FTM Holiday Giveaways- Win $100 CVS Gift Card (5) Winners

Check out this week’s CVS/pharmacy Christmas Crew video, which is about shopping for everyone on your list during your lunch break! Next Tuesday, they’ll release another video with tips on how to save time and money by shopping at CVS/pharmacy for everyone on your Christmas list. You can find the videos onYouTube, the CVS/pharmacy Facebook and Twitter pages, and Destination Christmas on CVS.com.

CVS is offering some great deals over the holiday season, be sure to use your Extra Care card to get the best deals!  Follow all of the CVS deals throughout the holiday season on FTM and the CVS/pharmacy Facebook and Twitter pages, and Destination Christmas on CVS.com.

I am really excited about this giveaway from CVS! 5 Readers will win $100 CVS Gift Cards (squeal)!

To win one of these gift cards, you  check out the CVS Video (starring me). For additional entries, tweet (leave a comment) or  like this post and leave a comment.

1.  Watch the CVS Lunch Time Shopping Tips Video here.  (leave a comment below and tell me one gift I bought) Mandatory Entry

2. Tweet about this giveaway:   (Optional Entry)

Enter to win a $100.00 @CVS_Extra Gift Card from @forthemommas  http://bit.ly/ViuqrL  #cvschristmascrew

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Giveaway rules: Giveaway will close on 12/22/12. Winner will be notified via email and have 72 hours to respond to email to claim winnings. Winner must be 18 years or older and reside in the USA. Please make sure you add natalie@forthemommas.com to your address book so you will receive emails. Winner to provide valid mailing address. This post is sponsored by CVS. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Jennifer Nickola

    You got revere house jar candles ! two for your aunt and uncle ! they look awesome ! I would love to win this prize as well so I could scoop up some after christmas sales :)

  2. karen

    You bought some gift cards…so did I!

  3. Lee

    gift cards

  4. jessie

    you got some candles

  5. One thing you bought was gift cards.

  6. I watched the video.

  7. Emili

    Gift Cards! That is always fun

  8. Rachel Machado

    One of the things you bought were gift cards:)

  9. JN

    polish and gift cards

  10. christie

    You bought a hotwheels race track, candles, cards, spoiled nail polish bucket, and gift cards. Great video.

  11. Sheila Hickmon

    You bought some candles!

  12. Mary H.

    You bought candles and gift cards

  13. Holly Chubb

    You bought the Hot Wheels. I also bought that for my son! :)

  14. Just Coupons

    Liked post (FB name Just Coupons)

  15. Just Coupons

    Hot Wheels track/set!

  16. julie

    watched it- you bought a hotwheels racetrack

  17. Chrissy

    You bought hot wheels for your nephew

  18. angela gills

    Love the hot wheels and candles you bought with the christmas cards.

  19. Donna Cheatle

    I shared on facebook

  20. Donna Cheatle
  21. Donna Cheatle

    You bought candles!

  22. Angelique Zhinin

    You purchased candles.

  23. Maritza Garcia

    you purchased candles.

  24. Marie Howard

    You purchased gift cards.

  25. Chris

    You purchased….Christmas cards, a Hot Wheels racetrack, some nail polish, a candle and some gift cards

  26. Amy M

    Spoiled nail polish gift set

  27. Diana C

    You bought some gift cards.

    Diana C

  28. Chris

    I saw you purchased a Hot Wheels Set, which my son is also a big fan of. Great site, lots of good tips!

  29. I liked the post to share with friends (Deanna Devendorf McClellan).

  30. You bought gift cards, which I’m a big fan of. ;)

  31. Heather

    You purchased a Hot Wheels Set.

  32. Neiddy Ruiz

    ! Like this post and shared on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/leidy.ruiz.140/posts/459142287481340

  33. Neiddy Ruiz

    You bought the Spoiled nail polish set pail, I wanted one of these so bad and I could never found it at my CVS :/ , you took advantage of the B1G1 offer for the candles , the hot wheels race track among other things. Great Job!

  34. Liz M.

    I liked this post on Facebook!

  35. Liz M.

    Thanks for the giveaway! You bought some candles.

  36. Bryan E.

    Thanks for the giveaway… one item was the Hot Wheels 4-Lane Elimination Race Track.

