CVS: Free Nivea Creme + Moneymaker

Update:  The Nivea Tins are no longer producing a $2.00 ECB. 

Here is a deal you may be able to pick up at CVS.

Amanda bought a Nivea Creme Tin at CVS this morning and to her surprise – she got a $2.00 ECB when she purchased one.

Nivea Creme $.99
Get $2.00 ECB
Free + Overage after ECB

Note: I am not sure why this is printing – so I cannot confirm how long this might last.  I know there is a deal on select Nivea products – but not sure if it is supposed to include the tins? 

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  • It stopped printing yesterday around 2ish.. Well atleast here in the Las Vegas valle

  • Tracey

    They were all gone at my CVS. :( I will probably see them this weekend at the flea market. This is why California does not have doubles-resalers at flea markets ruined it!

  • Tina

    did it yesterday in Selinsgrove pa around noon. I bought four tins got eight extra bucks. I then used those bucks to buy 3 bottles of organix shampoo that were 50% off $3.49. I was bummed when the $5 extra bucks for spending $10 on organix did not print but cashier was sweet an printed them manually for me. woot! ;)

  • Kim

    anyone try it today?

  • Tried yesterday in NV at 6pm not working :(

  • Beth B.

    Just tried the white tins in Atlanta and it did not print :(

    • Shannon

      right, the deal is dead.

  • Peggy

    I just tried the deal on the white Nivea lotion (they were out of the blue tins at 2 CVS stores) in Northern Virginia and I didn’t get the ECB. :(

  • Holly

    Ugh! I tried tonight but didn’t get my bucks. Oops, I tried at Rite Aid! :(

    • Shannon

      oh no!

    • Danielle

      same here =(

      • Shannon

        you tried at Rite Aid too? LOL

        • Holly

          It was that kind of day for me! I was just so happy to get out of the house alone. I wrote it on the wrong list.

          • Shannon


            Sounds like my life!

  • Ellen

    i got mine

  • I got the white ones in CT, deal worked with those!

  • Morgan

    still working as of 2pm in South Jersey

  • Worked in ny at 1130 am. I got $4.

  • Caroline

    Still working at 2pm in Harrisonburg, VA. I got the last one at the first store, plus the free Dawn with Olay, then went to another store to get three more.

    • Kristen

      Caroline did any of the CVS stores in Hburg have the white tins? I only saw blue in staunton so i bought 4 blue.

      • Caroline

        The box for the white ones at the Cantrell Ave store was empty and I didn’t even see a space for them at the Port Rd store. Port Rd still had 6 blue left when I got my three yesterday.

  • carol

    I had the 30% off coupon sent to my card…bought 4 and paid about 2.80…and got $8.00 in ECB!! Oh how I love “The Mommas”!!!!

  • My CVS in Indiana were out of the blue tins, so I tried the .99 white ones and it worked on them too!!

  • jenny

    As of 1:00 pm in Romney, WV, the deal was still working, except my Nivea costs $1.19 instead of .99 cents. I got my 4!! :o)

    • Caroline

      I don’t know where Romney is, but you have power?? I heard basically the whole state was out! I’m in western VA and my neighborhood has it but lots around us don’t.

      • jenny

        Some parts of the county in WV are out, but I have power. There was a power tower knocked down in Parkersburg, WV and they are working around the clock to build a new tower. Local stores here and in Winchester Va are all open with power.

  • lauren

    Got 3 Physician’s Formula Cosmetics, 4 small Nivea tins and one body wash.

    Physician’s Formula were each $7 off plus used a $1 off any body wash coupon from the magic coupon machine.

    Used $9 in ECB from previous purchases for an OOP cost of $.62!

    And the best part of all is I got back $8 in ECB for the Nivea lotion!!! I think I’ll go back and use that for more Physician’s formula deals ;)

  • Yes, Yes….bought 4 at 99 cents and got 8 dollars in extra bucks!!! Total $201.15…with coupons and extra bucks…60.21 and 2 $10 gas cards and $8 in extra bucks!!!

  • Lori R

    I just bought four plus I got some eyeshadow on 50% clearance. Nivea moneymaker paid for makeup!

  • Krist1211

    Still working at 11:30 am in Ohio. The blue tins & small white moisturizing creme ones!! Worked at multiple locations!!! Hurryyyy runn & get this deal!!!

  • Emilie

    This worked at the Audubon, PA store. And they had a lot left about 10 minutes ago.

  • Emilie

    I love this deal!

