Weis Super Double Coupon Matchups

weis super double

Weis Super Double Coupon Matchups

Select Weis Markets will be doing Super Double Coupons this week, July 10-12th, 2013.  To find out if your store is doing them, go here and find your circular. You will see the ad like above.

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  • Carol

    That was fun! I saved 89% plus got the $5 OYNO from Pantene and 10 gas points. I started at 52 something and paid 7.42. The super doubling and grand reopening was awesome! I’m so excited!! unfortunately they didn’t have any of the Rev wraps, a lot of the cereals I wanted were not there, they apparently no longer have chi chi taco sauce, and they don’t carry that Aloha morning juice. I told my daughter, we’d have done even better with some of that stuff. I’m a bit disappointed with the store since the remodel (Newport, PA) it seems like they quit carrying stuff and things are much harder to find. I’ll get used to where things are but I wish they still carried everything.

    • Cierra

      I might of taken all the Rev wraps lol, they were free so why not! lol

  • katie

    Went to Newport at 8 in the morning on Wed, was one the first people there, and got close to 350 dollars worth of items for only 38 bucks! i went straight to the Old Spice bars because I knew they were gonna go quick cuz they were free after coupons! great day! also ended up going to CVS and getting 14 bottles of Herbal Essence for free too! first successful trip of extreme couponing!! :D

  • Megan

    I was at my Harrisburg store around 9 this morning. The store was not crowded at all, only 2 registers open and no lines. This is typical for them, I’m not sure how they stay open. I spent $28 and saved $69, and got $5.75 in register print-outs to use off my next trip. My internet printed coupons wouldn’t scan (for some reason they often don’t) but my cashier manually put them through without me asking. I commented that the other Weis near me never does that, and she told me they’re not supposed to but she always does. So I guess it just depends on who you get. My free items were wacky mac, ronzoni garden delight (?) pasta, breyer’s ice cream topping, mott’s for tots juice, and 2 each of tampax and always products (free after factoring the $5 off my next visit). Other good deals: Turkey Hill natural ice cream for $1.50 (coupon rang up double even though I think it stated “do not double” on it), snickers ice cream bars for $ .69, m&m ice cream sandwiches for $ .59, digiorno pizzeria pizza for $1.50, dole squish’ems for $ .50, french’s fried onions for $ .19, head and shoulders shampoo for $ .29, and kintimate shaving gel for $ .59.

    • Stacy

      Newport was not to busy. Just got back. Was very happy with everyone there. Total was 124.90 only paid 19.06 and got 5.00 back for another order.

      • katie

        I went to Newport too! 8 in the morning on Wednesday! got close to 350 worth of items and only paid 38 bucks! woohoo!

    • kelly

      I have problems at the Union Deposit one is that the one you have had problems at with internet coupons? I usually stick to the one on Grayson Rd

      • Megan

        It’s the one on 22 in Colonial Park that has given me trouble. Today I went to the one on Linglestown Rd.

    • Anonymous

      I did pretty well in Hummelstown yesterday. I saved $76 and still spent $55.00. I bought a lot of yogurt, juice, cereal, DiGiorno and stockpiled some things like mustard, wacky mac, Ronzoni. The kids at the registers were great but they weren’t well instructed on the policy. I made sure I printed the policy in case there were problems. All in all it was a pretty positive experience. The only problem I had was the people behind me were impatient. I laughed when they gave me the finger in the parking lot!

    • FTM – Joe

      Lots of great deals to be had Megan.

  • kelly

    OMG what a nightmare at Weis this morning!! They computers were not set up to double. Lots of confusion on their half didn’t wanna double them right and had to do some arguing :( I hate doing that but they need to honor their sales.

    • stef

      I also went this morning, was the 1st customer, computers weren’t doubling so I had to PAY for everything, and then they rescanned the coupons for the “doubled” part and gave me that in cash. Wasn’t very happy, but wasn’t much I could do. Sure hope they go the computers fixed

  • John

    Newport is in.

  • Heather

    darn it!!! mines not!!! ;(

    • Amanda

      Where are the ones that are? I was clicking on different circulars and didn’t see that graphic.

      • Karla

        Camp hill, pa..near Harrisburg is

      • Anonymous

        Both of the ones in Lebanon are doing the doubling. BUT… if you go to the one on 72, they wont double the Reynolds cupcake ones because the product is only .99 and is a money maker. I had to argue with the lady because she kept asking me where my foil was, she said she didn’t see me get foil. I pointed directly to the picture of the cupcake papers and she said “but it says Reynolds on it” … *sigh* w/e. I spent $53 and saved $137. I totally forgot to get cat food…. can’t wait to go back. Irks me that half the products I wanted were gone by 11am. :( And the zone changes… what’s up with that!!!!!