CVS: Green Bag Tag ECB

As I previously mentioned, the CVS Green Bag Tag Program is ending. It looks like the program is now officially over.  Stevie got a $2.00 ECB today on the bottom of her reciept that says:

We are sorry, but our Green Bag Tag program has ended. Please accept these ExtraBucks Rewards for your past participation.

Did you receive these ECBs?

Thanks, Stevie!

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  • cathy

    I received $2.00 extra bucks rewards today, like others. The cashier did not tell me about program ending or new program coming. Does anyone know info about new program? When will it start? What is it?

  • Kristina A.

    I just got back from CVS and not only were the green bag tags still out for sale at all the counters (pharmacy & front counters) but when I had the cashier scan mine she asked me what it was. LOL When I told her what it was, I also informed her that I heard the program was ending and another program was going to replace it and in fact I was surprised to see them still selling the tags. She said oh ok, well that’s cool I’m going to have to get one of those myself. DOH!

    To answer the question yes I DID get the $2.00 ECB attached to my receipt, just as the image shows. My only question now is, can I continue to use my Green Tag and get the $2.00 ECB the next time I shop or will it pop back and error?

  • Jason A

    I didn’t get the $2. I didn’t use my tag, since the program is over – but I guess I need to for the $2 to print? I thought it would be connected to my card…

  • Holly

    I did not get $2 farewell bucks. :( I didn’t even take my bag in. When I mentioned something to the clerk, she still said it’s ending soon??

  • Lacy

    A clerk told me over the weekend that there will be a new program, “similar but not as good”. Not sure what that means, but I will be glad to see SOMETHING :)

  • salwa salah

    yes me to i received $2 today three times on 3 card

  • rebecca

    I will miss this program too.

  • Jill

    I received $2 today as well. Sad to see the program go. Oh we’ll, they didn’t scan my tag half the time anyway!

  • Oanh H.

    I’m sad to see this program ending.

  • Sarah

    Bummer. I liked this program. I try to use reuseable bags all the time.

  • holly

    I received the $2 ecb as well this morning at cvs.

  • Karen B

    It’s a shame. It was nice while it lasted. I will continue to use my “green” bags. It helps save a tree and also holds more and is much sturdier than the cheap bags CVS has.

    • For the Mommas

      Yep, I prefer my reusable bags too.. the plastic ones ALWAYS break.