CVS: ECB’s Not Printing For Some

If you are heading out to CVS, be sure to check your receipts. Some people are reporting that ECBs are not printing automatically. Several of you said your store had to print them manually.

As usual, CVS is very on top of the problem, so you might not even have to mention it. I just wanted to give you a heads up!

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  • All mine printed. I got some good deals. Excited because I never do pharmacy deals. They kinda scared me.

  • Amanda

    Nichole- thanks for adding about the machine.. I forgot to say something about that earlier.. None were printing for anyone.

  • mina

    Happened to me too, the store took care of it;)

  • sarah

    happened to me this morning and CVS was great about printing them out for me :)

  • Yes, the line stretched out to the pharmacy b/c they had to manually print all the ECB’s. No coupons from the machine either. Good news from the manager, April is ECB month (not sure what that means, but sounds fun).

  • Same thing for me last night. But cashier printed them after.

  • Shanta

    And another thing, I don’t know if it just my store but I went there yesterday & today and when I scanned my card at the red coupon machine, it read ‘no coupons today, come back tomorrow’

  • Shanta

    GM Shannon & fellow couponers, you are right ECB’s are now printing. Out of all the ECB’s that I earned the only ECB printed was my green bag tag. The cashier had to manually give me all my earned ECB’s!!!!!

  • ronda

    love my cvs, the cashier even re-scanned my card at the red machine , i did it only once, as she knew there were more coupons to make my purchase even cheaper. all my ecb’s scanned. was just wondering, one cashier said they had gotten a list of coupon policies that were going to change, anyone else hear this yet?

  • didnt work at 9:30 am for the jelly beans, mars candy, or toothbrushes. she manually printed them out for me.

  • Becca

    Just got back from CVS…the cashier was aware of the problem and put all my ECB items aside so she could go through and manually print them after the sale.

  • Jamee

    I haven’t gone to CVS or RiteAid in quite a while due to all of the good deals on toiletries from Giant, Weis, and Target. Tried CVS this morning and unfortunately held up the line for a full 20 minutes while they tried to figure out why not a single ECB printed…ugh. My own fault! I know to check FTMs before I leave the house!

  • Christine

    happened to me too but they just printed them out afterwards

  • It happened to me this morning and the cashier went back and printed them out this morning. $1.42 profit on Easter candy and peanut butter for me this morning….

  • Kate

    Just got back from CVS. My didn’t print and the cashier was so on top of it. I thought it was so wierd that it didn’t print, glad to see I’m not the only one!

  • Malissa

    THanks for the heads-up. I probably will not go today, as my CVS is HORRIBLE and they likely would not print them manually.

  • Christy

    That happened to my mom with the peanut butter deal. Mine all printed for the jelly beans, toothbrushes, and mars candy.

  • Patricia Collins

    This is true. My ECB’s didn’t print on my Halls or Colgate. The cashier did however print them manually.

  • It happened to me also….I caught it before I left the store.

  • This happened to me. The cashier couldn’t figure out why, so she just have me cash!

  • Amy

    Yes, this happened to me it beeped, but no ECBs-good thing I go to a great CVS ;)