Jill’s Steals and Deals


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Today’s Highlights Jill’s Steals and Deals for 1/11:

Infinite Dress by Hayley Starr
Retail price: $325
Discounted price: $49
Discounted percentage: 85 percent off!

Handbags by Olivia+Joy
Retail price: $48 – $98
Discounted price: $19
Discount percentage: 60 – 81 percent off

iHome Multi Device Charging Station
Retail price: $59.99
Discounted price: $18
Discount percentage: 70 percent off

Monogrammed Jewelry by Danielle Stevens
Retail price: $78
Discounted price: $25
Discount percentage: 68 percent off!

Balboa Jewelry: Necklace, bracelet, earrings
Retail price: $340 – $460
Discounted price: $95
Discount percentage: 72 – 79 percent off

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  • San

    Very disappointed with the red wrap dress not worth the price. Today show shame on you!

  • Kim

    I purchased a Jana Feifer Tote from a November 2011
    show. What a joke they said the tote retailed for $ 379.00
    and it was a steal at $ 75.00. I’ve seen better bags at Walmart.
    This was the first and last time I will purchase anything from your so called Steals and Deals.

  • Barbara Thompson

    Ordered bangles from Amrito Singh Steals and Deals on June 14 now 10 days later no sign of them ..Can’t beleive That the Today Show would allow somthing like this to be on the show, All the commets are bad on here …It’s STEALS AND Deals ok
    Just can’t beleive this.

  • ana


    I want to order the S dress in red, but based on the website, it looks more like a reddish brown. Did anyone buy the red dress ? Is it a true red or not so much? Thank you, I appreciate your time!

    • Emily

      I ordered the RED Hayley Star Infinite Dress and FINALLY received it. It is a true red dress. I would not describe it as a reddish brown at all. I hope this helps you.

  • Hi Kids, Well, low and behold, I went on vacation and the Price Bag finally arrived. As you know I ordered it on Dec. 1st. It arrived on March 3rd! Now, friends, let’s agree, “What A Deal”.

    Today Show, good bye and good luck. I hope all of you out there get your “Deals” someday soon.

  • Donna

    Purchased and paid for a Handbag from Olivia and Joy on 1/11…..still no handbag after being told it was shipped more than 2 weeks ago. No replies to emails or calls until I received an email yesterday saying that the bag I ordered is no longer available. Is this a scam or bait and switch? I think the Today Show should air something about these companies that they recommend. I never would have bought this if they hadn’t recommended it.

    • Melanie

      Just wanted to let you know I rec’d my Olivia & Joy bag very quickly after I ordered it on 1/11 and it’s a gorgeous bag. Did you ever receive an email from them with your tracking number?

      • Donna

        @Melanie, No I never received a tracking number but I did receive a confirmation and of course my credit card was charged. I have emailed, called and spoken to several people who are very pleasant but nothing has been done to send my my handbag. I really don’t know where to go from here. I guess to my credit card company. Thanks for replying.

  • Andrea

    So, finally got the two dresses, today (Feb 28), but they do not come with any instructions on how to wear it “60 different ways”. They send you to the website but that only shows 10 ways to wear it–clearly the ways most worn by teeny tiny people. I am a size 12 so my fit is a bit different, plus I actually have breasts, so I need a bit more with regard to examples of how to wear it. This has been a frustrating experience.

  • Dawn

    I ordered 2 dresses. Finally received one but not the other. It has a tracking number but the post office says it has not received it yet. No reply to numerous e- mails to hayley. Other than all the dresses have been shipped. I haven’t tried it on, and the other is for my girlfriend is is overseas w the military. Not terribly happy. If it finally comes I hope it’s a nice dress.

    • Joaquin

      Hayley Starr dress never arrived and they finally sent me an email claiming it had been lost by USPS. How frustrating and poor customer service. I would like the Today Show to do something about this….

  • Dear Jill,

    Hope you never advertise deals like the Infinity Dress. I finally got mine after threatening the company with a dispute on my credit card and endless e-mails and phone calls. Then it took them only 5 days. Plus it’s definately not worth more than $ 49.00

    • Robin

      @Biggi, Do you still have a e-mail address for Haley Starr that works or a phone number I still haven’t received my dress.

      • received an email with conf number, this was after i threatened to send a complaint to better business bureau via today show email and twitter account only took 2 days for them to send confirmation hopefully i will receive the dress even after all the emails to today show and haley starr i am excited to received the dress.

  • Marcy

    I ordered the infinity dress on the 11th. Sent them an email on the 13th of feb about it and got an email on the 15th saying they are almost ready to ship. Got another email saying it had been shipped. When I checked my mail that day it was here! It is a great dress, but I was also frustrated with the process.

  • Good Morning Everyone, Just checking in to say, “I”m still waiting”. What a mess. It would be almost funny, if I hadn’t invested time and money. It’s a “STEAL” all right! The Today Show should really get involved. They could do an investigative report on their own segment.

  • elle

    the dress I ordered on Jan 11 finally came via USPS today (Feb 22). Not pleased with the customer service. Dress seems to be relatively well made.

  • Wendy

    I also ordered the Infinite Dress and have not yet received it! Ridiculous!

  • elle

    I Finally got someone to call me from Haley Starr about the January 11 Today Show segment. I was assured that my order will be shipped either today (Feb 17) or tomorrow. The phone call from the company came only after I left Haley Starr a lengthy Facebook message expression my disappointment about the customer service of the company.

    • Corinnne

      @elle, did you get an email confirmation yet? Just wondering if your dress shipped and wondering if mine will ever get here.

      • elle

        Corinnne- After a series of emails to Haley Starr I FINALLY received a call from someone in her distribution office last week. The next day I received email that my dress would ship that day or the next. The next day I received shipping confirmation and my dress arrived today (feb 22). Hopefully yours will soon arrive.