  • Jenn

    In in SC and it worked perfectly this morning, thanks so much!!! Love your site:)

  • It is working here in Michigan, i just checked out.

  • Jeff

    Worked perfectly in Carroll Co, MD this morning. I had 4 $1 coupons so all I paid was tax and got $8 back! Thanks!

  • Yay! Bought 4 for $.99 each and received $8 ECB! Working in Morgantown, WV!

  • Jennifer

    Got mine yesterday but just wanted to thank you for posting, I got it before shelves cleared

  • Klaxi

    Worked in NY this morning! Wowww, what a great offer, thx guys :-)

    I got it for $0! I had 4 EB, bought 4 Nivea Creme, and got 8 EB. Amount to pay: ZERO :-)

    Use this offer, it is really great. Nothing to lose here :-)

  • Jolene R Drust

    Worked this morning!!!

  • Megan

    Mine worked. Bought 4, got $8ECBs. Thanks!

  • Jenny

    Shame you can’t do more than 4…This are perfect stocking stuffers for my cancer beauty bags I do every x-mas

  • Corinne

    Strange, I went to Hershey, PA last night, and it wasn’t working.

  • Noelle

    As of 8:30am in Allentown, PA, it’s still working perfectly!

    • Melanie P.

      Hi Noelle. Did I meet you at the Lehigh Valley Mall while I was working the Easter Bottom Dollar event ? The email I have for you doesn’t work.

  • Megan

    Thanks Christina, I’m going in a bit to test it out. :)

  • sara

    I got 4 yesterday in Lancaster. Also the CVS brand night diapers were on clearance. Got the last of size 4 with my ECB (clearance price was 2.74 a pack) :) Plus they were out of the cortaid cream so the let me get ANY of the other brands for FREE! What a great quick trip to CVS!

  • Julie

    I did this Sunday night :) Sweet!

  • Christina

    Yes I just made the purchase this morning .. I’m in Atlanta, Ga

  • Debbie

    Would sure like to know the SAME thing!

  • Lacy

    Fun deal yesterday- the fun red machine printed out my $3.50 ECB for Spring.
    I picked up-
    Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner (2/$6.50)
    Nivea Cream in the blue tin (.99 cents)
    Aussie Hair Smoothing Oil ($3.50- this was one of the clearance items, I picked up just for fun, it wasn’t on my original shopping list).
    Total before coupons & ECB $12.72
    Used $3/2 Pantene coupon, (2) $2/1 shampoo or conditioner- CVS Coupon that printed last week from the red machine, and $3.50 ECB
    Total out of pocket .51 cents, earned $2 ECB from Nivea!!!

  • Lisa

    I got 4 of the white ones. They smelled better than the blue ones. My store was out of the cortaid, but they substituted the cvs brand.

  • Sherry

    goin’ tomorrow!!! gonna score these!

  • will try first thing in am

  • Laina

    Got it!

  • lola29

    I bought 2 and got $4 cash rebate. Awesome! Will pick up the free cortisone cream at a later time. Got a raincheck for it.

  • Amy

    so I went and bought 6 of them, and did 2 separate transactions and only got the $6 ecb

  • I got it. Thanks for posting..

  • Cyndi

    Great deal……love saving money. Love this website !!!

  • Kim

    does anyone know when this nivea deal expires?

    • r.p.

      probably as soon as corporate finds out what is going on, lol. you really believe they like losing this much money?

  • Nina

    So excited i did get it and my free Cortaid cream!

  • Valerie

    got mine =) nice surprise. no signs were posted on it.

  • Penny

    Thank you such a good money making deal! I got a CVS coupon for $5 off Female Schick Hydro Silk coupon plus I used the $4 manufacture coupon off of one Schick razor. The razor was $9.50 and I had $9.00 worth of coupons. I paid .52 for it and got $3 Extra Care Bucks back! I bought three of the creams and got $6 Extra care bucks!!! Even the cashier was impress! The bonus was that I scan my card at the machine and got an extra $4.50 Extra care bucks. So, I have $10.50 3 creams and a hydro silk razor!!

    • Caroline

      Where did you get a $4 Schick Hydro Silk coupon? The one I had expired 6/24. I have the $5 one from the red box but the only mqs I have for Schick are men’s.

      • lauren

        I got the hydro silk coupon from the machine a couple weeks ago. i paired it with a $4 coupon from the back of another schick razor i got a while back :) freebie!

  • Beverly

    I drove to my nearest CVS about 20 minutes away and the shelf was either cleared or they removed them.

