Rite Aid: $.50 Stainless SubZero Water Bottles

Photo By: Dee L.

Dee sent me this great deal on Sub Zero Water bottles at Rite Aid.
SubZero bottles are ringing up at 50% off. They are also generating the $5.00 UPR for wyb 2 back to school products. I will be checking at my Rite Aid today for these!

Buy (2) Subzero Bottles $3.00 each
Get $5.00 UPR wyb 2
$.50 each after UPR

Note: This is not an advertised deal, so be sure to check that your store is currently at 50% discount
Thanks, Dee

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  • Dawn

    There are HUNDREDS of these clearanced at our Shopko for .79 cents each. I just bought 20! Sending them to family and friends.

  • Vanessa

    I found these and bought them today at 75% off… I had read the post so I was all excited about the UPR… however, they didn’t print. Either way it’s a deal and my husband needs it for work, so still a win win for me. :D

  • amy

    just got a 3$off $15 coupon from rite aid in an email that had my quarterly SCR statement. i think this is new.

  • Dee

    Oh, and the best part was I bought the bottles as a filler to get to $25 and use a $5/$25 coupon so they were pretty much free for me!

  • Dee

    Hi guys! Yes, I did buy 4 bottles and get 2 UPRs.
    I did this in a western Pennsylvania Rite Aid.

  • Amy

    What part of the country are the UPs being reported. I haven’t looked for these yet in my store. I am in VA.

  • Anonymous

    I went to my local Rite Aid and they only had one of the bottles left at 50% off. My husband would have loved to have them for work…oh well. Maybe I will try the Rite Aid in the next town over tomorrow.

  • Wendy

    I just did this. Thanks…Great Christmas gifts! I bought 4 in two different transactions and for 2 $5 UPR

  • ADeal

    I got 2 bottles yesterday as they were 75% off at my local store, but unfortunately no UPR printed. I was very happy though to pay $1.50 for each of them but it would have been an extra nice surprise to have an UPR print as well.

  • Michele

    Kristyn my store had next week’s ad at the register (one not being used by the photo center).

    I forgot to look for these bottles. I heard some ring up cheaper. They don’t create the UP. Make sure you price check with your card before paying.

  • Jamaica

    Perfect! My daughter told me yesterday she had to have a metal water bottle. Just went and my store had 3 left! Needless to say 2 came home with me. Worked like a charm, plus I used a gift card that I got for transferring a prescription! Love it!

    • Shannon


      Love it! So glad it was something you needed to! Cannot beat $.50!

  • Terri

    If you buy 4, use the UP reward receipt coupon for $1 off a $10 Back-to-school purchase, if you saved it.

  • Linda

    That’s what I was hoping :). Thanks Shannon!

  • Linda

    It looks like she got 4 bottles. Did it generate 2 $5 UPRs?

    Thanks for the heads up!

    • Shannon

      Hopefully Dee will see this and answer.

  • Kristyn

    oooo! exciting! i hope my rite aid has them marked down! i’m planning on going tomorrow :)

    is there a way to get rite aid’s ad early for next week?? i know some stores do that…