  37. Sand

    You bought gift cards.

  38. Susan Smith

    I liked this post

  39. Susan Smith

    You bought gift cards, candles and Hot Wheels

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  41. Jaclyn Reynolds

    I saw you buy a hot wheels gift and candles!

  42. Deanna G.

    Liked the post. (Deanna Cali)

  43. Deanna G.

    You bought gift cards! I couldn’t tell which ones, lol. :)

  44. kristina C

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  45. kristina C

    You bought a hot wheels set for your nephew.

  46. Nichole Drouin

    You bought the cool tin with nail polish, a box of cards and gifts cards. All cool gifts. :)

  47. Lori

    You bought candles

  48. Jessica

    You bought boxed greeting cards

  49. Angela Pageau

    You got cards, gift cards, candles and nail polish…. great gifts!! :)

  50. dara

    candles, hot wheels track.

  51. Rebecca Marion

    you bought the hot wheels 4 lane elimination race track for your nephew. So cool!

  52. Sheryl

    Nail polish..greeting cards..gift cards

  53. Phyllis G


  54. Alisa H

    Hot Wheels 4-lane elimination racetrack.

  55. Nairy S.

    candles, hot wheels racetrack… great to see you in person!

  56. Artin D.


  57. Violet A.

    candles! (hope I win, there are so many entries!)

  58. Heros D.

    hot wheels race track

  59. Artemis Deravanesian

    candles! great gift idea!

  60. Carolsue

    You bought the Hot Wheels 4-Lane Elimination Race Track for your nephew

  61. Pamela Jackson

    Candles :)

  62. Brittney House

    You bought candles!

  63. Raeanne Brown

    You got an awesome deal on Jar Candles!!!

  64. Debbie McAllister

    You bought candles gift cards hot wheels

  65. Lori S

    you bought candles.


  66. Patty

    Candles, gift cards, and nail polish.

  67. Jen T

    I liked this on Facebook!

  68. Jen T

    One of the things you bought were candles.

  69. Janie Prater

    you bought candles

  70. Tracy Allen

    On your shopping spree, you bougth gift cards, candles and Hot Wheels – fun video!

  71. Cory

    Revere House Candles!!!

  72. diane Baum

    Some of the gifts were a hot wheel car(my boys you to love them). a candle and cards

  73. Erica C.

    You bought boxed greeting cards :)

  74. Shawnda

    You bought Hallmark boxed greeting cards.

  75. Eileen Burke

    You purchased candles

  76. You bought a bucket that said “spoiled” for your niece!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  77. Patty Pinzarrone

    You bought candles, greeting cards, Hot Wheels and Gift Cards

  78. Lisa McGrattan

    You purchased hot wheels.

  79. bridgette camacho

    you bought candles

  80. Claire

    You bought a Hot Wheels 4-Lane Elimination Race Track!

  81. Christine

    candles ,cards and hot wheels

  82. Wendy

    You bought Revere candles

  83. Laura

    You bought boxed greeting cards.

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    liked post

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    you bought gift cards!

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    you bought candles

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    You bought, some gift cards, a set of nail polish (Spoiled) by Wet and Wild, some candles, Hallmark Greeting cards, etc.

    Shared on Facebook & Twitter!



  92. Anu

    You bought boxed cards and hot wheels.

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    liked and shared on fb jen twark gersch

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    you bought candles

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    i liked this post on facebook and left a comment.

  96. elizabeth arias

    you bought hallmark boxed greeting cards.

  97. You bought Hallmark Boxed Greeting Cards, Revere House Jar Candles, a Hot Wheels Playset, a few gift cards (I think I saw Bass Pro Shop?), and a bucket of nail polish, I think.

  98. MRabon

    Behind on shopping. Haven’t been in CVS except for meds for daughter who had surgery

  99. gift cards and candle
    Thanks for the giveaway! Janna Johnson jannajanna@hotmail.com Janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  100. Cathy A

    You bought candles

  101. Marilyn K.

    You purchased Hallmark cards and Hot Wheels. Thanks for the chance!

  102. Alexis

    Liked the post on Facebook. You bought hot wheels, candles, cards and much more!

  103. Shannon

    You purchased candles and a hot wheels set!

