Printable Rite Aid Policy – August 2010

You can go here to print the new Rite Aid coupon policy. I suggest you put it in your coupon binder!

Key changes:

  • Clarity on what coupons can be used together
  • Clarity on how many UPR can be used
  • Clarity on how many $$ off $$ coupons
  • Clarity on using $$ off $$ with other coupons

More to come….

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  • Heather

    do you know how many surverys you can use in 1 month, i got another one today, and it told me i had used my maximum for the month? just curious because i couldnt find a limit??

    thank you!

  • Elaine

    Please let me know what ‘VV’ stands for. Thank you!

  • Valerie

    Thank you SO much for working so hard to get a written policy for Rite Aid. I’m sure your hard work made the difference. You should see how different it is when I go into my local store now! They obviously got the “memo” from corporate because they never give me a problem with my coupons anymore. In fact, I have had my copy of the policy in hand since you posted it, but I haven’t had to use it. I was just about to give up on RA, but now it’s becoming my favorite store. Blessings to you for going to the source . . . you and your site are awesome!

    • Shannon


      That is so awesome to hear. Yeah!

  • alex


  • argelis

    anybody know if there is any limmit of manufacture cupon to use in rite aid? B
    ecause i have a hard time yesterday at rite aid.

  • Christa K.

    This is EXCELLENT! I wish every store had a policy this clear! (And trained their people to know what said!) Thanks for providing.