Rite Aid Coupon Matchups | Week of 10/9

Rite Aid Coupon Matchups

Another Rocking Week at Rite Aid!

Here are the Rite Aid Coupon Matchups  for the week of 10/9/11. Check here to see if your Rite Aid is participating in the $20.00 wyb $100.00 promotion.

Don’t forget when you are in store to keep an eye out for the Flu Books.  You can see the October Video Values here.

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  • Nikki

    hello, can anyone explain to me the savings star e-coupons. I clicked on the ones i want & activated them, and I thought that when i scanned my cvs or rite aid loyalty card that savings star would automatically have it on my account but when I check savings star it says I have not earned anything. I’m getting really frustrated. thanks!

    • Shannon


      How long ago did you use them? I am just wondering if it is slightly delayed.

  • Sandy

    Suave shampoo 2/$3

    Use Oct. VV coupon $2.00 off 2 products
    & Mfg. BOGOF RP 10/2

    Sounds like free shampoo – again.

    • Amanda

      I checked the Suave deal out at my store. It’s only the Professionals included on the BOGO coupon that came in my paper, and it’s only the Suave Naturals that are on sale for 2/$3 at Rite Aid.

      However, the regular price for the Suave Professionals at my store is $2.69. So the deal would be:

      (2) Suave Professionals = $5.38
      (1) BOGO Suave Professionals -$2.69
      (1) $2/2 Rite Aid VV -$2

      Get 2 for $0.69.
      If you have the 20% discount, it’s 2 Suave for $0.15

  • Judy R

    In my flyer it has Thermacare 2/$10 and a $2 UPR wyb 2 On the thermacare web site there is a $3/1 coupon (use 2) That would make it $1 each for the thermacare wyb 2. I was able to print out a second coupon using my sisters name and address.

  • Lisa

    Butterfinger fun size 2/$5
    Use $1 off 2 coupon from coupons.com
    Use $1 off 2 coupon from October Video Values
    = 2 for $3 (or $1.50 each)

  • Beth S

    Hi all – I was looking for the SCRs for the Emergen-C and Zarbee’s deals – any suggestions? Thanks!!! :)

    • Beth S

      Ha ha! Never mind. I figured it out. (I have to admit, I’m more of a CVS’er than RiteAid’er, but I’m learning!) Thanks for the great information!

  • Elaine

    When I went to the October Video Values, I couldn’t locate the Chloroseptic spray or lozenges coupon. Please let me know under which manufacturer it is listed. Thank you!

    • Beth S

      FYI – I printed the chloraseptic $1 off coupon right from this page, not under the Rite Aid videos. So after my UPR ($3) and coupon, it was FREE! Good luck!

  • Holly

    Can you just ask for a flu book?

    • Amy

      I’ve tried that. One store last year just gave me the book (didn’t even ask), but I asked at another and they insisted it was only if I got a flu shot. Then I had to hunt them down when I really did get a flu shot. It varies, so try a couple of stores, if you can.

  • Danielle

    The hand sanitizer is a great thing to stock up on and donate to school! :) We don’t use much at home, but I know the teachers go thru TONS of it in the classroom. :)

    • Tara

      Yes we do! That is really thoughtful of you. I teach High School and you’d think they would know how to not spread germs but NO, I go through it like i’ts water and we’re living in the desert! Hope I can get my 4 tomorrow!

      • Corlien

        I hope you get yours, too. I went to my local Rite Aid at 6:45 a.m., and they had no hand sanitizer at all. It hadn’t been restocked. But they don’t give rainchecks until Tuesday, so I will have to go back. They also had no Emergen-C. They said it went really fast this morning. Kinda weird, huh!! :)

    • Joy

      Hi there,

      I work at an afterschool program at the local library, and we go through lots of hand sanitizer!!!!!

      If you do not donate it to your local school, you should consider donating it to the local library. With budget cuts, the staff sometimes do not get reimbursed for items like hand sanitizer.

      Just a thought. :)

  • Jennifer


    fyi, the 2 Alka-Seltzer printables are printing out as $3 off the combined purchase of any Alka-Seltzer Antacid AND Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Product.

  • Debbie R.

    Looks like a good rite-aid week. Lots of cold medicine deals, which I need right now. **cough cough, sneeze sneeze**