  104. Mrs. K

    You purchased greeting cards and candles! Thanks for helping my family save $!

  105. Destiny

    Happy Holidays Shannon!

    You picked up the Revere jar candles among other goodies.

  106. jennifer

    You bought candles, hotwheels, nail polish and gift cards! Love CVS!!

  107. Dorleta Johnson

    you bought the spoiled wet-n-wild nail set.

  108. Sue

    Excellent video. Very informative & Entertaining tips. Some of the great gifts I saw you pick up at the CVS were HotWheels set, but not before picking up some Hallmark cards, and some fragrant candles and something that said Spoiled. I would have to replay this video to see exactly what that was all about since I’ve never seen it on the shelves.

    Thanks for the tips.

    Happy Holidays to you!

  109. Nivethetha Sudhakar

    Liked the post on FB

  110. Nivethetha Sudhakar

    You bought Christmas cards, Nail polish and so many

  111. denise

    you bought gift cards, nail polish and candles

  112. Rikki

    You bought xmas cards.

  113. Meredith Ely

    You bought gift cards and nail polish and tons of other things!

  114. Carol B.

    You bought cards and candles! Hope I win!!! Happy Holidays.

  115. Lana

    You bought gift cards, a candle, hot wheels and boxed card set.

  116. Liza

    You bought cards. :)

  117. Jaclyn

    Tweeted Post :)

  118. Jaclyn

    Post liked on FB :)

  119. Jaclyn

    You purchased the candles!

  120. Nancy

    You bought candles

  121. carol reed

    you bought hotwheels and candles

  122. Erin

    Liked the post and shared on Facebook.

  123. Erin

    My favorite–gift cards!

  124. Terri Stevens

    Hot wheels race track. I love CVS!

  125. maria


  126. alyssa

    candles! love your site, thank you!

  127. Sherril

    Spoiled! nail polish..

  128. theresa compton

    you bought holiday cards

  129. ila chef

    The hot wheels race track

  130. Liked the post.

  131. Candles!

  132. April

    You bought candles and gift cards~

  133. Thomas

    You bought gift cards. Thanks for the chance.

  134. Janet Delgado

    Awesome video. I will use ideas.

  135. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy

    I liked this post on Facebook

  136. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy

    Candles for your Aunt & Uncle

  137. lauren oliveirai

    Gift cards!

  138. Amy

    You bought greeting cards to send.

  139. Sam

    Candles for your Aunt and Uncle.

  140. Brian

    You bought gift cards.

  141. Elise M

    You purchased some candles.

  142. Wendy

    You bought Gift Cards!

  143. Daniel M

    hot wheels track

  144. Heather

    Hot Wheels

  145. Tari Lawson

    You bought a bucket of nail polish with “spoiled” on it.

  146. Thabal

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  147. Thabal

    Hot Wheels 4-lane Elimination Racetrack for $19.99.

  148. crystal fogelsanger

    The hot wheels track and nail polish bucket

  149. amy williams

    liked the post thanks

  150. amy williams

    The hot wheels race track

  151. Tweeted (Check) :D

  152. I think you purchased a “Hot Wheels” deal and gift cards.

  153. Kristi Davis

    Nail polish!!!

  154. katie

    hot wheels!

  155. Beth Pelc

    The nail polish bucket looks awesome! They were all gone at mine!

  156. Liesa

    Loved the Spoiled Bucket of nail polish and goodies….would be great for some spoiled daughters in my house!!

  157. betsy

    you got hotwheels

  158. Kerrie

    You bought Hot Wheels racetrack.

  159. Denise S

    You got candles and Hotwheels cars.

  160. Carole Spring

    I liked the post.

  161. Carole Spring

    You bought a Hot Wheels 4 lane elimination track.

  162. rose r

    You purchased Hot Wheels – thanks

  163. latanya

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  164. latanya

    hot wheels race track

  165. Adrienne gordon

    You got hot wheels

  166. Sara Powers

    You bought B1G1 candles!

  167. Alana

    Nail polish set!

  168. rachel

    You bought a candle and got one free

  169. Kelly

    You bought hot wheels. My husband still loves hot wheels.

  170. Elizabeth Newsome

    You got a hot wheels race track.

