Rite Aid: Gain Laundry Detergent $1.33

It is a great weekend to stock up on detergent. If you shop at CVS, you can get Wisk for $1.32- check out the scenario here.

If you prefer Gain or shop at Rite Aid – here is a deal idea for you. Gain is on sale for $5.00. It is also included in the spend $30, get a $10 UPR.  This offer starts tomorrow 10/16/11. 

 Transaction #1

Buy (4) Gain Powder Detergent $20.00
use (4) $2/1 Tide or Gain Powder Detergent, exp. 10/31/11 (SS 09/11/11 #2)
Pay 12.00

Transaction #2

Buy (2) Gain Powder Detergent $10.00
use (2) $2/1 Tide or Gain Powder Detergent, exp. 10/31/11 (SS 09/11/11 #2)
Pay $6.00
Get $10.00 UPR for spending $30

Your total will be $18.00 OOP, you will get back $10.00 UPR = $8.00 or $1.33 each

* The Gain coupons are 4 like coupons per transaction.  You may want to give yourself a few minutes before transactions, sometimes the computer systems at Rite Aid are delayed with the tracking.

Check out all the freebies at Rite Aid this week.

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  • Annette

    Hi ……where can I get the coupons

  • lili

    This did not work for me. I am in Northern California. I tried doing this deal today and the $10 up will not print if you use coupons. You have to pay $30 to receive the $10 UP rewards.

    • Shannon

      That is not true and never has been true at Rite Aid.

  • Grace

    Does anyone know if the powder is HE compatibe? TIA

    • rebecca

      they make one at my store that is made just for HE, and it is different from the original

      • Grace


  • I have 5 $2/1 Gain coupons, so I think I’ll use CoverGirl to bring my total to at least $30 on this. I believe I can use any overage from the CG $8/2 coupon towards the Gain. Even if I couldn’t, I’m thinking this might be:

    5 x $5 = $25
    $25 + CoverGirl purchase of at least $5 (should be free) = $30
    $25 – $10 of Gain coupons = $15
    receive +10UPR, or $1 per box of Gain

    If this is wrong, someone please tell me!

  • You could theoretically do this deal with the toilet paper too, yes? You could buy 5 of the Charmin Basic packs, which brings you to $30. You could use two $1/2 coupons (or five $.35/1 coupons, depending on what you received in your paper) to bring the total to $28. After the $10 +UPR, it would be like getting 5 packs, or 60 rolls of toilet paper for $18, or $.30/roll. But, maybe that’s not an extraordinary price–especially if they are not double rolls. (Are they double rolls?)

  • Ronda

    The Manager at my Rite Aid said they asked Corporate about how long you have to wait between transactions to get the +UPR and was told 15 minutes. I had made a purchase and was a little short of reaching $30.00, I waited 15 minutes to buy another item and did get my +UPR’s.

  • Simone

    I have a question about the two transactions since I won’t be able to use 6 coupons in one transaction. Do I bring all 6 Gains to the register and ask the employee to ring them up in two transactions on the same receipt? Technically, can I buy 4 Gains in the morning and 2 in the afternoon and still get the $10UPR? Are the UPRs linked by a credit card or Rite Aid reward card? How will Rite Aid know if I buy 6 Gains at different times? I’m so confused.


    • Ana

      UPRs are tracked by your RA reward card.

  • Ana

    Which is better Gain or Wisk? I usually use All.

    • Shannon

      I dont have a preference personally – whatever is cheap is what I use. sorry!

  • Michelle

    I’m womdering what Rite Aid store will have 6 Gain detergents in stock? LOL!

    • Shannon

      Actually my store was setup yesterday with 2 endcaps plus the aisle. I say that had atleast 50+

    • I agree! I’ll be lucky if my store has 5 on the shelf!

  • Corlien

    Is this the same $10 UP when you buy $30 P & G products that we did for Cover Girl?? I love Gain, but don’t want to get stuck if the $10 UP does not print. I did do the $10 UP when you buy $30 a few weeks ago for the Cover Girl make-up. Thanks!! :)

    • Shannon


      Hmm, usually those are week to week and I dont remember the Gain being included last time. Suggestion if you are worried – pay for this one cash instead of UPR. If it doesn’t print, just return it.

      • Rikki

        I had the same question as I did the Covergirl deal you posted and it worked out AMAZING!!!! I looked at the ad and it didn’t have the gain on it so I am also wondering since it is a P&G deal if it is actually one in the same ??????

        • Shannon

          I am almost 100% sure its not the same one.

          • Corlien

            I just got back from Rite Aid, and the P&G deal did work!! It says on the tags by the Gain, Spend $30 and Get a $10 UP. The dates are 10/16/11 to `10/22/11. I wish I had more Cover Girl coupons, because I would have rather done that deal again with the BOGO half off. But $8 for six Gain laundry detergents is great!!! Thanks so much, Shannon!! :) :) :)

  • Rhiannon

    Look on ebay now, if you win and pay for an auction today they should be mailed out first thing Monday and you’ll have them for Wed/Thur. Send a note to the seller that you would appreciate them sending out the coupons Monday morning.

  • Sandra

    Thanks, I love Gain, but now I need to get ahold of 6 Gain coupons.