Pfizer $10.00 Mail In Rebate

Be sure to check your Red Plum inserts this weekend for the Pzifer Mail In Rebate.  You can earn a $10 rebate when you purchase 3 participating items.

The participating products are:

  • Centrum, Centrum Silver or Specialist (60ct+)
  • ProNutrients Omega or Fruits & Veggies (50ct+) or Probiotic (14ct+)
  • Caltrate Softchews (60ct+)
  • Advil (40ct+), Advil PM (16ct) Children’s Advil (4oz+)
  • Thermacare (2ct+)
  • Robitussin liquid (4oz+) or tablet/cough gel (20ct+)
  • Dimetapp (4oz+)
Be sure to print these coupons for this deal:

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  • Melissa

    I have an extra rebate if anyone needs one, lmk:

  • Dina

    My rebate got denied. I had to call them 4 times and each time they said they would investigate more and asked me to call back later to check status. Finally today I requested to talk to a supervisor. She just simply told me that the Dimetapp products I bought is considered bonus package and not valid for the rebate. There is nothing they can do. I bought Dimetapp from BJ’s whole sale club. One package contains 2 of 8 oz bottles. I bought 2 packages which are 4 of 8 oz bottles. I also bought Caltrate from BJ’s. It’s all on one receipt. The Dimetapp products costed me almost $28. On their rebate form it says “Dimetapp 4oz or larger”, it said nothing about bonus package and how the hell I know the one BJs sold is considered bonus package. If Dimetapp is bonus package, why the Caltrate product (2 of 160-count bottles) that I purchased from the same place is fine. I think they just want to find some reason to deny the rebate. I hate that I spent so much time and money on this rebate. It totally changed my view to the company. Pfizer is so stingy. From now on, I would definitely stay away from any Pfizer rebates, they are just scams.

  • Nicole

    Well, Pfizer denied my claim. I got a postcard in the mail about 6-7 weeks after I sent in the form, receipt, and UPC codes… Apparently, the Infant Advil was not included with the promotion (And I bought 2 Children’s Advil and 1 Infant’s Advil in order to get this rebate). I just called them and confirmed this was the reason they denied my claim. So, looks like I “flubbed” this one and will not get my $10 rebate. Back to generic motrin I go!! Should’ve stuck with that to begin with. Learned my lesson. I couldn’t sworn the paper I read said “Infants and Childrens” – either that – or the fact that the Infant’s label also says “for children” is what confused me. Not sure… Hmm… Bummer!

  • jennifer f

    Does anyone have an extra rebate form they can mail me?It would be greatly appreciated!! Email me at if you do please!! thanks =)

  • Cathy Mays

    I was sure if I had to purchase 3 different Pfizer products, the rebate says 3 can they be the same thing?

  • Becky

    I bought (2) Advil products, chewable because my kids like them, too young to swallow pills yet. However, Rite Aid took my coupon (the one attached to the rebate), but the rebate doesn’t say anything about Junior Advil. I also bought Advil congestion Should I still try to submit?

  • Gerda

    I think I accidentally threw mine away! Can anyone send me one?

  • Julie

    I have 4 extra rebate forms. If you want to send me a SASE I will be happy to mail out my extras. First 4 to email me with your address gets them – As soon as I get your SASE I will put them in the mail. If I get any more in the upcoming papers I’ll post again.

  • Jennifer Godwin

    I called and was told that it was only offered in the paper that one weekend and was regional. I am still looking for the rebate form if anyone has an extra to send my way. Thanks!

  • Monica

    Does anyone have an extra rebate form? I cant seem to find one on line
    Thank you

  • Heather

    Any more rebates available? Please e-mail me. Thank you in advance.

  • jigna

    can anyone also email me the rebate form as i did not get it in my sunday newspaper either

  • christina

    My newspaper didn’t get one either only got P&G that was it, could someone give me one, please?

  • Susan Riblett

    Could anyone please email me a copy of the rebate form?
    Thank you

  • Caroline

    I’m in Tampa and our inserts didn’t have the rebate form. If anyone has any extra please email me at: I’m willing to swap coupons as well. Thanks!!

  • Meredith

    I would like to use the rebate if someone has an extra. Let me know. TY

  • Lisa

    I’m in the same boat as many of you. I guess South Carolina isn’t big enough to get this kind of deal??? Any other extra rebates floating around? I’d be glad to send a SASE as well. Thanks

  • Corrine

    If anyone has an extra i would be willing to trade coupons, please. email:

    • Corrine

      actually i have located two of them, if anyone would still like one PM me!

  • Sarah

    What an awesome moneymaker this week at Rite Aid. Combined this rebate with my Rite Aid coupons and manufacturer’s coupons for the Centrum Pronutrients and Centrum Specialist. Final spent was $9.97 and received $10 +up. Now I will submit for $10 rebate. I love this deal!

  • Shelly

    Is ther another form you have to fill out for the rebate? Do you cut the UPC’s off the box?

  • Kay

    This is a bummer for me!

