How Does Ebates Work?

So how does Ebates really work? 


** When you sign up, get a $10 Gift Card Bonus when you make your first purchase over $25.00!**

How it works is simple: the site is free to join and always free to use. You signup and you’ll find the latest coupons, deals and a specific cash back amount for each of the stores on the site, including Macys, Target, Priceline,, Overstock, EBay, Apple,, Gap, and many, many more. You just click to the store and shop like your normally do and when you buy something you earn cash back in your Ebates account.

They pay you in cash, not points or miles, and you don’t need to fill out any rebate forms. It really is that simple, the stores are competing for new customers and they pay Ebates a commission and they split that with you.   They’ve paid over $60,000,000 to their members so far.

How Does Ebates Pay: Every 3 months, Ebates send you a cash back payment for purchases posted during the previous quarter based on the schedule below. But if you’ve earned less than $5.01 cash back, we’ll carry over your money to the next check. Bonus Rewards do not count toward the $5.01 minimum.

How quickly is cash back credited to my account?

Most cash back rewards are credited within 48 hours. Some stores, however, cannot confirm your purchase until the return period has elapsed and may take up to thirty days to confirm your cash back.


  • Large Selection of Shopping
  • Pays good percentages on rebates
  • $5.00 Sign up Bonus
  • Been online since 1998


  • Only Pays 4 times a year
  • Minimum Balance Required

If you have any questions about Ebates, you can leave them in the comments. Or if you have a good or bad experience with Ebates, leave it in the comments.

To sign up and get a $5.00 bonus with your first purchase, you can check out Ebates here.

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  • Lisa

    there are times when I shop and do not receive any cash back, why is that?

    • At Ebates cash back rewards are usually credited within 48 hours. Some stores, however, cannot confirm your purchase until the return period has elapsed and may take up to thirty days to confirm your cash back.

      Still wondering about a purchase made more than 30 days ago that isn’t showing in your account summary? Contact Ebates Customer Service.

  • Olga Cruz Cruz

    good day, i have one question. does ebates gives cash back on full amount of purchase or pre tax amount. thank u

  • Joy David-Greenlaw

    My first pay check was $18.50. Is there a minimum amount for my next purchase to qualify for ebates ? – joy

  • Lauren

    Do you have to shop online for ebates to work?

    • KateOSee


  • Confused

    I too did a shopping through ebates on Amazon on Monday.I also did not get any notification from ebates about my purchase or see anything pending in my account. I have already received my ordered merchandise. Did I do something wrong for Ebates not to recognize the purchase?

    • Debbie

      Hello confused. I know ebates only offers Amazon rebates on certain items, so make sure that you purchased from those specific categories. Also, it does take some time, depending on the merchant, to see your cash back. You can view any pending cash back by looking in your ebates account.

  • Alieia Nelson

    I’m getting my first check from them soon. I wish I could of discover this site years ago. I’m always shopping online so this is like a thing made for people like me. I love it and personally for me I think them only paying you 4 times a year is perfect. Being that I’m on a fixed income, I go to school, work 4 days a week, pay rent & bills. and have to take care of my daughter. That will really come into handy. I don’t know when my check will arrive actually but getting paid to shop online is like a wonderful “job” lol. I really hope this ebates will stay around for years to come. I didn’t believe it at first but I’m def liking it now #HappyCustomer

  • Paige

    I just did a lot of shopping through ebates on amazon, walmart and a couple other stores. Didn’t get any notice from ebates that they know of my purchases. Or anything in Pending on my ebates acct. I know they only pay every 3 months, but how/when do we know

  • Patty

    Do you have to purchase the items online thru the ebates website to get the rebate? In the last 10 days I have purchased. A ceiling fan and remote from Lowes but used my Lowes card to get an additional 5% off. I’ve also purchased several sets of sheets from Macy’s but again used my Macy’s card

    • Karen White

      Didyou get the extra 20% off using ur Macy’s card???

  • Florine

    sI have an Ebates American Express Reward Card. How do I use that? Is it only on line or can I use it in a Store too?

  • ?

    When I receive checks do I have to claim them on my taxes?

    • cloud9ine

      no. rebates are not taxable.

    • Ashley

      every three to four months

  • darcy

    what is the minimum balance that is required for me to use ebates or expect cash back from them?