  171. Michele

    You were great! Candles..BOGO!

  172. You bought candles… BOGO in fact… Cuz you know I needed some too! So great to see your face mama!

  173. rebbeca

    I liked the post. I also got a good deal on the right guard body wash and Hershey’s candy last week.

    • rebbeca

      You bought candles.

  174. Shannon b

    Candles, hot wheels

  175. joan fazio

    You bought candles

  176. Michelle Kennedy

    Gift cards!

  177. jules m.

    hot wheels race track!

  178. Your list is very similar to mine! I bought hot wheels, Hallmark cards and nail polish at CVS too! Merry Christmas!

  179. Bobbi

    Candles for your aunt and uncle and Hot wheels set for your nephew.

  180. Jessica Buderer


  181. Janelle

    You got hot wheels and a purfume set

  182. Leslie

    This site has such great ideas, got me to sign up for all kinds of deals!

    • Leslie

      Oh yeah, candles, Boxed holiday cards, Spoiled can of wet’nwild stuff

  183. Austin


    • chau taylor

      you bought two candles

  184. Megan

    Shannon bought Christmas cards.

  185. Sandra

    Hot wheels

  186. Krystal

    Revere house jar candies!

  187. KRISTA P

    You bought Candles! :) Liked and shared and tweeted!

  188. kathy

    Nail polish

  189. Beth S

    I liked this post! Merry Christmas!

  190. Beth S

    Hallmark Christmas Cards!

  191. Jennifer M

    Gift cards which I buy alot of myself!Gift ca

  192. jenab01

    You bought a hot wheels track.

  193. Linda

    Abig bucket of nail polish! :)

    Merry Christmas

  194. Heather

    Gifts cards. Yeah!

  195. “Liked” giveaway to share with FB friends. :)

  196. Kaylin R.

    You bought 2 candles!

  197. You bought a HotWheels racetrack.

  198. Tina

    You bought racetrack and candles

  199. Renée

    Revere house jar candles

  200. Rian

    You bought nail polish

  201. jessica f

    Hot wheels!

  202. Tara

    You bought Hot wheels race set and candles(2) and gift cards

  203. Tara

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    Liked this post!

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    Hot wheels!

  206. Maralea


  207. Amanda

    You bought Christmas cards.

  208. Anonymous

    The hot wheels race track, cards and candles.

  209. You bought a spoiled nail polish bucket for your niece. She must be like my daughter with a new color every time I turn around!

  210. Cathie

    You goy a Hot Wheels, four lane Elimination track for your nephew. On sale $19.99!

  211. Tracy

    Hot wheels race track for your nephew

  212. Rita Morton

    You bought 2 candles

  213. Melissa Berryman

    You bought candles, a hot wheels set, awesome nail polish and gift cards.

  214. Linda F.

    Gift cards for your Aunt & Uncle!

  215. Wahida Dhanji

    Yoo bought two gift cards , one for your uncle and another for your Aunt.

  216. Lahaina

    You bought 2 candles

  217. Ysenia Ramirez

    I liked your post!

  218. Ysenia Ramirez

    You bought two candles!

  219. Laura

    you bought a hot wheels set, spoiled nail polish buck, and gift cards

  220. Oflores

    Wet n wild nail polish & gift cards!

  221. Colleen Boudreau
  222. Colleen Boudreau

    holliister at gmail dot com

  223. lisad

    I liked your post !

  224. lisad

    I wish I could shop that fast! One item that you bought that you can never go wrong with was…gift cards!

  225. rondah

    two candles

  226. Laura Jacobson

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  227. Laura Jacobson

    Oh you got the Hotwheels Racetrack and giftcards for a few!

  228. martha

    You bought the spoiled nailpolish bucket!

  229. Jen

    You bought two candles to bring to your aunt and uncle’s for a party :) What a nice alternative to bringing food.

  230. Rebecca

    You bought a hot wheels racetrack!

  231. Christina Gonzalez

    You purchased two candles. Thank you for the opportunity.

  232. lk

    candles, hot wheels, nail polish

  233. Rob Hestar

    Candles,Hot wheels,some cards and gift cards! :)

  234. sherry

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    • Anonymous

      Candles, nail polish, and hot wheels

  235. sherry

    gift cards! One of my favorite gifts! Thx Shannon

  236. Missy

    You bought Revere House Candles, Christmas cards, Spoiled Nail Polish Bucket!

