CVS: $45 Paypal Master Card Moneymaker



Paypal Master Card Moneymaker

There is a HUGE moneymaker this week at CVS on the Paypal Mastercard.

The only caveat is:

1. This deal is regional.
2. This deal is not showing in the regular ad.

You should also read about the Paypal Master Card Prepaid here and make sure you are ok with the terms of the account.

To find out if this deal is in your area, please head over to’s my Weekly Ad to check.  Once you have confirmed the deal, you can do this:

Buy Paypal Master Card for $150.00
Pay $4.95 Activation Fee
Get $50.00 ECB
You will now have $150.00 on the Master Card + $50.00 ECB to spend
$45.05 Moneymaker after ECB and activation fee


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  • Trina H.

    I just did this deal yesterday in North Canton, OH and it worked fine. My friend did it in Cuyahoga Falls, OH and it also worked.

  • Thup

    Sorry guys don’t use my referral code below, its already been used once and after that its invalid.

  • I called one of the local stores here in Southern California. They are still honoring the deal… they didn’t have any cards. I called the next location. They said they were honoring the deal. They also have the card… so I am headed there now.

  • Rebecca

    My store told me that corporate HQ pulled the deal>

    • Anonymous

      This deal has become a PUBLIC RELATIONS NIGHTMARE FOR THE CVS HOUSTON, TX area stores! The online weekly ad CLEARLY posts this as a valid deal, but I went to 5 different CVS stores (along Westheimer Rd) and also Kirby Rd, and managers are stating that they were sent an email stating not to issue the card. Cashiers were gleefully declining to honor this deal because of this email. If it is not being honored in the Houston metro area, then pull the ad from the ‘My Weekly Ads’ for the stores that I frequent in the area. I will be calling the state attorney general TODAY! The cards are in the stores, but they are refusing to honor a deal that THEY advertised!

      • Denise

        “I will be calling the state attorney general TODAY!” Wow, why, because you couldn’t get the deal? Move on to next deal. It isn’t that serious.

  • Loren

    Share the Love this Holiday! When I activated my card online, I used a fellow saver’s referral ID.. if you could input mine upon activation, we will BOTH recieve a bonus $5 :) .. that takes care of that pesky activation fee!

    Referral ID: 3486123987

    Thank you!!

  • liz

    does anyone know if its still working?

  • Jen

    There’s a decent Gap one too. I shop at Old Navy and Gap a lot so I’ll do that one too.

  • Tracy

    Did the deal once in my Ohio store. It worked for me. Then worked for one person behind me, then it stopped working for the next 3. Manager said it looked like the deal had been pulled.

    • chris

      Read about this on many sites. The thing that held me back from getting in on this is you have to call or log in to activate and you must provide either your SS # or tax i.d. Also some report that in addition to the initial fee of $4.95 paid at checkout there is a monthly fee that paypal takes off the card. On one site someone stated that she noticed this fee deducted 11 hrs after activation. Lots of people are using up their cards almost immediately and then calling or logging on to cancel the card even if they have a zero balance. Good luck to all with this.

      • carla

        I went and did this… we did pay the $4.95 fee in addition to the $4.95 activation fee… I put $5.05 in gas in my car to make it an $140.00 and then went to the ATM and retrieved the money left in the card. still an awesome deal.

    • Nikki

      I went to my local store today and the paypal prepaid card deal wasn’t showing in the add, I showed the manager the list I created online from and she honored it.