CVS: Nivea Moneymaker {No Coupons Needed}

Details: This week at CVS when you buy 2 Nivea Products you will get a $6 ECB. The ECB is printing on the small $.99 tins. I am not sure how long this will be printing. In the ad it says limit (1). I did 3 separate transactions and got a $6 ECB each time.

**This deal has a limit of 6 ECB and is part of the Aveeno, Eucerin, and Jergens Deal. Check your receipt at the bottom where it says Curel, buy 2 get $6 ECB. If you have reached the limit, this deal will not work for you.

***UPDATE: There is rumor that CVS has removed these small tins from the shelf.


Buy (2) Nivea Lotion Tins $.99 each
Get $6 ECB
Free + $4.00 MM

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  • Single Mom

    I Went Monday morning and i brought seven and the deal did not happen so i am returning six of them, guess i was late and they beat us to fix the issues.

  • Can I do a raincheck for these if my store doesn’t have any in stock?

    • For the Mommas

      The ECB is not printing on the Nivea tins anymore.

  • beyonce

    One location in CA had them off of the shelves.

    • tasha

      my store gave me rain checks for them i wonder if it will work or not

  • Ashleigh Harris

    I have heard of some stores removing the product from the shelf. Otherwise, the deal is dead all over the nation. It was great while it lasted though.

  • Brooke

    Mine didn’t work in pa but I went back in and they gave it to me. Cause the ad doesn’t say excludes trial sizes

  • Jennifer

    Didn’t work in Melbourne, FL. :(

    • Anonymous

      I also tried in Melbourne, FL and it did not work!

  • Evelyn

    All the little tins were gone at my store here in Lake Havasu, AZ. Either they took them off the shelves or someone bought them all. My store gets their deliveries on Tues, so we’ll see if they work if they stock them.

    Got 2 free hand lotions from the CVS machine. $2 off any 2, so I bought 2 of the travel Curel for .99 each.

  • lisa

    Awesome day for me. I didn’t see this post before I left out to cvs but luckily there was another couponer at cvs that told me about it. I grabbed 12 tins and got back 36 ecb. Bought (13) 12 packs of coke and sprite and (4) 6 packs of irish spring soap bars. Used (4) $1 off irish spring and (1) $4 off 20. oop with tax $10.12 got back $10 cash card and $6 ecb = mm for all of it plus $2.50 towards my 30 that I will eventually go back and get :P

    • Anonymous

      was this today MOnday Jan 21st?

      • lisa

        Sorry no. It was sunday morning.

    • boston girl

      i didnt get .. just tried in attleboro,ma.. didnt work for me.. may b the deal is dead!!! :(

    • Anonymous

      People who clear shelves are sick

      • Ruth Jenkins

        You should have enough guts to post your name when you insult people. I bet you wouldn’t say anything to this person’s face if you saw her getting these tins at the store.
        It is cowardly to post it under anonymous. If something is at the store, it is for everyone to buy unless the store posts limits. You have no idea why this person bought 13 tins, maybe they used the ECBs to buy something else for their family.

  • melissa

    My CVS still had 6 of them… I bought them but nothing printed. Will be returning them.

  • Holly

    Did anyone else try Monday morning?

    • amy

      i did. my cvs has bunch of these. and they says exclude travle size. :(

      • Jane

        The deal appears to be DEAD today. I read that CVS fixed the glitch last night. I ran to CVS bright and early and it was a no go;( I also ran to Walgreena to do the nature Valley deal and it did not print off the Catalina from nature valley only the RR. This morning was a bust for me;(

        • Ruth

          The nature valley deal worked for me last night at Walgreens. I bought 5 and got the 6.00 (3.00 RR and 3.00 catalina) on every single transaction.

    • Jack

      Tried this morning, didn’t work as of 8 am. Had worked for me yesterday.

    • marcell

      This worked for me and my mom yesterday in Pomona, NJ.

    • Ana G.

      Yes, tried it this morning and was happy to finally find them at one store but it did not work. So end up returning them. No luck in Philly.

    • Anonymous

      Just tried. Did not work. Will be returning all 12 tins!

  • Jolene

    Didn’t work in Pottsville, Pa today but our store also had a sign that said exclude trial sizes

  • Katie

    Yesterday was an awesome day for me at CVS. I went yesterday morning and did the cash card deal with the soda. I got 12 12packs ($30 worth) and used my $20 Livingsocial Voucher that I still had and a $2 ECB, then got $10 cash card back. I used the $10 cash card, plus a 20% coupon I had for the Nivea stuff and got $30 back.

    So basically, I spent $18 out of pocket on sodas (including the $10 cost of the voucher) and lotion, and at the end of the day, I walked out with $30 in ECBs. I MADE $12 yesterday at CVS to buy 12 fridge packs of soda and 10 tins of Nivea!!!!

    • For the Mommas

      Great Job Katie!

  • Jennifer

    I live in Northern California and just tried it. Unfortunately, it did not work, so I returned all the tins. :-( So sad – we seem to miss out on so many good deals here in NorCal!

  • Ali

    CVS had a similar money making deal this past summer and I loved it. The home office did catch onto the game and turned it off on the small tins a day or so into the deal, so get out there early! It worked for me in Fairfield Cty, Connecticut tonight!

  • April

    Yay it worked for me the cashier said she was sending an email to corporate to fix it though

    • Lisa

      LOL. My cashier said she was going to do the deal when she clocked out.

  • Kate

    Got 12 with the $36 ECB! So excited! I never manage to get these deals! Thanks you!

  • Amanda

    Hi guys, i’m new to all of the ECB and stuff has anyone tried it in the stroudsburg Pa area? Should I try 6 the first shot to make sure it works? The cvs employees nvr seem to wanna give you your deals in my area , they seem to get annoyed when i use coupons as well.. Timed are tough and im trying to stretch my money as far as i can.

