanding survey.

    Just when you get comfortable shopping at RA again, they pull a repeat performance from how they handled the $5/$25 coupons last year. I am crossing my fingers for something new or better VV coupons, though.

  • Tami R.

    That is so LAME! What is Rite Aid thinking? I called the other day when my coupon didnt print out at the end of my survey and they agreed to send me $6 (two surveys) on a gift card. But that doesnt make up for them taking the survey’s away all together. Im starting to really feel like Rite Aid doesnt like couponers at all!

  • colleen

    Does anyone know about CVS changing ? It has been quite some time since I got a $4 off $20 purchase etc via email. I used to get at least one a month, sometimes 2 per month —
    has anyone received any coupons from CVS via email? (other than online deals only)

  • Karri

    Geez, first Rite Aid discontinues the BOGO + BOGO = 2 items for free, now this…., too many changes from Rite Aid.

  • Amie

    I got a survey printed on my reciept yesterday. I completed it online, it let me do the whole survey but there was nothing to print at the end. I hope they give me the 3 dollars off from my receipt. I hate they are doing away with this. I probably will start shopping somewhere else.

  • Stephan

    lol i have 9 survey codes left, what do i do now? are they only valid 2 weeks from the date printed on it, or actually the max time of 4 weeks (filling out the survey after 2 weeks, then getting another 2 weeks to redeem) ???
    JUST SUCKS! But well, I saw it coming, they probably got too many duplicate entries from the same person over and over again…. It was awesome as long as it lasted.
    I’m not angry though, thank you RA for offering this discount to us for such a long time!

  • tefa

    its prob taking a while to hit all the stores because i just got 2 today!

  • Nicole

    So if I take the survey invite they will take $3 off for me?

    • tefa


  • J

    Bummer. But to be honest, I am surprised that they did this as long as they did.

  • Barb

    That would explain why I got a survey on the bottom of my receipt, but no $3 off $15 coupon offer for taking it.

  • Jeff

    I actually just got one today and yes they are still accepting them, just take the codes you have into the store and they will manually take the $3 off

  • Harry Martin

    Yes Jeremy. I would print out the Rite Aid announcement so you can just show the receipt. And at least I have two receipts with the survey invite, so I can still score it two more times

  • Pam

    I am very disappointed with this decision by Rite Aid. I have been a loyal customer of the store because of this bonus coupon; now I feel CVS will be the best bet for me. Too bad Rite Aid is going in the wrong direction with its customers!

  • Sophia

    Oh my, that is such a shame. :( When I read your post about people having trouble with the survey coupon and +UP Rewards, my knee-jerk reaction was, “I bet we’re about to kiss those survey coupons goodbye.”

    I don’t get it–were they losing too much money by issuing them? I read somewhere that someone figured out that the survey coupon seemed to print on every 3rd receipt. If they were losing too much money, couldn’t they tweak the amount of survey invitations that printed?

    Or…maybe they’re just tired of the feedback they’re receiving. I’ve always been honest when I’ve filled them out. I make sure to point out which employees have exceeded my expectations (countless times) and I let them know when the shelves are bare by Sunday afternoon.

    The world of couponing is changing and I’m “digesting” these changes as fast as they come, but Rite Aid is getting harder and harder to stomach.

  • Jeremy

    So I still have a printed 3 off 15 coupon that expires on the 31st and a survey on one of my receipts. Will I still be able to use both of these?

    • Ronda

      From what Rite Aid says, Yes.

      But they have been known to lie to there best customers, They posted on there wall that there was a problem with survey site and then came back and said no more $3/$15 coupon

  • tammy

    glad they had it for as long as they did. Luckily I got two yesterday with the first aid deal.

  • Anna

    Oh no…I wondered why I haven’t gotten any more surveys. This makes CVS look better with their magic coupon machine that keeps giving me $10 off of $50 almost every week now.

  • amanda g

    Ugh!! I give up on Rite Aid… They are changing to many thing all the time.. Never know whats going to be changed when you walk in the store…

  • Marie

    Oh this is just soooo sad! Was able to score some amazing deals at Rite Aid with that coupon.

    • Maria Rey

      This is soo sad I hope you will reinstate the coupons again