Wawa: $1.00 Coffee (Any Size)

For the Philly local readers, Wawa’s coffee is just $1.00 for any size, for a limited time.  I really like Wawa’s french vanilla coffee. Yum.

If you aren’t from the Philly/Jersey area, you probably are thinking what the heck is a Wawa. It’s just a gas station/convenience type store with a weird name.

Thanks, Mama Cheaps

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  • tlm

    I don’t know why anyone wonders out loud about anything online anymore when there are Google and Wikipedia, not to mention http://www.wawa.com.

    From http://www.wawa.com: “Wawa” is a Native American word for the Canada Goose that was found in the Delaware Valley, that’s why we use the goose on Wawa’s corporate logo.

    The coffee promotion goes until week 3 of January 2011.

    • Shannon


      I wonder out loud because I like to talk to people, its interesting to hear people tell stories. I guess I am old, because sometimes I think people would wikipedia everything and text everyone rather than converse about things. Yep, must be getting old.

  • Donna

    I believe WaWa is the Indian name for goose. That’s why a goose is part of their logo!

    • Shannon


      I have lived here all my life and my father in law works for WaWa corporate and I never knew that. That is one of those interesting facts. Wonder how they started as a goose- because before they had the stores, didn’t they have dairy farms?

      • Rie

        My husband used to provide security for Wawa, and he told me many times that the name Wawa came from Indian.
        Stupid me, up until now I thought he meant Indian from India because I’ve seen a lot of Indian people work at gas stations. Dah!

        BTW, I am excited about this offer; get cheaper gas and coffee at Wawa!

        • Shannon


          he he rie.. funny!

      • Donna


        Hi Shannon,

        I’m not sure why they chose a goose. My husband knows all these obscure facts (I like to call him Cliff Claven ala Cheers). I’m sure he knows why! The dairy farm beginnings sound right to me!

        • Shannon


          if he knows, I would love to know. :)

  • Raina

    Oh, I so miss the Wawa. I used to work up near Philly and got subs from there. Yumm!!!

  • Melissa


  • Maggie

    I realized the other day that I plan my route to work based on where the most conveniently located Wawa is. I love filling up with gas and getting a hot chocolate at the same place – AWESOME!

  • I feel bad for the people who don’t know about Wawa :)

  • Tammy

    Wawa is awsome..You don’t realize how awsome until you move away and don’t have it around you..That was one of the best things about moving back to philly is that i could start going to Wawa again

  • I can not get enough of their coffee!!! 24 oz coming my way!!! Our local WAWA had free coffee recently since they changed all of their dispensers to the larger tapped ones instead of the pots, that was the best day ever!

  • Krissy

    Wawa is the greatest place ever! Haha

    • Shannon


  • tina

    OMG- Triple love WAWA I live in Fredericksburg Va. and we have a WaWa they have the best chicken and feta wraps…