Rite Aid Anniversary Promo Update

The issue with our the Rite Aid 50 sales promotion has been corrected. Per Rite Aid, all of your earned points have been adjusted and all earned +UPs will be issued upon your next visit.

You can see all of the items participating in the Rite Aid Anniversary Promotion

Thanks, Lauren.


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  • Amanda

    Did they mention when this was corrected? I went yesterday to Rite Aid and it had not updated.

    • Erika

      When I called last night, they said it was going to be corrected that night or first thing in the morning. When I went today, it was all good and all the stuff I bought this week got added it.

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy

    Does this mean that all the items I purchased on Sunday will show up as applied when I go in to Rite Aid again? I never contacted anyone and purchased over $50 worth of items on that day that never showed up on the receipt.

    • For the Mommas

      Sounds like that will be the case

    • Erika

      Mine all showed up today from purchases on Sunday. Yeah!