Target: July Toy Clearance Online

I mentioned the 75% off Target Toy Clearance that happens in store, but  the July Target Toy Clearance is now available online.  You can find board games, action figures, playsets, and more discounted up to 80% off.   Use Target Coupon Code I77QSLJ2 to save $5.00 off your $50.00 purchase and get discounted shipping.

Note: The clearance page includes other items as well. Just as an FYI, there are mens underwear (on a man) at the top of the page – just so there are no surprises :)

Thanks, Moms By Heart

Also, be sure to check out Target Back in Black Friday Sale.

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  • Kara

    Any free shipping codes out there? I have a order ready to go but am rethinking the 24 in shipping!! Thanks:)

    • Shannon

      eck $24..

  • Lauren

    Thank You!!! I wanted to hit the Target toy clearance so badly but couldn’t justify the trip with any other errands.(25 minutes away) This worked great.

  • sarah

    thanks for the underwear warning, but the picture is actually of a muscular woman. Lol.

    • Shannon


      Umm no when I posted this it was CLEARLY a man!

    • Shannon

      Yeah It has changed since last night when I did the scheduled the post. It was almost crass.

  • Carolyn


  • We went to Target last night and found a Trio basic set on clearance for $4.18. I used the 25% off Target coupon and paid $3.13. I’m thinking stocking stuffer, :)