  • melody

    Is it legit? I mean the ebates site isn’t going to share personal info with others is it? It almost seems too good to be true, wouldn’t the ebates take some of the profits from the website i buy something from?-

    • Anonymous

      It’s legit. I’ve received multiple checks from them with no problem.

  • Michele

    Does ebates only work for online purchases? And if you still have to pay shipping, is it really any cheer than just buying in-store?

    • Elisha

      A lot of stores have free shipping and you can also use promotion codes to get even more money off. I just bought a carpet shampooer. The cheapest price I could find anywhere was online for $189.98. I decided to purchase via Kohl’s even though their price was $239.99 because I could use a 20% off coupon, got free shipping and will get $40 Kohls cash (I also bought another $12 item). On top of that I will get 6% back with Ebates! So my carpet shampooer cost me $137.52!!!

  • lani

    i was just wondering do you have to spend money out of your own pocket to purchase things?

    • Cricket

      My ? is just what Marcy said,and I have a few also.What I would like to know is,,how do you submit your purchases you have made,how much $ do you have to put up now or to use this offer,and from what I’ve read here and compared it to what was said on the TV commercials(I got $1104.31 another $700.65 ) are not even close,so is this just another gimmick or scam.Has anyone had any situations or have experienced something about this they can share with us and let us know for sure.

      • jeffrey p

        Hi my name is jeff and I used to be blonde, I have no idea how to use the site. I joined then went to Walmart where I spent 36.00, now what do I do ?? I’m totally lost I take a lot of medication. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ty, jeff

        • geoff84

          Hi jeffrey p. If you clicked through to Walmart from ebates, and your ebate is 2%, you’ll get $0.72. And then, from the ebates site: “And four times a year or more, we’ll mail you a Big Fat Check, or transfer the money to your PayPal account if you’d prefer. We can even send the money to your favorite charity. All 100% free.” Hope that helps.

  • marcy sexton

    Pardon a stupid question. The site only requested my email address to join. How will I receive checks? And I did not see expiration dates on the offers listed?

    • Anonymous

      you add your info afterwards :)

  • Sue

    I went on to ebates and then to walmart ordered a pillow and did not receive my ebate. I checked online and it did not show.

  • kathy

    I have not joined ebates yet. When you shop through ebates, you are obviously not driving to the actual store to shop. That being said, wouldn’t the cash rebates be offset by shipping charges, thereby meaning you really have not gained anything? I cannot imagine these stores not charging for shipping AND also giving you a rebate. Sounds to me like the typical “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Please share with us how one actually, TRULY, comes out ahead dollar wise. Thank you.

    • Tara

      Sephora and ship free(if you spend $50 or more), so with them you come out ahead. Also with the the others that you do pay for shipping, you have to pay it any way, why not get some of your money back (if you shop online that is). A lot of these places do offer free shipping though.

  • tanesha e.

    I am all new to ebates, please don’t get offended for all of my questions. Do you have to purchase things online to receive ebates??????

    Tanesha E.

    • Shannon

      @tanesha e.,

      Yes online thru ebates. no problem with the questions. anytime.

      • julie

        do I have to go on ebates first then shop ?

        • Shannon

          yes julie..

  • Andrea

    I just got my first check last week as well – $12 and change. I’ve already added a few dollars more, just for buying things I was already going to buy.

  • I LOVE EBATES!!!! I just got my first check back from them and I got $35!!! All for buying 2 pairs of shoes and some ink! LOVE IT!!!

  • Ann

    Just joined a few months back and just got my first check for $8.37. Always nice to have a little extra cash in the pocket!

    • Shannon



      • do i have to pick up my purchase that i bought at the store.or will they shipp it too me for shopping really dont understand it ?please help i really wana buy my son and nieces and nephews things

        • Anonymous

          they had a link on the left side that said, in store pickup!

  • Ebates is great! I’ve been a member since 2004 with over $700 cash back. I’m finding that I check Bing shopping to compare. They seem to have less participating merchants, but bigger cash back amounts.
    Anyone who shops online, should join Ebates, it’s a no brainer, it’s free money!

    • please somebody help me do i have to pick up the stuff that i orderd or how does it work

      • Elisha

        That depends on the store you choose to shop at. If you purchase from a store like Walmart that offers store pick up, then yes. Most of the time you will probably be shopping from a store that will ship the items to you via UPS, FedEx or the postal service.

        • Anonymous

          Hi all, discover credit card have the same program and it’s twice the the cash back percentage. Just FYI