Rite Aid Deal: Free Cosmetic Gift Sets {No Coupons Needed}

New Rite Aid Deal –  Free Cosmetic Gift Sets

This week at Rite Aid, you can get free Cosmetic Gift Sets, after UPR.

Details:  Cosmetic Gift Sets are on sale Buy One, Get Second One 50% off.   In addition, there is a $5.00 UPR when you purchase 2 of these items. Prices start at $2.99 and up. Note: Not all stores will carry the $2.99 sets.

Deal Idea:

Buy (2) Cosmetic Gifts Sets $4.48
Pay $4.48
Get $5.00 UPR for buying 2
Free after UPR

UPR Limit: 2
Valid until: 12/22/12

Have you tried this deal? Did you store have the $2.99 cosmetic gift sets?  It was hit or miss here.

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  • alice

    Yesterday I purchased the 2.99 lip gloss and 2.99 nail polish set. They worked for the $5 up.

  • Nikki

    This worked for me is sayre pa got 4 for free

  • Holly

    I couldn’t find any under $9. Guess I wasn’t looking at the right places.

  • Candice

    Just got back from Rite Aid, and it worked in Washington state.

  • genie

    I got them at my store today and the rr did not print on the 2.99 nail and eyeshadow. The cashier did give me a $10.00 credit.

  • genie

    I got them at my store today and the rr did nit print on the 2.99 nail and eyeshadow. The cashier did give me a $10.00 credit.

  • Tracy

    too quick to hit enter- pictured in the ad is the 4 lipgloss’s $2.99 box set. But the cologne for $ 2.99 did Not work

  • Tracy

    Worked in Maryland- got 4 !

  • Melanie

    My store said the 2.99 sets were not included. I pointed out that they were on the display w/ the sign but they said no. There was only one 4.99 set so I didn’t get to try that.

    • For the Mommas


      They appear to be working and part of the deal – even pictured in the ad?

    • Anonymous

      My store actually told me they were in the ad because someone took the wrong picture. They said that the picture does don’t mean anything, it is the text. LOL. I wonder why (cashiers) they act as if I am taking money out of their pockets. LOL

  • Melanie

    Did not work for me in Ohio. The manager called customer service who told them no these were not valid for the +UP reward :( I nicely argued for 5 minutes before I gave up and left.

    • For the Mommas

      Wait they printed and they took them from you?

    • mm

      They printed in western PA for me, I would call CS… the 2.99 one is in the ad.

  • SD

    Did anyone got the 20% discount by mail? I got it this morning and I’m trying to figure out how it works.

    Does it works with sale items?

    • For the Mommas

      Is it the try gold one? It would be 20% or the sales price, whichever is higher.

      • SD

        Yes it is that one, thank you so much!

  • Danae

    Worked for me in NJ. I noticed that fragrances are on the deal too, PSA 3.99. That wouldbe good to look for if your store doesn’t have the 2.99 gift sets.

    • janet

      The $2.99 fragrances DID NOT work!!

  • Heather S

    I tried this yesterday and it did work! I am going back today to get another two, gonna use the $5 UPR I got from the first one and pick up a .74 clearance nailpolish along with it, since i will need to spend at least 50 more cents to use my $5 UPR

    • For the Mommas


  • Mindy

    yeah I did the 2.99 nail sets on sunday. I paid 4.49 + tax for 2 so I got 4 for free. they are included I checked the price on mine before I bought them and I got both 5 +ups. they tried to tell me they weren’t included, but the add says all cosmetic gift sets and even show the 2.99 eye shadow as an example.

    • For the Mommas

      Great! Glad you were able to find them in your store! The ad is pretty clear!

      • Mindy

        I like the comment above where the cashier told them they pictured the wrong items….it is advertised so they have to honor it. It says ALL ….not this price and up or excludes this price point. Some cashiers are odd , they really do act like we are stealing …lol my riteaid is pretty awesome.

        • Mindy

          also I have this gut feeling that when items like this get included in a sale after sunday they figure it out and change the coding. I have purchased things on sunday and told neighbors and they go into the riteaids I shopped to do the same thing and it doesnt work. I think they figure it out and change something. just my theory though = )

        • steph

          There were no prices mentioned in the ad but a picture of a $2.99 gift set. It did not work on the fragrance sets for me. They also told me that what I was trying to buy was not a gift set even though it said “Gift Set” right on it.