    Thanks! :-)

    • For the Mommas

      Hi Amanda! If you want to be on the safe side, you can always start with 2, and then your $6 ECB should print on your receipt. You can always stick 6 in your cart and just start with 2 in the first transaction if it will make you feel more comfortable. Or you can just go for it and do 1 transaction :)

  • amy

    didnt work for me… my cvs store said exclude travel size…. :(

    • For the Mommas

      Hi Amy! Does it say that in store? In my ad (I am from the Lancaster,PA area) it says in my ad excludes trial/travel sizes but it still produced the ECB.

      • Jaime

        My store tags said the same thing….but the deal worked. I am in Bethlehem PA.

      • amy

        yes the store manager told me that. i was planning to buy 8 of them… but it dint print ECB so i left the store empty hand. :( near carlisle pa

      • amy

        but now i find out why it didnt work. for me… i did the AVEENO deal before.

        • For the Mommas

          AH, that makes sense now! :(

          • amy

            i went this morning with another cvs card. but same thing happen. exclued travel size. and now i am feeling bad…. may be cvs employee think that im too much greedy… or krazy… i was ther last night n today early in the morning…

  • Jaime

    Thank you! In order to be fair I did 3 deals at 2 different CVS stores (only a mile apart). The first cashier didn’t look like she wanted to hand over my ECB, but the second (a teenage boy) congratulated me! Now I’m trying to figure out how to roll them…

  • amy

    bad luck for me….my cvsstore said exclude traval size…:(

    • Jennifer

      Try anyway, it works!

  • Karen

    Of course went out to my CVS and they are out of them & the $.99 ones weren’t marked either

  • Jen

    So I know why some are not getting the limit of 6. It depends if anyone did the aveeno deal a few weeks ago (the awesome deal including the big bottles of aveeno for less than a buck). I originally bought 4 and got back $12. I noticed on the bottom of my receipt said Curel limit 12 reached. I just thought it was a typo and did the deal again purchasing 8 tins but did not get anything. It then dawned on me that I did the aveeno deal 4 times a few weeks ago which is why I could only do this deal 2x. I returned the 8 tins at the register but hopefully this will help someone else out have one less headache on trying to do all 6 and not getting all the ECB’s

    • For the Mommas

      Jen I updated the post saying that this was part of that deal. I didnt realize it at first when I posted it (and I was really excited to share with everyone else) :)

    • Liza

      Thank you for posting this Jen. Now I know why my ECB did not print. I did 1 of the Aveeno deals a few weeks back. Just went back and returned 2 of the Nivea and gave back the 6 dollar ECB that was forced. The manager thanked me for coming back. :)

  • Lori

    I got my 12, too!!! Thanks!! I was afraid the casheir wasn’t going to hand over my $36 ECB. She couldn’t believe it.

  • Derelys P.

    Baby boy and I are on our way. The heck with Gillette Venus, With $36, I can buy as many razors as I want. I want the Sally Hansen gel starter kit and this MM would be great.

  • Richelle

    Worked flawlessly at my CVS in Nanticoke,PA. Did it on my card and my hubby’s card! So glad i got this amazing deal…thanks to you!!!! Thank you sooooo much!! ;)

    • Tori

      Only supposed to have one card per household.

      • Jennifer

        Uh oh, card police!

        • Kristen

          I am a cashier at a CVS in my town and Tori is right: there is only supposed to be 1 card per household. I love getting deals as much as the next person but I want to it “by the rules”.

          • Brittany Morales

            Funny…..because my hubby and I have two cards also……I have called MULTIPLE times to have them merge both cards together and they NEVER do it. I gave up on trying after contacting corporate 5 times with no result!

            • Kristen

              Good luck getting anything done with corporate. I tried merging my husband’s card with mine before I started working there and it was pretty much a lost cause. It’s like pulling teeth to get anything done with them. They are good however about reissuing expired extra bucks. Sorry you had an issue with your cards.

  • Kelly

    Amazing! I worked the deal three times and left the rest for fellow couponers. Thanks SO much!

  • Kristin

    Woohoo!!!! I ran out as soon as I saw this! Did all 12 in 1 transaction and got a $36 ECB!!! It’s been forever since I got such a great deal! THANKS!!! It will come in handy for buying more diapers in the coming weeks ;)

    • For the Mommas

      WHOO HOO! Awesome Kristin!

  • mel

    I did 3 different orders in pa and it worked like a charm

  • Colleen

    No luck finding any in stock at my stores. Did you find them on the shelf with the other Nivea products?

    • Liza

      I found them right with the other Nivea lotions in a box display.

    • Kristin

      Yes, mine were in boxes on the shelf as well :)

  • Holly

    Last time this deal was on I accidentally got them at Rite Aid. No ECB printed. ;)

    • Katie

      Thank you for making me smile. :) That sounds like something I would do!

  • Emilie

    Just did this at my local cvs (Temple, PA) and the sign in store says limit 6. Bought 12 all at once and walked out with a $36 ECB.

    • For the Mommas

      Nice Emilie! The tins were not marked at my store but the cashier asked if he could see if it would print again and I said sure by all means please go ahead :) I love MM deals like this!

      • Liza

        I am SO GLAD I checked your site before heading into CVS! I got all twelve in one transaction (and left plenty on the shelf) and it printed out a $30 ECB, so I showed the manager the bottom of the receipt where it said I’d gotten the limit of twelve, and she forced the remaining $6 ECB. Plus, I got a coupon at the bottom of my receipt for $2 off any hair color or highlight and used it on a clearanced Nice & Easy, making it $.24. Great day at CVS! Thanks, FTM!

        • For the Mommas

          Awesome Liza! Glad you could take advantage of this awesome deal!