Rite Aid: Holiday Gift Promo Up Reward

I was wondering if Rite Aid was going to do the Gift of Savings this year. It looks like they are not.

However, if you check out your receipt, you may see a tracking for the Holiday Gift Promo. Now, I did notice that the promo was different for different folks. I am trying to figure out if it is based on Silver or Gold status or region.

You can see it is tracking for a $5.00 UPR wyb $50.00 – seems as though most things are tracking.

Did you get this tracking on your receipt?  Let us know what you are seeing for your promo.


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  • Jennifer

    I am at Gold since May or June this year. Live in VA. Over 3500 pts total. My offer is spend $170, get $20.

  • Roger

    In Oregon, gold since last year, over 2k points this year, received offer for $10 +up reward wyb $100, and RA sent announcement card in mail arrived today, ends 12/24. Went to RA 11/28 and spent $54.22 using +ups and OOP (after lots of coupons), total on receipt for this offer was $109.62, got a $10 +up, exp. 12/12/12. Does anybody know if this offer will repeat (at next $100 for us)?

    Also, neighbor with no silver, over 240 points this year, did not receive any offer. So it seems tied to level of previous purchases plus there may be a higher percentage back for markets corp. wants to juice a little, but randomness is the order of their day.

    Happy Holidays to all you hard working couponers and RA associates who help us out (thanks). Hope you get the shopping done early and can take a relaxing rest before the new year is upon us.

    • Roger

      followup w/info from iheartriteaid site:

      “Apparently they assigned the promotions according to the customer’s spending between thanksgiving and christmas last year… whatever you spent last year, they are trying to encourage you to spend more this time!

      “FOR EXAMPLE: A gold or silver wellness+ member that spent between $40 and $50 last year on eligible products between Thanksgiving and Christmas last year will receive an incentive to get a $10 +UP Reward when the member spends $75 or more this year.”

  • MultipleSavingMama

    Sounds random…I got spend $110 get $10UP
    Apparently I only have another $42+ to spend to get there…wonder if I’ll make it

  • MLRow

    My mom, my sister and I all live in Oregon, all shop at the same Rite Aids, and are all Gold…I am thinking it is totally random. None of us got anything in the mail, I didn’t get anything on my receipt, (7100 points), my sister has buy $70 get $10, (1600 points), and my mom has Buy $50 get $5, (1050 points)…hmm I feel left out! lol

  • sandra

    I am Gold member in S. Ga. mine says buy 70 get 10 up.

  • Louise

    I forgot to add “Ends December 24,2012”

    • kim

      I’m guessing limit 1?

  • Louise

    Today I also got the Christmas card. I am a silver member & got “$5 back when you spend $50 or more…”

  • adam

    I got a Christmas Card from Rite Aid today. Even though im a gold member 4300 points. It said for being a valued Rite Aid SILVER member here is $5 off your purchase of $40 or more. Thank you Rite Aid!!!

  • Ruth

    I got one of mine rewards, it was spend 45.00, get 5.00. Does this applies to specific items? Usually there is a list.

  • Tempest

    I’m silver (halfway to gold) and on my last reciept from 11/25 i didn’t have any offer like this. I go to the Quinton, VA store.

  • Its not working for the assocites and everyones is differnt.

  • maureen

    I am bronze (almost to silver). I didn’t get the offer.

  • carolyn

    Whoa! Talk about random! I guess I will find out tomrw. what the deal is for me :)
    After reading all these comments I now have the strange desire to watch Rudolph! ;)
    Good luck everyone

  • Meagan Wolpert

    I’m a gold member in Michigan. I went in today and did a purchase and got the $5 Holiday Gift promo to print. Not sure if it was from my order today or what. Mine says Buy $50 get $5 up, and that I have spent 62.95 towards it (got 1 printed today), the 62.95 was around what my order was before my coupons and Up rewards.

  • janet

    I received a Christmas card from Rite Aid today alerting me to my rewards….I’d say these should all have arrived Saturday!

    • janet

      That is the spend so much get so much back…

  • denise

    Mine said $10 after you spend 70. I am a gold member. I asked today when do you have to spend it by and nobody in the store knew anything about this promotion .

  • Mary

    I’m a gold and mine is spend $105 get $10 +up. I have already spent $54.55 towards the $105. I’m from CA

  • Sarah

    Mine was spend $40 and get $5. And I got the $5 today after my husband made a rather large purchase there. I’m silver, but almost at gold. In Maryland just outside if DC. I don’t remember this from last year. Is it a one time reward? Or would I get it for every $40 spent?

  • I am Gold (2322) and mine is Buy $160, Get $20 +UP.

  • Nicole

    I didn’t make it into Rite Aid today but I’m assuming when I go in, I’ll have a Gift Promo waiting on my card. Two weeks ago a message printed on the bottom of my receipt that said I would receive a special offer beginning 11/25. It had an end date around Christmas time but I can’t remember the exact date…I’m thinking it was 12/25 but don’t hold me to that. If I find the receipt in this mess (my desk) I’ll post later.

  • Jaime

    I’m silver. I live in NY, but shopped this morning at the Lebanon, PA Rite Aid. There was no mention of this promo on my receipt at all.

  • teresa

    Mine is Gold from OH & the receipt I just got said spend $140.00 to receive $15 UPR. I guess it is really random!!

    • carol

      Im in Ca and my receipt also says spend $140 & recieve $15 up. It must count on everything you buy because hubby went yesterday to get beer for the football games and that purchased counted!

