Kraft: Free Sample Pack, Coupons and Rebate – Hurry!

This one will go quickly so don’t wait!

Kraft is giving away a great new Sample Pack. The sample packs contain a variety of sample size Kraft products as well as coupons. It will also come with a Rebate offer form: Spend $30 on Kraft Foods products from 5/23/10 through 6/13/10 and get $10 back by mail.

Hurry and head over to their Facebook page to request your free sample. While supplies last.

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  • Ally

    Said the link had been reported “Abuse” by Facebook users. Guess FB users don’t like free stuff??

  • Heidi

    I must have pressed “submit” like 50 times earlier to no avail, but when I just went to do it it said I had already requested the sample. Sure enough, when I clicked on the link to check the status it said it was “in process”.

  • Andrea

    Traffic must have been heavy, or likely a FB problem. I just registered and had no problems.

  • Bonnie in PA

    There still available now, and the site is working without problems.

  • Sheena

    Just did it with no problems, site seemed to be running fine.

  • Kate

    After countless times hitting the submit button to no avail, I just gotout and started all over and it worked the first time!!

  • Tracy

    I had to click the submit button probably 20 times before it took mine and I finally got a confirmation.

  • Rachael

    Finally got mine but I cant remember what I chose, hahaha, I think I picked the hot dogs for my kiddos! :-)

  • Rachael

    just keep pressing stop and then submit until you get the confirmation page, it took me a good 10 minutes, LoL, but I’m putting off working out so it’s 10 minutes well spent!

  • Cheryl

    Not working for me – keeps taking me back to the FB page…

  • Melissa

    I finally got the form to load now it will not submit? Any advice?

  • Jaclyn Rich

    Mine just keeps going back to their facebook page after i select my pack. Anyone else getting this?

  • Deepika

    I got it! Its verrrry sloooow.

  • Anonymous

    It took me quite some time to get it also.

  • Heidi

    Step 1 worked, but step2 (the part where you submit your address) just keeps loading—no confirmation given

  • Annie

    Wow – that took forever. But it worked – just make sure that you have something else to do while you’re on there.

  • Mandy

    Slow to open, but wait, it’s worth it!

  • Jessica

    anyone having issues with this? i just keep getting the loading….. screen!