Sunday Coupon Preview 7/31/11

Here Is Your Sunday Insert Coupon Preview For 7/31/11

Is it a little sad how excited I am over this weekends coupons?! I see some real goodies!

There will be 4 inserts this weekend!  Definitely a weekend to buy multiple copies of the paper!

Keep in mind that many areas get different coupons. This should be used as just a guideline.

You can check out the entire Sunday Coupon preview here.

*Tell me what coupon you would like to see in the Hot Coupon Giveaway for the week*

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  • Niccole

    Good to know! Do you mind sharing which 3 you buy? Thank you

  • Niccole

    Which paper do you normally purchase? I have heard the Reading Eagle has the best value coupons. Do you find that to be true?

    • Shannon

      Nicole, the reading eagle does not have the best coupons – for example, some areas get $.50 off 1 and Reading Eagle will get $1.00/2.

      I get 3 different papers to get the combination of the best.

  • Tedi

    I hope our newspaper has 4 inserts. This summer so far we’ve had two Sundays when there were supposed to be two inserts in the paper and we only got one each time :(

  • Heidi

    I’d like the Skippy PB coupon so I could stock up for school lunches. That’d be my pick for the giveaway, Shannon.

  • Rich

    There is a sweet contest happening now through August 5th. CityMaps is having a twitter contest and giving away $50 gift certificates. All you have to do is Tweet #CityMaps and you are entered. And every time your tweet is retweeted you are entered again. You can do it as many times as you want to !!

  • Michele

    Wow Tresemme ?! I can not recall the last time they had a coupon out. Mom is in need of hairspray ;-)