  237. Liked and shared post.

  238. You bought gift cards and nail polish bucket. Tempting, but we don’t use all we have.

  239. Rosanna B.

    hope to win

  240. Rosanna B.

    you bought hot wheels, and candles gift cards

  241. Kim

    Candles, easy gift to give everyone use….a lot of entries, take awhile to scroll down

  242. Rose

    Hot Wheels!!

  243. Laurie G.

    You bought the Spoiled by Wet n Wild nailpolish set. I picked this up back in November when they had the same ECB deal. Great present!

  244. Rachael

    Candles, gift cards and nail polish

  245. Jennie

    I am always looking for something fun for the kids in my family and CVS always makes it so easy…I am going right away to pick up the nail polish bucket! I’m always shopping at CVS to finalize my last minute gifts, it so painless :)

  246. janice

    jar candles,nail polish kit,hot wheels race track,gift cards!!!

  247. Tracy

    You bought a Hot Wheels 4 Lane Elimination Race Track for your nephew :-)

  248. Rebecca

    Love the nail polish gift, great idea :-)

  249. Jeanna

    You bought a box of Christmas Cards.

  250. ariana

    you bought a bunch of gift cards (so did I earlier this week!)

  251. Heather

    Liked and shared on Facebook :)

  252. Heather

    Hot wheels set…my son would love! Nail polish bucket set…I’d love!! :)

  253. Christina

    Hot wheels

  254. Noemi C

    A bucket of nail polishes I would love to receive that bucket for christmas :)

  255. Margaret P.

    You bought the Hot Wheels Racetrack!

  256. Jess

    The nail polish pail looks great!

  257. Kim

    I love the candle purchase! I am going to get that for my mom! :)

  258. Shannon

    You bought a Hotwheels set for your nephew.

  259. Stacey

    The nail polish is great. My daughter is going to a bday party this weekend and she still needs a gift. I think that would be perfect.

  260. Jaime

    I liked your post!

  261. Jaime

    You bought lots of gift cards!

  262. Heather

    You bought Hot Wheels, but I like the nail polish in the bucket.

  263. Heather

    You bought the hot wheels. i thought the nail polish is in the pail was a cute idea.

  264. jill c.

    Everything looked great and I especially liked the nail polish set.

  265. LIndsey

    I LOVE the CVS candles that you bought. Revere! Also the box of nail polish is a great idea for a kid :)

  266. taylor

    The candles were a great idea for a gift! Bet your neice will love the nail pail! But all of that in an hour? Wow! I just started doing the CVS “thing” and a couple of weeks ago my total was $100.15- oop- $15.31! With the ECB’s I was able to get alot of stocking stuffers! Can’t wait till the 9th to see what I get!

  267. Donna Cleveland

    THE nail pail is solo cute. The gift cards are a great idea!

    • the candles were a great idea.

  268. Natalia Jeffords

    You bought candles that were buy 1 get one and boxed holiday cards

    • LuAnn Anderson

      I think the candles make a perfect hostess gift!!!

  269. Nicole Lauer

    Of course what my daughter noticed was the nail polish you bought and you also got gift cards which I think sometimes are the easiest thing to get

  270. Tracy D.

    You bought candles for BOGOF.

  271. Leah Brislin

    Gift cards

  272. Lina

    Gift card purchase at CVS was a quick way to buy gifts.

  273. Christine Gill

    My favorite gift you bought was the bucket of nail polishes. They were cute!! I love shopping at CVS!!

  274. Elizabeth Mc.

    You bought the best gift ever!! Hotwheels! :o)

  275. Carrie Brewerton

    Bought candles four your ain’t hot wheels for your soon and getting cards :)

  276. katherine

    hot wheels. I bought some there too!

  277. Grace kennon

    You bought 2 candles, Christmas cards, hot wheels racetrack set, spoiled nail polish set and gift cards…I am new to all if this and am very excited to start learning from FTM and need the bad so thank you for sharing such great deals and tips on how to save its a great thing your doing to help others!! ;)

  278. Lisa


  279. lisaredinger@comcast.net


    • Lisa

      oops, i messed that up. I re-commented, so u can delete this one. Sorry!