  • KouponKid

    Does it mention ECB on the shelf?

  • Michelle

    Got 4 white containers in the lotion aisle, top shelf. Got $8 eb… Worked liked a charm!! Thanks!

  • Julie

    I got the four tin limit. I did not think that I would use the 30% off coupon on a non-sale item this week, so I told the cashier to keep it this morning. Oh well, it was still worth it. I also got the free Cortaid. It cost me $.50, since the smallest Cortaid was $6.49, and the coupon was up to $5.99. So, it was a good CVS day. :-)

  • Noelle

    I just did it, easy peasy!! I love deals like that!

  • Jen

    I was so excited that I didn’t even check for Nivea coupons… lol

  • Vicki

    Yes I did and I had two $1 off coupons so they paid me to take it out of the store. Booyah!

  • Janet

    Got them…thanks!

  • Betty

    Thank You!!

  • I’m doing the cvs happy dance, I was able to get 4. Happy Dance

  • i got 4

  • Regular price

  • Kim

    could someone tell me if the nivea creme is on sale or is $0.99 the regular price? thanks so much!

    • Shannon

      regular price.

  • @ Pam, no use your cvs card and you are limited to 4

  • Rachel Wheeler

    I got mine and a free cortizone because they ran out of cortaid. The manager was stunned and even though I didnt point it out she went nuts about the ECB that came out! lol i hope you all can get yours!!!

  • Pam

    Is this in the P&G insert?

  • Yvonne

    Got my 4, thanks FTM!!!!! You rock!

  • Amy

    What aisle is it in

  • Genie

    got my 4

  • Ivelisse

    Mu store didnt have any. Going to check another one out tomorrow to see hopefully the deal is still going

  • Ivelisse

    My store doesnt sell them:( im hoping to check out a diff store tomorrow

  • Heather

    i did, yay!

  • Jennifer WIlliams

    Okay, I keep saying I am not shopping this week, nor getting papers. I blew the papers thing when I heard of great store coupons for Publix and Sweetbay. Now my favorite lotion at CVS, thanks a lot, you are not helping my vacation at all with this one. Might as well blow it all in one day right!!!

  • Wendy

    Just got mine!

  • She

    These Nvea tins are amazing for the rough skin on heels!

  • She

    worked for me, I got 2!

  • In the lotion aisle. Top shelf. I got 4 plus the free cortaid from the coupon machine.

  • Suzette

    Check your email before you head out. I had a 30% off coup to apply to these. I was able to get 4 for $.69 each and got the $8 EB. :)

  • Mai

    located where the lotions are

  • Ivelisse

    Where would these be located?

  • Jen

    Ahhh ok running to try before shelf clears, lol

  • the H&S is a YMV thing.. I had a friend do it at the same store i was at (different cashier) Her cashier marked the value down even though it scanned at full value BUT my cashier took the full value off… So it may depend on your

  • Chrissy

    I bought four, got $8. I’m going to try at another CVS to see if the limit is more than four and if the white tins are included. When I went to my CVS there were like 20 of both the blue tine and the white tin

    • Shannon

      Chrissy, its not. I got a photo of the sign.. Says 4.

  • Rachel Schultz – nice!

  • jodie

    I bought 4 it worked great got 8$ ecb

  • Rachel

    Worked for me too and a bonus when they scanned my b1g1 head and shoulders it took the full $9.49 off

  • Just did it. It works on blue tin and whit plastic container- Nivea soft moisturizing creme

  • Bree

    Limit 4

  • Samantha Morgan – woot!

  • Just worked for me, bought 2 got $4. Yay!! I’ve been out of the CVS game for several months so this will be a good way to start up again.

  • Jenn Guldner – looks like its 4.

  • So no sonfirmation on limit?….Hmmm, will have to try this out…

    • r.p.

      limit is four, just tried it. got my $8 ecb. the cashier let me try again and it wouldn’t go thru.

  • k , making sure cause was gonna buy more papers just want know what needs to b in the papers,

  • i dont see any nivea deal in my paper

    • Shannon

      It is not in the paper.

  • Bree

    Just P&G

    • Pam Jordan

      The P&G insert?

  • Wend

    Do know what the limit is?

    • Shannon

      4 I believe.

  • k thanks will try, quick ? how many inserts were we r to have, somehow my paper that got delivered only had P&G. Were more to it

    • Shannon

      Just P&G today. Holiday weekend!

  • she bought 1 – it worked and so then she bought 3 more! :)

  • did she buy 3 a time i take it

  • awesome!!!!!! :)