        • Hi Corinne
          Did you get the phone number of the distribution center. please provide as I did not receive the dress as yet. Thank you

    • Leah

      I got mine today and it is worth the wait!

      • Corinnne

        @Leah, Okay good, that gives me hope! Did they ever send you an email saying it was on its way or did it just show up? Maybe mine is already in my mailbox.

  • Hi, I have a question. Does anyone read these messages besides us? I wonder if Natalie Morales got her Christmas gifts. I’m still waiting for a Kathy Price bag that I ordered on or around Dec. 1st.

    I’ll check back with you guys next week. I’m sure I’ll have nothing to report.

  • Doris

    I ordered a dress from Sub-Urban LLC on Jan. 11th and still waiting for my email confirmation and my dress! My account has been charged. I am very dissappointed. I would like to either receive my dress or a full refund. I really think this company needs to be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

  • elle

    Has anyone received this dress yet?
    I also ordered a Haley Starr dress on January 11 and still have not received any email confirming shipment. Has anyone who ordered this dress received it? I was FINALLY able to get a response back from Miss Haley Starr via Facebook (she’s hard to track down). She was very vague and said orders “are already being shipped” and i would receive my dress “within 30 days of my order as promised”.

    I am very disappointed with Haley Starr’s customer service. This dress better be amazing or I’ll never buy another product for her.

  • susan

    I also ordered an infinity dress on the 1/11 today show. I can understand they were probably overwhelmed with orders but it certainly seems the item should be here by now. It certainly makes it difficult to have confidence that these are reputable companies. I am very disappointed.

  • Amy Puckett

    Seriously disapointed, I ordered 2 monogrammed necklaces on Jan 11th and my account has been charged and still over a month later have nothing! This is ridiculous!!

  • Amy Puckett

    I ordered 2 monogrammed necklaces (Monogrammed Jewlery by Daniell Stevens) with my kids’ initials on them on jan 11th and have yet to receive anything. When I placed my order the site said “May take up to 2-3 weeks for delivery” well, here we are over a month later and…….??? Needless to say, I am not happy. Releived, however, that I am not the only one waiting on items. When are they going to get here? My account has been charged and have nothing to show for it…grrrrrrrr

    • Molly

      @Amy Puckett,
      I ordered a Danielle Stevens necklace on January 14 and still have yet to receive it! Have you gotten yours yet?

  • Sherliie

    I, too, ordered 3 dresses on Jan. 11, and have yet to receive them or hear anything about my order. There is no phone number to call and no way to check on this order. Can you help solve this dilema? I have paid for it and will contact Am Ex very shortly to dispute this order if it is not resolved asap. Thank you.

    • elle


      I also ordered this dress and am extremely frustrated that Haley Starr website offers no contact information on her “contact us” page of website. I was finally able to track her down through Facebook. She was very vague about my dress will be shipped. She did say the orders had already begun shipping. I just wonder if ANYONE has received shipping confirmation yet. i am beginning to think it is a scam.

  • rdmanuel

    its been a month exactly today, and I havent heard a thing about my INFINITE haley starr dress, ive emailed twice no response!

  • Hi, To anyone interested, I feel the show should be called, “Bait and Wait”! What a joke. I’m still waiting on Christmas presents

  • Celesta

    Ahhh! I’m not the only one concerned. I ordered two dresses after watching the Today Show on 1/11/11 and have not heard anything to date! I emailed Hayley Starr using the “info” email address but have not gotten a response. I also emailed the Today Show and am waiting to hear back from them — if they respond at all. I think it’s very odd that there’s no way to contact this company in order to speak to someone about what is going on. Does anyone out there with this problem know what can be done about this? Like you, I’d really like to get my dresses or my money back!

    • elle

      I found her thru Facebook and I am tempted to begin leaving unflattering messages about her customer care on her Facebook page. This is a bad way to do business!! This better be some dress! i am disgruntled!

  • Karen Myers

    I ordered the “S” dress as featured on Hayley Starr’s Steals and Deals on 1/11/11, but have yet to receive the dress. I have my receipt printed, and $59.00 has been charged to my VISA account, but no dress. The merchant is listed as Sub-Urban LLC, but I can’t find a website to contact them. How can I check on my order? Does delivery normally take this long?

  • Ginger

    I ordered the earrings from Balboa Jewelry on 1/11/11. My account as charged on 1/12/11. I have read on this web site that the customer service email does not work. How can I check on my order? I am starting to get concerned –

    Thanks for your help

  • sharon

    anyone still have codes for 1/11 items, wld love to order dress and may not be too late but would like them all

  • I ordered the state necklaces before Christmas and the debit has cleared my account but still no necklaces. Are any of these deals real????????

    • Andie

      @jane, I received my state necklace last week. I still have a couple of orders from that same week that are still waiting to be shipped. Give it another week or so.

  • Both and do not work. One puts in the promo code and it takes you nowhere. Any suggestions?

    • Andie

      @Tony A, The Balboa code needs to be all caps.

  • I keep trying to purchase the earrings and this website is giving me a run around. I’ve clicked twice now on checkout after giving them my credit card info. and then it still shows my earrings in the cart. Were they purchased? I DON’T want my card charged twice but I do want the deal before it expires. Also it’s not letting me pick a different location to mail the earrings except for some other person from some unknown address book. What is going on? There is no phone number to call. SOMEONE please either email me back with info or a person I can contact. Thank you.

  • Lauren M

    you first link doesn’t work – takes you to the dec. page and says those deals are expired….second link does work though

    • Shannon

      Thanks Lauren. Just updated the first link.