  • Crystal

    Silver. 771 points. buy $70 get $10 UPR. I can totally make that happen this week!! :D

  • Linda

    I get 10% off, I don’t know if that’s gold or silver. My receipt says buy $70, get $10, Exclusive Holiday Gift Promo. After spending $29.35 before coupons, $.60 after coupons and $10+UP (one and only trip today) it says my total toward this +UP is $31.35??? On my husband’s card-at the same level, 10% off, no mention of this promo on the bottom of the receipt.

    • Linda

      Sorry-this was in Quakertown, PA.

      • Linda

        Do you think it may have something to do with the actual number of points your have? I have 1012 on my card currently; promo says buy $70 get $10

        • Linda Mo

          Oregon, gold in 2012, 1019 points this year so gold again. I got buy $165 get $20. No idea what qualifies but will watch on my next trip.

  • Jen

    I live in CT and my receipt says Buy $45 get $5. I am silver and my receipt shows that I have already spent 21.98 towards the $45…the $21.98 was my total before coupons today so is everything tracking? I bought the Dove for Men body wash, hershey’s kisses, St. Joseph’s, and Salon Graffix hairspray. Does anyone know if it is specific Rite Aid stores or all? I shop at a few different ones.

  • LP

    Mine says $10 when you spend $70. I think I’m silver level.

  • Wendy

    Mine says Buy $140 Get $15+up. I am Gold.

  • steph

    Silver and $10 up on $70. I did not realize that you get the discount for the whole following year as well. I have $300 to go but I think I could do it!

  • Anonymous

    I am gold, my receipt said spend $110 get $10. My brother is also gold. His says spend $50 get $5. I know another gold member, $10 when you spend $75. It should be the same for everyone. I don’t know what they are doing. Confused!!!!

    • James M

      I wonder if it is by region; what area are you?

  • candice

    I am gold and mine says spend $80 get $10.

  • rhonda

    I’m gold, mine says buy $50.00 get $5.00 +upr. I shopped in Delaware this A.M but I live in Maryland. It also says I reached my limit for Hersheys but I only bought 4 bags. Shouldn’t that just be 2 offers?

  • Louise

    Mine says spend $105 get $10. … I think its just a random thing

  • Kristy

    I’m Gold in Ohio & have $5up wyb $45

  • Chrissy

    I’m curious, I have like 600 points so I’m silver. I know you need 1000 pys to be gold but do I have only until 12/31 to reach this or is it at any point that I reach 1000 pts I then have gold for an entire year? Just wondering if I’m starting all over again on 1/1/13…

    • Renee

      you must have 1000 points by the end of the year to get 20%. once you hit the 1000 points you will have the 20% for the remainder of this year and all of next year. the points will start over at the 1st of the new year and you will need to accumulate your points all over again for the following year.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the info! So any ideas on how to accumulate 385 points in the next 30 days??? Or is it pretty impossible without simply buying full price?

        • adam

          Use alot of manufaturer coupons i have 4300 points and that is how i got there.

  • Renee

    We are all gold. my receipt says buy 40.00 get 5.00. my daughters says buy 70.00 get 10.00. i called my neighbor, hers says buy 75.00 get 10.00 up. doesn’t seem to go by points or region. maybe just random ??

  • Tracy Harp

    I have gold status and mine says $20 +ups on $160. Geesh, don’t know if I can stretch that far! How long do we have to get there?

  • Julieanne

    I am a gold member and I got spend $110 get $10 on mine.

  • amy

    I’m gold in mi and mine says spend 50 get 5. How long do we have ? 11/30 or 12/25?

    • Brenda

      My receipt shows that it goes thru 12/24/12.
      I’m a gold member with 2213 points and got $10 UpR on $75.
      My sister also is a gold member and got $5 UpR on $50.

  • Narmin

    I am a gold member, and mine says, spend $170 get $25 up rewards.

  • Jean

    I am Gold and my receipt has buy $70 get $10.

  • adam

    Im a gold and i recieved a 10 Up reward with a 70 purchase. I was so excited.

  • Lisa

    I have two cards (mine and my b/f) . My gold card has $5 when you spend $50 and my b/f’s card is nothing (no silver or gold) and it does not have the promo – even though it was used today.

  • jenna

    Im Gold outside Detroit and have nothing. Women infront of me was silver and had 10 when you spend 100. So confused?

  • John

    I’m Gold and mine was spend 100 get a 10 up reward.

    My mom is Gold and get spend 45 get 5 up reward

    My sister is Gold and got spend 50 get 5

    • For the Mommas

      well isn’t that just crazy!

      • janet

        I’m GOLD have 2770 points for the year and my reward says spend $165 get $20…pretty excited!!

        • janet

          At $62 after today’s purchass!!

  • Dianne K

    I didn’t get that. But they really need to just make things easier for everyone. They have way too many things going on.

    • For the Mommas

      are you gold or silver?

      • Dianne K


        • Dianne K

          Ok…just got back and now it says “Buy $135 Get $15 +UP”

          • Sarah

            That is what mine said and I am a gold level.

  • I just got back from Rite Aid (in Northern New Jersey) and my receipt doesn’t show tracking for any Holiday Gift Promo.

    • For the Mommas

      Debbie are you gold or silver?

    • J944

      I’m in northern NJ as well and my receipt isn’t tracking anything…I’m silver. Sucks.

  • erin kehr

    i have the 20% and i have a 5UP wyb 15 in christmas cosm….im in south GA