HOT: 6 Free Custom Photo Coasters !

Update: Guys, this deal is still working. You have to follow the directions as laid out. Even though the landing page says free card and 50 photos, once you sign up and check your account you are credited for the photos, card , collage and coasters.  Just ignore what you are seeing and sign up and check out your account , it looks like this:

If you missed out on the Free Dog Leash offer, than I have a great new freebie available!  Right now you can get 6 FREE custom Photo Coasters shipped to your house, totally free, if you are new Snapfish customer! Plus, you can also get 50 prints shipped along with this for just $3.44!

Here is how:

  • Go here and create your account. (Follow this link) Note- it will say free cards, it will still add your coasters too!
  • You will get a credit for free coasters and free cards in your account. (check in the upper right hand corner for what is crediting)
  • Go to the store area and search for coasters.
  • Upload 6 photos and make your coasters.
  • Add coasters to cart.
  • You should see the $24.99 credit.
  • Then you will want to add your payment method. (you cannot use Paypal, Paypal doesn’t go through for zero.)
  • and use code PRESDAY at checkout.
  • if you decide to take advantage of the 50 free prints, it is just $3.44 for the prints and the coasters shipped!

Your cart should look like this:

Do not wait on this. It will sell out fast!

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