  280. Barbara Long

    One gift you bought is the Hot Wheels 4-lane Elimination Racetrack.


  281. danica

    candles, hot wheels track, giftcards, christmas cards to send out. great tip about sending the cvs coupons to my card i have been printing them!

  282. Bryan E.

    Liked this post & shared on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bryan.eason.77/posts/452229618147902

  283. Bryan E.

    Thanks for the giveaway… The Hot Wheels 4-lane Elimination Racetrack @ $19.99.

  284. Jessica

    You bought a Spoiled nail polish set.

  285. Lina

    you bought some hot wheels!

  286. Charity S

    You bought Christmas Cards.

  287. Gail

    I saw you grab lots of great things including some gift cards. A huge thanks to you-FTM has had a huge impact in my families life!

  288. Sarah DeFrancisco

    I absolutely ♥ CVS because of the ExtraSavings and ExtraBucks !! I’ve seriously saved soo much money over the past year ! I would definitely put this gift card to good use ! Fingers crossed :)

  289. Mary Calabrese

    Christmas cards.

  290. susan smoaks

    you got a jar candle, hot wheels and cards

  291. Heather S

    You got a Hot wheels set

  292. AEKZ2

    A Hotwheels set

  293. Stacy

    Cute! CVS is my absolute favorite drugstore. You bought candles to take to your aunt’s house!

  294. CouponChristine

    Hi! I just got married and looked into couponing. I have been doing so for about a month now. Your blog s one of my favorites and CVS is my main place to save. Your videos are always so helpful! Thanks for all your tips. In the video you bought gift cards, boxed card sets, the spoiled nail polish bucket, BOGO candles, and hotwheels! Happy Holidays. :)

    Thanks so much or the opportunity to win! :)

  295. Michelle H.

    Liked the post (Michelle Hudak)

  296. Michelle H.

    you bought two Revere House Jar Candles

  297. Becky Venable

    Christmas cards

  298. Jeanette H.

    Christmas gift cards (:

  299. Lisa Giacobe

    Love the nail polish and gift cards! Shop, shop shop!

  300. Anonymous

    Gift cards are something you bought! Love it.

  301. Lauren Klootwyk

    Cute video! You purchased a hot wheels race track for your nephew, candles for your grandparents, nail polish kit for your niece and Christmas cards!

  302. Adonna B

    I really like the short video it was short, sweet and to the point. I liked this post. You bought 2 Revere House jar candles BOGO, a nail polish set for your niece, a hot wheels racetrack for your nephew, gift cards, and greeting cards. You were able to do all that shopping in a hour.

  303. Andrea

    Cute video! You bought christmas cards. :)

  304. heather

    You bought gift cards and candles.

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    you bought a nail polish bucket

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    I liked the post {Joy Quinnan}

  319. Joy Q

    You bought candles

  320. Charyl

    Hot wheels for your nephew

  321. Stephanie Ollis

    I bought two of the spoiled nail polish buckets, gifts for my twin daughters. Of course a I bought other things, CVS is one of my favorite stores to shop at.

  322. Heather W

    You bought the Hot Wheels set for your nephew
    lovefool827 (at) yahoo (dotcom)

  323. Heather W.

    You bought Hot Wheels!

  324. Patrice

    You bought Hot Wheels for your nephew.

  325. carol lewis

    You got a good deal on candles and bought some!
    Love the video!

  326. Precious

    One gift you bought was Hot Wheels. Shared on twitter @esotericj, liked on facebook. Thank you & Merry Christmas! :D

  327. Jennifer

    You bought 2 Jar Candles!

  328. Crystal F

    You bought a Hot wheels 4 lane Elimination Racetrack for your nephew. thank you!

  329. Daniel Veley

    You bought Candles

  330. Liked the post.

  331. You bought a Hot Wheels set.

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    kport207 at gmail dot com

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  334. Kathleen

    You bought candles that were on sale buy one get one free

    kport207 at gmail dot com

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    oops wrong tweet above: correct one- https://twitter.com/nahomeyg123/status/276667456049774592

  336. Naomi

    You bought candles

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  985. You bought a mess load of gift cards! :)

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