    The customer care @ pfizer said, I could not use the rebate as the coupons were not for my area, and the paper I get.

    I asked her if I could use someone elses rebate form, she said it woun’t work as you were not in the area selected.

  • Allie

    I didn’t find the rebate form either just the P&G insert and I’m super bummed since I’m new to couponing and this was going to be my first big trip. I’m not sure how it works…but I noticed others emailing them to each other…if anyone have an extra or whatever I would LOVE one :) my email is

  • Crystal Shay

    could someone mail me a copy of the rebate if they have it. My email is

  • Mike Grommet

    I too am looking for a Pfizer rebate form… Any more spares?

    I can send a SASE :)

  • Jenny

    Ladies, some of the Centrum Multivitamins have the $5.00 off Centrum Pronutrients coupon stickered on the package. It was a great surprise. Between the coupons, rebate, and +UP rewards at Rite Aid, I bought 4 bottles of Centrum that added up to a final total of $1.96.

  • Tracey

    Hi Shannon. I didn’t get the Pfizer rebate in my newspaper this weekend so I called Pfizer and asked if they had a rebate that I could download off the computer or one they could mail me. The rep was so nice and informed me that they will be featuring the rebate in Sunday papers throughout the month of February, so that wasn’t the only time we will be seeing the rebate. So those of you who didn’t get it last weekend, be sure to check each Sunday this month. She even offered to mail me high value coupons for my troubles. If anyone wants to call, the number is: 1-800-322-3129 and select #4 for a customer service rep. Hope that helps!

    • Samantha

      thanks for that number. i called because i wanted to check if you could attach multiple receipts if you bought the items over a couple transactions. that answer is yes.

      • jo


  • Kathy

    I also didn’t get the rebate form (and had already bought enough Advil to claim it. Would appreciate one if someone has an extra. Thanks.

  • Diamond

    I didn’t get the rebate in my inserts. If anyone would be so kind to spare one that would be awesome! Thank you

  • Laurie

    I really need a rebate form since it was not in my RP. Does anyone have an extra one they could send me? I would be so grateful as I was planning on getting some of the pro nutrients soon.

  • Jo

    I Didn’t get a rebate form either, does anyone have one they can send me?

  • Elaine

    Thinking of rebates, has anyone by any chance been able to find the 20 pound Arm & Hammer Ultra Last kitty litter for the Try Me Free MIR? I can’t locate it. I’ve only found the 28 pd and 31 pd boxes. Thanks!

    • Jolene

      Wal-mart has them.

      • Elaine

        Thanks so much! These comments are really useful!

  • K

    Is the $5/1 gone?

    • Angela

      It must be because when I clicked on both of the links above, the only Centrum coupon that came up was $1/1 Pro Nutrients. Is it a specific zip code that you have to use maybe?

  • Maria

    Does anyone have an extra rebate form?

  • Selina

    I was bummed that my region didn’t get any either. If anyone has an extra it would be very much appreciated. :)

  • flo

    Does anyone have a rebate form they are not using? I didnt get one in mind.

  • Katie

    Does anyone have an extra they can send me.

  • Darlene Roehm

    I printed out Pro-biotic $5 coupons when CVS had them on sale back around Christmas. But when I went to the store, they were all sold out and did not get stock back in until after my $5.00 coupons expired. Would anyone out there want to download, scan and email me the $5.00 Centrum Pro-biotic coupons availlable thru the coupon sites? Please?

    • chrissy

      I know it depends on the store and cashier, but my CVS will take expired coupons if they are attached to a raincheck. i’ve never had a problem using coupons that have expired before the store has restocked. It’s worth a try

  • Stephanie Barner via Facebook

    Mine is ready to go out in the mail tomorrow!

  • My newspaper didn’t get one either only got P&G that was it, could someone give me one, please?

    • Christy

      I have extras, email me your address.

      • betty

        Thanks, Christy,
        Do you still have one left?

        • Christy

          Yes, email me your address and I will send out today.

      • Yan

        Do you still have one? I bought the 3 items last week, but cannot find the rebate form. Thanks,

        • Lisa

          Hi Christi, If you have any extra,I could use one as well,please :)

          • Lisa

            Hi Christy, If you have any extra,I could use one as well,please :)

          • Christy

            I do! Email your address and I will mail one to you.

          • Christy

            Email your addres and I will get one in the mail to you ASAP. My email is

        • Christy

          Absolutely, email me your address.

          • Yan

            Christy, Thank you very much! I am new here, cannot find your email address. Here is mine:

          • Susan

            Do you have of the rebate form left? My email address is Thanks.

          • Sondra

            Do you have any rebate forms left?

      • Tammi

        i just bought the advil but forgot to cut off the form from it, Do you know where I can get a $10 rebate form for advil?

  • Susan

    I didn’t get the rebate form in my redplum. Is there a printable one? Thanks :)

    • Jenna

      If you want I can mail you one of mine. Email me your address mine is

      • Terri

        Wasn’t in my redplum either! =( boo!