Rite Aid – Munchkin Baby Products as low as $.13

Details – There is a monthly deal at Rite Aid on Munchkin Products.  Purchase two Munchkin Products and get a $5.00 UPR, you will get a $5.00 UPR. This is an unadvertised deal – you will not find it in the ad or online. The monthly deals are only advertised via tags in the stores.

Deal Idea:

Buy (2) Rubber Ducky $6.58
Get $5.00 UPR
$1.58 or $.79 each

Buy (2) Rubber Ducky $5.26 (20% off discount)
Get $5.00 UPR
$.26 or $.13 each


Buy (2) Munckin Sippy Cups $9.58
get $5.00 UPR
$4.58 for 2

Buy (2) Munchkin Sippy Cups $7.66 (20% off discount)
Get $5.00
$2.66 or $1.33 each

This deal is valid 1/27/13 -3/3/13.

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  • Tenisha

    Does anyone know whether both items have to be purchased at the same time to receive UPR’s?

    • Kathy

      Usually on deals like this they do. buy x number of products get $x in UPS.
      The ones that track are ususaly like buy $30 worth get xx in UPS.

  • Heidi

    can someone please tell me what UPR means and how its used on your order? Thank you

    • Heidi

      ok nevermind I just looked it up, but can someone please tell me do u have to tell the cashier u want to use it or does it automatically come off?

      • For the Mommas

        Hey Heidi, Its Amanda from FTM. You can either leave the UPR to load on your card or you can opt out of it and it will print on the bottom of the receipt. The UPR prints after you make the purchase. Hope this helps.

        • Heidi

          Thanks it does. I went today and they told me I have to wait till tomorrow to use my UPR for the cups. Is there a limit on how many of the munchkin cups?

  • guest

    Anyone know limits? I have twins… can use all the cups I can get!!

    • Anonymous

      I dont see a limit it would be in the lower right hand corner , but I will look when I go in later today

    • Nivi

      the limit is 2, hope this helps